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1.I must leave now . I have to_______ goodbye to you . A.talk B.tell C.say D.speak

2. What a nice bag! But she _____only thirty dollars for it. A. cost B. took C. spend D. paid 3.I don`t know where . Wenchuan county is ? Let me _______ a map of China

A.take B. bring C. fetch D. carry

4. —What are you _______ doing ? ---My key . A.look for B. finding C. look after D. looking for 5. When did you _____ yesterday? A. arrive B. reach C. get D. get to

6.The plane from Beijing to Taiyuan will___in 20 minutes. A. take up B. take away C. take out D. take off

7.If you don’t know a word, you must___the word in a dictionary.

A.look up B. look down C. look overD. look out

8. My little dog is lost. All of my friends are helping me to __it. A. look at B. look for C. look after D. look like

9.—David, could you please______the TV? It’s too noisy. —Sorry, I’ll do it right now.

A. turn up B. turning up C. turn down D. turning down 10.They have to___the sports meet because of the bad weather. A. put off B. put on C. put up D. put out 11.Will you go and ____ the match with us? A. see B. watch C. look D. look at

12.— What is your brother going to be when he_______ ? —He is going to be a doctor.

A. wakes up B. grows up C. stands up D. hurries up 13.Would you please drive faster ? My flight is ________. A. taking off B.getting off C.turning off D.putting off 14. ---Excuse me. Where’s the Science Museum? ---Take No.3 bus and ______ at the fourth stop. A. get on B. get off C. get up D. get to

15. –How many times _____you _______ to Beijing this year? --Three times.

A. have; been B. had; been C. have; gone D. had; gone 二.单项选择

1 -Will you please ___ us a story, Miss Gao? -OK. Shall I ___ it in English or in Chinese? A. tell; speak B. talk; speak C. tell; say D. talk; say

2.It __me about a quarter to go to school on foot every day. A. pays B. spends C. costs D. takes

3.My parents___about 1, 000 yuan for my school education each year.

A. spend B. take C. cost / D. pay

4. Will you___your new book here? I’d like to have a look at it. A. bring B. take C. get D. carry

5. I want to _______ this book for a month. A. borrow B. keep C. lend D. get

6. As soon as the man walked into the warm room, he _____ his heavy coat and sat down.

A. took away B. took down C. took off D. took up 7. I haven't___ my good friend, John for years, i A. hear of B. hear C. hear from D. heard from

8. He____ his watch everywhere, but he didn't____ it. A. looked for; find B. found; look for C. looked after; find D. looked at; find 9. ---How is the play going ?

---We are going to _______ the day after tomorrow. A. put on it B. put it off C. put it on D. put it off

10. Mr Green is busy _______ the newspaper while his wife is busy ______ the housework.

A. reading ; with B. to read ; with C. to read ; doing D. with ; to do

11.---Your new sweater looks beautiful. Is it _____pure wool ? ---Yes, and it’s _______ Inner Mongolia. A. made by ; made for B. made of ; made by C. made of ; made in D. Made by ; made from 12. I can’t see the words clearly. Can I _____ the light? A. turn on B. put off C. hold on D. take off

13. I think this is the best way to solve the problem. Do you _______ me?

A. play with B. hear of C. agree with D. get on well with 14.The ticket is on the floor. Would you please____for me? A. pick it up B. pick up itC. pick up them D. pick them up 15. It’s time for class. We’d better _______. A. stop to talk B. to stop to talk C. stop talking D. to stop talki ng 三. 单项选择。

1. –How long can I __ this book, Madam? --Two weeks. A. borrow B. lend C. keep D. had

2. When the head teacher came in, all the students stopped ___. A. talking B. to talk C. to speak D. speaking

3. My father _______ me and he always asks me to finish my homework on time.

A. is very strict with B. is very strict in C. is satisfied with D. is pleased with 4. The dish _______ very sweet.

A. sounds B. smells C. tastes D. looks 5. It’s late. Why are you still _____ TV?

A. seeing B. looking C. watching D. reading

6. –What is a knife used for? --It _______ cutting things. A. is used for B. is used to C. used to D. is used as 7. It ______him five hours to finish the project yesterday. A. cost B. spent C. took D. paid

8. --What language can you______? --Chinese and English. A. say B. tell C. talk D. speak

9. It’s cold outside. Please ___ your coat. A. wear B. put on C. take off D. dress 10. Lucy ________Moscow this morning.

A. arrived in B. arrived at C. gets D. reaches

11. Our class ______Class 10 in the game of football yesterday. A. won B. beat C. wins D. beats

12. I need some water. Can you _______ some for me? A. carry B. take C. fetch D. bring

13. She ______ the climate in Chongqing because it is too hot there in summer.

A. used to B. gets used to C. isn’t used to D. is used to 14. His family are so poor that his parents can’t ______his education to go to university.

A. buy B. afford C. get D. reach

15. This famous watch _______ Switzerland and I like it a lot. A. is made from B. is made of C. is made in D. is made by 四.单项选择。

1.. Do you know how to ______ the problem?

A. do with B. deal with C. set off D. go about 2. She ______ me to live a happy life. A. hopes B. help C. like D. wishes

3. She ______ as soon as she lay down on the sofa. A. went to bed B. went to sleep C. fell asleep D. went to the bed

4. We all know that the sun _____in the east and falls down in the west.

A. raises B. rises C. raised D. rose 5. ---- The light in the classroom is still on. ---- Oh,I forgot___.

A. turning it off B. turn it off

C. to turn it off D. having turned it off 6. ---What's this in English?

---Sorry, I can't _____it in English. A. tell B. say C. speak D. talk

7. When the teacher came into the classroom, I_to my deskmate.

A. stopped to talk B. stopped talking C. stop to talk D. stop talking

---Err. . . I hadn't got a Chinese-English dictionary at hand. A. look for B. look down C. look up D. look at

9. After discussing, the students ____some good ideas to work on the project.

A. put up B. set up C. caught up with D. came up with 10.--- Our team _______ the match. We’re got the first place! ---Well done! Congratulations!

A. hit B. beat C. won D. watched

10. My father enjoys the newspapers after supper. A. looking B. watching C. finding D. reading 11.Some people plan to ______a volunteer project to help the disabled children

A. put up B. think up C. set up D. cheer up 12. He spoke in a low voice, so nobody could him. A. listen B. listen to C. hear D. hear from 13. Can you it in English? A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell

14. Chen Hui computer games, but now he gives them up and concentrates on study. A. is used to playing B. is used to play C. used to play D. is used for playing

15. Yin the east at this time if it is a fine day. A. to rise B. rising C. raising D. to raise 五.单项选择

l. It _____ me one and a half hours to get there by bus. A. spent B. took C. used D. paid

2. The Young Pioneer ______ water for the old man every day. A. fetches B. brings C. takes D. carries

3. The man doesn't know how to ______ this word in English. A. speak B. tell C. talk D. say

4. We'll go to ______ a film instead of ______ a book in bed. A. read; look B. see; read C. see; reading D. watch; look at 5. When we _____the railway station, the train had already left. A. arrive at B. reached in C. got to D. arrived in 6.–My parents _____ ever_____ Canada. –Really? When did they go there? A. have gone to B. have been in C. have been from D. have been to

7. Would you please be kind enough to ___the TV a little? I’m doing my homework.

A. turn up B. turn out C. turn down D. turn off 8. Tom ______ carefully but could ____ nothing. A. listened, hear B. heard, listen to C. listened to, listen D. heard, hear from 9.English is ______ a foreign language in China. A. used for B. used by C. used as D. used to 10. Please _______ when the train leaves. A. look B. find out C. find D. look for

11.This skirt is _______silk and is _____ Zhejiang. A. made from; made by B. made for; made in C. made of; made in D. made of; made by 12.If you ______ him, you will _______this match. A. win; beat B. win; win C. beat; win D. beat; win 13. She has the library book for two weeks. A. kept B. lent C. borrowed D. keeping 14. --Look at the sun ! It' s too hot today. --Yes. Why not your coat?

A. take off B. take away C. take out D. take up 15. ---Why don't you have a notebook with you? ---I've ______ it at home.

A. lost B. forgotten C. left D. found

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