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人教版九年级unit2 I used to be afraid of the dark海量练习

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Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark .

● 专项练习

1.I am _____( terrify ) of spiders .

2.He is afraid of ______( see ) strangers .

3.It is not a good habit _____( chew )gum in the public places.

4.The little child was _____( terrify ) of _____( be ) left alone in the house .

5.It is said that _____( chew ) gum is good for our teeth .

6.He hardly _____( have ) time for concerts ,did he ?

7。Lily is interested in ______( play ) the piano .

8.He wasn’t feeling well . So he had to stop _____( work ).


1.Where_____live before you came here?

A. did you used to B. did you use to

C. use he to D. he used to

2.No one likes he _____.

A. still B. never C. anymore D. too

3.I always go to sleep _____the light on.

A. in B. with C. to D. and

2. I ____get up early .

A. use to B. used to C. am used to D. was used to

5. He _____ his father.

A. look like B. is look like C. is like D. looks the same

6.Mark ____ go there with us tonight ,but he isn’t very sure

A. must B. may C. can D. will

7.He is running _____a ball _____his hand .

A. with ,in B. take ,in C. for ,in D. at ,with

1. I’ve read several books ,but _____of them is funny .

A. neither B. either C. none D. all


1. I am so busy,I h____ have time to finish the work .

2. He used to spend much time c____ with his friends. about it .

3. Don’t be w_____ about your son.

4. The rich men enjoy p____ golf.

3. He would take p_____ in everything good I do.

4. W____ these words, he left home quickly.

5. He u_____ to be quiet, didn’t he?

6. The girl was t______ of the snakes.


1. He paid 5 yuan for the book .( 同义句 )


2.I took him an hour to work out the problem . ( 同义句 )


3.He used to be alone .( 改为一般疑问句 )


4.She has to finish the work by 5 o’clock . ( 改为否定句 )



5. He used to ____( stay ) up late , but now he is used to _____( go ) to sleep early .

6.He is ______( worry )about his mother’s illness .

7. She spends half an hour _____( read ) every day .

7. It took him several days _____( travel ) here .

Ⅱ. 词组翻译

1. 过去常常 _____________2. 害怕 _______________________

3. 看起来像 _____________4. 等一会儿 __________________

5. 弹钢琴_________________ 6.对---感兴趣 ______________________

7. 在游泳队里_________________ 8.在四年后 __________________

Ⅲ. 根据所给的汉语提示完成句子

1. 我过去害怕黑暗。

I ______________________________the dark.

2. Bob 在四年后第一次见一些朋友。

Bob is seeing some friends __________ in four years.

3. 他的朋友过去是什么样子?

what did his friends ___________________?

4. 她过去常常留着卷发。

She used to _________________.



( ) 1. She _______ to have long curly hair a year ago.

A. use B. uses C. used D. is used

( )2. I used to be afraid _______ the dark.

A. at B. for C. of D. to

( )3. She used to ________ ice cream when she was a child.

A. liked B. liking C. likes D. like

( )4. Mario, you used to be short, _______ you?

A. aren’t B. weren’t C. don’t D. didn’t

( )5. —I wasn’t very outgoing.

—_____________ . You used to very shy.

A. No, you were. B. No, you weren’t.

C. Yes, you were. D. Yes, you weren’t.

( ) 6. He is used to ________ basketball after class.

A. playing B. played C. plays D. play

( ) 7. The TV show is _______. And the children are _______ in it.

A. interesting, interested B. interested, interesting

C. interesting, interesting D. interested, interested

( )8. Steve used to be ________. Now he’s very funny.

A. quite B. serious C. smart D. strong

Ⅱ. 根据要求完成句子。 对画线部分提问)

did her sister use to be ________ ?

2. He used to play soccer, _______ ______? (改为反意疑问句)

3. Alice used to play the piano on weekends. (改为否定句)

Alice ______ _______ to play the piano on weekends.

4. The girl shows great interest in her speech. (改为同义句)

The girl _______ ______ _________ in her speech.

5. Few students passed the math exam on Tuesday, _______ ________ ?(改为反意疑问句)

II.单项选择 (每小题2分,共20分)

1. —_______ you _______ take a bus to school?

—Yes. But now I usually go to school on foot.

A. Did; use to B. Were; used to

C. Do; use to D. Let’s

2. He used to _______ in the sun, but now he is used to _______at night.

A. read; read B. reading; reading

C. read; reading D. reading; reading

A. At once B. At last

C. At first D. By the end

4. After class, I like playing computer games and chatting _______ my friends _______ the Internet.

A. to; by B. with; on

C. for; in D. about; through

5. The old woman lives _______, but she never feels ______.

A. lonely; alone B. alone; lonely

C. lonely; lonely D. alone; alone

6. _______ the boy failed many times, he’ll try again.

A. As if B. Because

C. When D. Even though

7. We students all regard Mr. Zhang as our _______, because he is ______ to us.

A. friendly; friendly B.friend;friend C. friend; friendly D. friendly; friend

8. The girl isn’t a good nurse, because she isn’t ______ with patients.

A. patient B. patience

C. good D. friendly

9. How sweet the music ________!

A. hear B. sound C. hears D. sounds

10. _______ our surprise, she didn’t pass the English exam.

A. In B. With C.By D. To

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