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Unit 9 It’s raining


1. rain, ① 名词,意为“雨”。 一场大雨: ② 动词,意为“下雨”。

北京在下雨:_______________ rainy, 形容词,意为“下雨的”

北京在下雨:_______________ raining,


snow - snowy 有雪的 rain - rainy 有雨的

cloud –cloudy 多云的 wind –windy 刮风的

sun –sunny 晴朗的

2.How’s the weather?=What’s the weather like ?天气怎么样?

都是用来询问天气状况的句子 回答用“It’s + 天气”, 如:

----How’s the weather today? It’s cloudy.

How’s the weather in Beijing?=What’s the weather like in Beijing?


3. weather是不可数名词,做主语时前面一定要加上定冠词the.

4 .① cook,动词,意为“做饭” 做饭(短语): 现在我正在家里做饭:___________________________________

do the cooking “做饭”



1. There is a lot of r_____ in south of Chins every year. 2. How is the w_______ in Heilongjiang in summer? 3. We will go to the park if(如果) it is s__________. 4. My mother is c_________ for our family in the kitchen. 5. It often s________ in winter here. 6. It is w________ today and we can go to school by bus . 二:选择题: 2. That boy isn’t ____the teacher . A. listen B. listens C. listening D. listening to 3. --____ you ____the window? --Yes, I am. A. Do, clean B. Is, cleaning C. Are, cleaning D. Do, cleaning 4. It’s eight o’clock. Jim’s father ____TV. A. is watching B. are watching C. watch D. to watch 5. --____ is the weather there? --It’s windy. A.What B. How C.What’s D.how 6. --____the weather like today? --Cloudy. A.How’s B.What does C.What D.What’s 7. --What’s the weather like today? --_____ A. It’s rain. B. It’s raining. C. It rainy. D. It’s wind. 三、用所给单词的适当形式填空。 (wind). 1. It’s a ______ day today (sun).2. The weather is bad now. It’s _______ good time now. 3. Sounds like you __________ (have) a 4. It’s ______ (cloud) now. Is it going to rain?

5. — How’s the weather now? — It _________ (rain) now. 6. It’s ______ (snow) in winter in Harbin now. 四:完成句子

1. 北京的天气怎样?天气晴朗。 -- ________ _______ _________in Beijing? -- It’s ________.

2. Jeff 在干什么?他在玩电子游戏。 -- What ______ Jeff _______? -- He _____ _________ computer

games. 3. Mary 在客厅里看电视。 Mary _______ ____________ TV ______ the living room. 4. Sally阿姨在干什么? 她在做饭。 -- ____ _____ Aunt(阿姨) Sally ________? - ________ __________.

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