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M8 Story time 讲义

1 Once upon time Long long ago . Once

Eg Once upon time ,there lived an old king .

2 decide to do decide not to do decide on sth make a decision to do Eg I made a decision to buy a new bag.

3 go for a walk 去散步。

Go for a drive go for a swim

4 pick 采,摘 pick up 捡起 The children picked up many beautiful seashells. 5 look around look after look over look up look out look for Look forward to

6 notice sb do notice sb doing

I often notice him play basketball on the playground.

I noticed him playing on the ground.

7 Hurry 匆忙 hurrry up 快点

、表示匆忙到某地,hurry 之后 只需直接跟表示方向的 to , towards, out of 等 词语即可,习惯上不接go ,come, move等之类的表示运动 方向的动词。 Eg He hurried to go home X

He hurried home.

8 enter =go /come into

Eg I entered the room and found some flowers on the table.

9 begin with = start with

Eg Let’s begin with a story .

To begin with 首先, 第一点。

To begin with , we must decide on a date.

10 try to do sth try doing sth 尝试 做某事

Eg I tried to finish the work by myself .

Let’s try knocking at the back door . 让我们敲后面的门试试。

11 too either also

12 nice and = very

The chair is nice and comfortable .

The air is nice and clean today . 今天的天气非常清新。

It is fine and warm in the room . 房间里很暖和。

13 in pieces 破碎

The cup was in pieces on the floor.

14 fall asleep 入睡 asleep 表语 睡着的,表示一种状态。

go to bed 强调动作 go to sleep 表示入睡的过程。

Eg Tom went to bed very early last night . While I was reading , he was asleep . But I didn’t know when I went to sleep .

15 return = go /give back return sth = return sth to …

Eg I returned the libraty some books yesterdday. (I returned some books to the library yesterday)

16 point at sb /sth 指着 。。。 着重于指的对象

Point to 指向 表明想要指明的那个地点的确切位置。

Eg Don’t point at anybody with your finger.

An arrow points to the classroom.( 箭头指向教室)

17 out of 从。。。出来。。。

They walked out of the supermarket .

Out of 从立向外

Fish can not live out of water.

That factory is only five kilometres out of the city . 那个工厂离市区近五千米。 Into____ in _____ out of

Go into the classroom_ be in the classroom – out of the classroom

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