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少儿版⑦ Lesson 7 第二课时

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Lesson 7 Are these chicks? (II)

Lucy, Jim’s friend

Jim’s dad

A: Hello! 62014389. B: Hello! Is that Jim? A: No, this is Jim’s dad. B: Hi, this is Lucy. How are you? A: Fine, thank you. What about you? B: I’m fine, too. Is Jim in? A: Sorry, he’s not at home. B: Where is he? A: He’s at school. B: OK. Thank you very much. Goodbye. A: Bye.

A: _____ 62014389. B: Hello! _____ Jim? A: No, this is _____. B: Hi, this is _____. How are you? A: _____. What about you? B: _____. Is Jim in? A: Sorry, he’s _____. B: Where is he? A: He’s _____. B: OK. _____. Goodbye. A: _____.

A: 62014389. B: Jim? A: Jim’s dad B: Lucy A: Fine, about B: too, in? A: not at home B: Where A: at school B: Thank, Goodbye. A: Bye.

1. 报电话号码 Hello! 58607562 2. 自我介绍, 我是露西。 This is Lucy. 3. 问对方是谁? 你是吉姆吗? Is that Jim? 你是谁? Who’s that? 4. …在家吗? 吉姆在家吗? Is Jim in? 5. 让对方稍等一下。 Hold on a moment.

A: Can I help you? B: Yes. Are these Chinese books? A: No, they aren’t. B: What are these? A: They are English books. Those are Chinese books.

—Are these Chinese books? —No, they aren’t. —What are these? —They’re English books. Those are Chinese books.

B: May I borrow one? A: Yes, here it is. B: Thank you very much. A: Not at all.

borrow /?bFrEH/


Read and write

This is a cat.

These are ____.

This is a bird.

These are ____.

It is a bee.

They are ____.

I have a box.

We have many ____.

—What are these? —They are _____.

—What are those? —They are _____.

This is my picture.

These are my _____.

The two _____ are very beautiful.

Have a rest and come back soon…

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