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Unit 5 Do you have a

soccer ball?

1. Words & expressions: interesting, boring, fun, difficult, relaxing, watch, watch TV 2. Key sentences: (1) Let’s play computer games. (2) That sounds interesting. 3.Enable the students to learn to make suggestions politely and responses. 4.Enable the students to learn to express their feelings about different suggestions.

Does Mary have a computer? No, she doesn’t.

Do you have books?

Yes, I do.

Do they have tennis rackets?
Yes, they do.

let play well 允许;让 玩;打(球) 喔;噢;唔;这个(用来引出 一句话,继续讲述或填补间歇) sound good sport 听起来 良好的;令人满意的 运动

we many club class fun watch 我们 大量的 社团;俱乐部 班级;(一节)课 有趣的;令人愉快的 观看;注视

us more 我们 (we的宾格) 更多的;更大的

interesting 有趣的;令人感兴趣的 boring difficult relaxing 无聊的;令人生厌的 困难的 轻松的

New Sentences
Let’s play ping-pong. 我们打乒乓球吧。

◆这是一个以动词Let 开头的祈使句,表示建议。
祈使句都是以动词开头,省略了主语。Let’s 是Let us的缩写形式。us 意为“我们”,放在动词let 之 后作宾语,它被称为宾语代词。该句型结构是Let sb. do sth.“让某人干某事”,表示说话人的建议。

对该祈使句所表示的建议一般用“OK.”, “All
right.”, “That sounds good.”, “A good idea.” 否定

回答用“Sorry, I …”, “No, I …”,等来回答。

New Sentences
例如: Let’s have a cup of coffee. 我们喝咖啡吧。 OK. 好吧。 Let’s sing A B C song. 让我们唱字母歌吧。 Sorry, I can’t sing it. 对不起,我不会唱。 Let him come in. 让他进来吧。 All right./Yes, please. 好吧。/是,请进。

New Sentences That sounds good. 句中的sound 为系动词,其后接形容词 good 作表语。 当主语是第三人称单数时, 在一般现在 时的肯定句中, 动词后要加s, 构成动词的 第三人称单数形式。

Let’s play basketball. I don’t have a basketball.

Let’s play football.

That sounds good.

Match the words with the pictures. 1a 将下列单词与图片匹配。

1. interesting c 2. boring __ d

e a 3. fun __ 5. relaxing__. 4. difficult __. b

Listen and check the words that your hear 1b in 1a. 听录音,从活动1a中勾出你听到的消息。

1. interesting _______ 2. boring _______ 3. fun _______ 4. difficult _______ 5. relaxing _______


Listen again. What does Tony say about these activities? Write a word from 1a in each blank. 再听一遍录音。 托尼如何看 待这些活动?用活动1a中的单词填空。
interesting (1)_________ difficult (2) ________ boring (3) ________ fun (4) ________

play computer games
play volleyball watch TV

play basketball

A: Let’s …. B: That sounds … .


t’s play soccer.
That sounds fun.

Let’s play computer games. That sounds interesting.

Let’s run. That sounds boring.

Let’s watch TV. That sounds relaxing.

Let’s do it. That sounds difficult.

Practice the conversation in Section B 2a with your partner. Make your own conversations and write down on your exercise books.

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