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2013年秋新目标人教版七年级上册Unit 8 SectionA2课件

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Unit 8 When is your birthday?
Section A Grammar—3c

一月 三月 五月 七月 January March May July 二月 February 四月 六月 八月 April June August


September 十月


十一月 November 十二月 December

Ask and answer. How old are you, Mary? I’m twelve.

When is your birthday?

It’s on March 6th.

When is your ____’s birthday?

His/Her birthday is on ...

序数词: 表示事物顺序的词, 其前常加定冠词the。
数字 1、2、 3 序数词变 化规则 例词

one →first 第一 two → second 特殊记 第二;Three →third 第三 特殊:five→fifth第五; eight → eighth 第八; nine→ninth 第九twelve → twelfth 第十二

基数词词 4~19 尾加-th 一般:four→fourth 第四 nineteen → nineteenth 第十九

20, 30 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90

-ty变为-tie 再加th

twenty → twentieth 第二十 thirty → thirtieth 第三十 forty →fortieth 第四十 fifty → fiftieth 第五十 sixty → sixtieth 第六十 seventy → seventieth 第七十 eighty → eightieth 第八十 ninety → ninetieth 第九十

其余两 将相应基数 twenty-one → twenty-first 第二十 位数 词的个位改 一;thirty-nine → thirty-ninth第 为基数词 三十九;forty-six → forty-sixth 第四十六


A: When is his birthday? B: His birthday is May 4th.


A: When is her birthday? B: Her birthday is December 30th.

A:When is your birthday?
B:My birthday is ________.

A:When is your mother’s birthday?
B:Her birthday is ________. A:When is your father’s birthday? B:His birthday is ________.

3a Match the questions and answers.
Questions: 女性 b ___ 1. When is Jenny’s birthday? d ___ 2. When are their birthdays? 复数形式 e ___ 3. When is your brother’s birthday? 特殊疑问句 ___ 4. Is his birthday in July? c ___ 5. Is your birthday on a 一般疑问句 February 1st? 是具体的日期

Answers: a. No, it’s on the 6th. b. Her birthday is on April 24th. c. Yes, it is. d. Their birthdays are in January. e. It’s on June 16th.

Complete the conversation and practice 3b it with your partner. A: How ______ are you, Grace? old B: _____ twelve. I’m A: And _____ is your birthday? when B: My ________ is on March 12th.How birthday about you and Tom? A: Well, my birthday is _____ July 5th, and on Tom’s birthday is _____ December. in

一、根据句意及首字母提示完成单词 1. —W______ is Eric’s birthday? hen —It’s on April 8th. 2. The t______ month of the year is December. welfth 3. S___________ is the ninth month of the year. eptember appy 4. Linda is very h______. Her mother bought (买) a MP3 for her. 5. —Do you want to come to my birthday p____? arty —Yes, I do.

二、单项选择 1. —_______ is your birthday? C —It’s June 15th. A. What B. How C. When 2. —______ is your aunt? B —She’s twenty-three. A. When B. How old C. What color 3. January is the ____ month of the y

ear. A A. first B. second C. fifth

B 4. My grandparents’ birthdays are ____ July. A. at B. in C. on 5. —Is your birthday party _____ eight C this morning? —No, it’s ______ September 12th. A. at, in B. on, in C. at, on

三、用所给词的适当形式填空 1. March is the ____ (three) month of the year. third 2. —What is your cousin’s (cousin) name? _______ —Her name’s Alice. 3. My cousin is nine _____ (year) old. years 4. I think the _____ (five) lesson (课) is very fifth interesting. birthdays 5. Their _________ (birthday) are both on August 10th. are 6. How old ____ (be) Jeff and Frank?

H om e w or k
1. Review the Grammar Focus. 2.Copy 3a and 3b

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