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Exercise One
1.铅笔盒 pencil box 2.书包 schoolbag 3.字典 dictionary 4. 老师 teacher 5.棒球 baseball 6.手表 watch7.戒指ring 8.笔记本 notebook 9.图书馆 library 10.电子邮件 e-mail

11.必须 must 12. 一些 some 13. 在…下 under 14.在…上 on 15. 名物代 mine/yours/hers/his/its/ours /theirs

Exercise One
16.一块橡皮 an eraser 17.劳驾,请原谅。 excuse me

What/How about?19.一串钥匙 18…怎么样?

a set of keys 20.因为…而感谢 Thank you for…21.别客气 You’re welcome. 22.电脑游戏 computer game 23.请求,向某人要 ask sb. for sth 24.一身份证 an ID card 25.在失物招领箱 in the lost and found case 26.拨12345找Tom Call Tom at 12345.

a p__nc_l e i
a d__ction_ry i a an er__s__r a e

a r__ler u

a sch__lb_g oo a

o a pencil b__x
e a p__n

oo a b___k

Is this your pencil? Yes, it is. It’s my pencil. It’s mine.

No, it isn’t. It’s her pencil.It’s hers.
Is this his green pen ? Yes, it is. It’s his pen . No, it isn’t. It’s not his pen. The blue pen is his.

? Is that your schoolbag ? ? Yes, it is. It’s my schoolbag. It’s mine. ? No, it isn’t. It’s not mine. ? It’s his schoolbag. It’s his.

Are these your books? Yes, they are. They’re my books. They’re mine. No, they aren’t. They’re not my books. They’re her books. They’re hers. ? Are those her keys? ? Yes, they are. ? They’re her keys. They’re hers. ? No, they aren’t. ? They’re not her keys. ? They’re my keys. They’re mine.

it’s = it is

isn’t = is not

aren’t = are not


1、名物代指:我的mine /你的 yours / 他的his/ 她的hers/它的its/他们的theirs/我们的ours/Tom 的Tom’s等。 相当于形物代 +名词。表示 谁的什么东西 。


2. Complete the chart with pronouns.

I(主格) we you he she it they

me(宾格) my(形物代) mine(名物代) us our ours you your yours him his his her her hers it its its them their theirs

2b lost things.

Read the notice on the board notices and circle the

Lost and Found: 失物招领

lost 丢失
I lost my key.

found 找到

I found it on the desk.

call v.打电话 call sb. 给··打电话 ·· ··

call + 某人 + at +电话号码(用这个号码打 电话给某人)
Please call John at 035-7328. 请打0357328找约翰。 call还可以表示“称呼”。 They call me Tina. 他们叫我蒂娜。

1. 拨打电话235-0285找珍妮。 Call Jenny at 235-0285. ____________________________ 2. 拨打685-6034找托尼。 Call Tony at 685-6034. ________________________

3a Complete the notices with the words or phone number in the box name yours found 284-5486 lost call Lost ______:My notebook name My ______ is David. call Please ______ Found ____

me at

:A set of keys yours Are these _____ ? 284-5486 Call Jen

ny at ____.

解析:1. A set of keys 一串钥匙

2. call + sb + at +telephone number: 用这个 号码打电话给某人。

Lost 寻物启事
当你丢失东西的时候, 你需要写Lost, 共四部分: 1. 标题 Lost: 2. 丢失的东西 My school ID card. 3. 失者的姓名 My name is Tony. 4. 联系电话 Please call me at 6856034.

Found 失物招领

如果你拾到别人的东西,你该怎样归还 给失主呢? 你需要写Found, 分五部分: 1. 标题 Found: notebook. 2. 拾到的东西 3. 询问某物 Is this your notebook? 是不是失者的 Please e-mail me at 4. 联系人 tom118@163.com. 5. 联系电话 .


Complete the questions and answers about

each picture. 根据图片补全问句和答语。

Yes, it is. this Is______ your book? No. it _______. isn’t Yes, _____ are. they these Are _____ my No, they aren’t. pencils? is Yes, it ______. that Is ______ his ruler? No, it isn’t. Yes, they are. those aren’t Are ______her pens? No, they______.

Read the questions and complete 3b the answers. 阅读问句并补全对话。
1. Is this her ruler? Yes,
it is . It’s hers .

2. Is that Eric’s schoolbag? No, it isn’t . It is Sally’s. 3. Are these his pencils? Yes, they are They’re his . .

4. Are those Anna’s books? No, they aren’t . They’re


将下列句子变为一般疑问句,并作简要回答。 ? 1. This is Gina. Is this Gina? Yes, she is./No, she isn’t. ? 2. That is his brother. Is that his brother? Yes, he is./No, he isn’t. ?? 3. He is my good friend.
Is he your good friend? Yes, he is./No, he isn’t. Are these nice pictures? Yes, they are. /No, they aren’t.

? 4. These are nice pictures. ? 5. Those are school things.
Are those school things? Yes, they are./No, they aren’t.

Ⅱ. 按要求写出下列词的相应形式。 1. hi (同义词)_______ hello yes 2. no (反义词)_______ 3. are (同音字母)_____ Rr color 4. color (动词)________ 5. I am (缩写形式)______ I’m 6. u (同音词)_______ you 7. my (主格)________ I 8. to (同音词)____________ too/ two(二) 9. it’s (完整形式)_________ it is

evening 10. morning (对应词)__________ that 11. this (对应词)______ an 12. a (同义词)_______ I 13. i (大写形式)_______ 14. that’s (完整形式) that is ______________ 15. my name is (缩写形式) my name’s _________________ 16. what is (缩写形式) what’s _________________

Ⅲ. 单项选择

1. --Is this your pen? --_________ D
A. Yes , this is. B. Yes, this’s.

C. No , this isn’t.

D. No, it isn’t.

2. --Is that a ruler? --_______. It’s a sharpener. D A. Yes, that is. C. No, that isn’t. B. No, it is. D. No, it isn’t.

3. --What’s this? --_______ D A. Yes, it is. C. It’s a eraser. 4. --What’s ______ name? A --_______ name is Ma Ling. A. your; My B. your; my B. No, it isn’t. D. It’s an eraser.

C. your; I

D. you; my

连词成句,标点已给出。 1. my, is, pencil, it, case It is my pencil case ___

______________________. 2. this, your, orange, is Is this your orange _________________________? 3. is, his, that, telephone Is that his telephone _________________________?

4. quilt, is, her, this _________________________. This is her quilt
5. what, in, is, that, English _________________________? What is that in English

按要求完成下列句子。 1. This is a pencil sharpener. (对画线部分提问) What’s this? _________________________

2. Is that her map? (作肯定回答)
Yes, it is. _________________________

3. Is it your jacket? (作否定回答)
No, it isn’t. _________________________

Ⅴ.句型转换 1. This is her eraser. (改为一般疑问句, 并作肯定 回答) Is this her eraser? Yes, it is. 2. That is his pencil sharpener. (改为一般疑问句, 并作否定回答)

Is that his pencil sharpener? No, it isn’t.
3. this, school, my, is, card, ID (连词成句) This is my school ID card.

4.The picture is on the wall. (一般疑问句)
Is the picture on the wall?

5. Is that a soccer ball? (否定回答)
No, it isn’t.

6. I’m Cindy. (同义句)
My name’s Cindy.

7. Is this your brother. (肯定回答)
Yes, it is.

? 8. at, please, Kelsey, call, 63749996 (连词成句) Please call Kelsey at 63749996. ? 9. is, what, your, box, pencil, color (连词成句) What color is your pencil box?

10. your, is, book, this, (?) (连词成句) Is this your book?

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