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Module 3 My school

Unit 2 The library is on the left of the playground

Learning aims: 1. To read and identity places from descriptions. 2. To describe pictures of places, using prepositions correctly.

Words and expressions

Read the words and expressions loudly.

Words and expressions

1./tri:/ tree树木 2./’b?ld??/ building建筑物 hall大厅 3./h?:l/ gate大门 4./ge?t/ 5./’la?br?ri/ library图书馆 office办公室 6./’?f?s/ 7./’ple?,gra?nd/ playground操场 8./’sa??ns/ science科学;科学课 9./l?b/ lab实验室 10./b?’ha?d/ behind在---后面

Words and expressions

11./’b?twi:n/ between在---之间 12./’m?dl/ middle中间,中央 near靠近;接近 13./n??/ with与---在一起 14./w?e / 15./f?:/ for为;为了 room房间;室;屋子 16./ru:m/

1.Label the pictures with the words and expressions from the box. building dining hall gate library office


science lab

sports hall

Dining hall 3




Sports hall



Science lab 7

Library 8 8


playground Playground

Read and remember! dining hall gate building sports hall science lab library office playground 饭厅,饭堂 大门 建筑物 体育馆 科学实验室 图书馆 办公室 操场

2.Read Betty’s words .and write her classmates’ names on

their desks


2 Gao Yan
1 Li Min

3 Zhao Feng
4 Daming



Where is the classroom building?

in front of behind between…and… on the left of on the right of near

在…之前 在…之后 在…和…之间 在…的左边 在…的右边 靠近,接近

It is in front of science building.
It is behind the office building. It is between the playground and the library. It is on the left of the library. It is on the right of the playground.

It is near the office building.

in front of Millie sits ____________ me. between and Amy sits _________ Millie ______Simon. Kitty sits _____________ Sandy. next to/beside Sandy sits _________ Kitty ______ me. between and behind Kitty sits ___________ Simon.

in front of Simon sits ____________ Kitty. between and Amy sits __________ Millie _____ Simon. The chalk is ______ the teacher’s desk. on in front of Amy sits _______________ Sandy.

3.Listen and read the passage again and label the map of the school.
4 Dining hall
3 Classroom building 2 School office 5 Sports hall

1 Library

6 Science building

Dining hall

Office building


Sports hall



Science building

4.Read the passage and answer the questions.
1.How many buildings are there in the school ?
There are six buildings 2.What’s on the right of the library ? It’s the playground . 3What’s in the library There are many books ,maps and computers.

4.How many classrooms are there in the classroom building ?

There are 24 classrooms
5.Where are the computer rooms and science labs ?

They are in the science buildings.

5. Look at these sentences.

— The library is in front of the office buil

ding. — It’s in front of the office building. — Is the science building behind the library? — No, it isn’t. — Are the science labs and computer rooms in the same building? Yes, they are. Now answer the questions. Use short forms. 1. —Where’s the playground? — It’s in the middle of the school. ___ 2. — Where are the science labs? — _______ in the science building. They’re 3. — Is the library behind the sports hall? — No, ______. it isn’t

6.Answer the questions about your school in Activity 5. — Where’s the playground? — It’s behind the sports hall. Now write answers to the questions. The playground is behind the sports hall.

Language points
1. Between this building and the dining hall
is the classroom building with twentyfour classrooms. 在这幢楼和餐厅之间是教学楼,里面有24 间教室。 between是一个介词, 常和and连用。表示 “在……之间”。 I sit between Tony and Jim. 我坐在托尼和吉姆之间。 What is the difference between this one and that one? 这个和那个之间的区别是什么?

…is the classroom building with twenty-four classrooms.
本句中的with是一个介词, 表示“有”。 My friend has a house with a big garden. 我朋友有一个带大花园的房子。 I need a storybook with a lot of pictures. 我需要一本有很多图片的故事书。

2. In front of the dining hall is the sports hall…

在餐厅前面是体育馆…… in front of 和 in the front of 都有“在…… 前面”的意思, 它们的区别是: in front of 强调在范围之外,in the front of 强调在范围之内。 There is a bike in front of the classroom. 在教室的前面有一辆自行车。(教室外) There is a blackboard in the front of the classroom. 在教室的前面有一块黑板。(教室内)

between behind next to on the left of in front of between 1. Our school gate is _______(在……之间) the office building and the sports hall. behind 2. The dinning hall is ______(在……后面) the science building.

between behind next to on the left of in front of
3. The library is on the left of (在……左边) ___________ the playground. 4. The classroom building is next to(紧挨着) _____ the playground. 5. The office building is _________ (在前面) in front of the classroom building.

二、根据汉语完成句子。 1. 教室在办公室的后面。 The classrooms are ______ ___ ______. behind the offices 2. 图书馆挨着科技实验室吗? next __ science lab Is the library ____ to the ______ ____? 3. 我家房子前面有一棵大树。 There is a big tree __ front __ my house. in ____ of

4. 教室的前面有黑板吗? Is there a blackboard __ the front ___ in ___ ____ of the classroom? 5. 办公室在哪里? Where are the offices? _____ ___

三、根据汉语提示完成单词。 1. We play basketball in the sports hall _________(体育 馆)? 2. The science _____ (

实验室) is next to lab the classrooms. some 3. There are _____ (一些) flowers in the garden. 4. — Is there a lab? building — Yes, there is. It’s a big _______ (建筑物). any 5. Are there ___ (一些) students in the classroom?

dining hall 1.餐厅 2.我们学校的地图 a map of our school 3.在我们学校 in our school an office building 4.一座办公楼 5.一座教学楼 a classroom building science labs 6.科学实验室 7.在学校中央 in the middle of the school a big playground 8.一个大操场 9.在操场的左边 on the left of the playground 10.在学校门口附近near the school gate

many books 1.许多书 2.在图书馆后面 behind the library 3.在A和B之间 between A and B 4.24口教室 twenty-four classrooms 5.在教学楼的右边 on the right of the classroom building science labs 6.科学实验室 7.在餐厅的前面 in front of the dining hall computer rooms 8.微机室 9.在实验楼里 in the science buildings for science 10.为了科学

五、单选: 1.Where A book?A. is B. are C. can D.do my 2.Where are the pens? D are on the desk.A.It
C.Them D.They
3.Where is the baseball?



in the backpack.

A.it B.It’s



4.The football is

Bthe door .So you can’t see it.

A.next to B.behind C.in front of D.in 5.There is a dictionary are his bag.

D Li Lei’s

desk and his books

A.on; on B.in; in

C.in; on D.on; in

6.Are the offices next to ClassOne?

A .They are in front of it. A.No, t hey aren’t
B.yes, they are. C.Yes, it is. D.No, it isn’t.

1.The classrooms are next to the science Where are lab.(就划线部分提问) ______the classrooms?

2.The science lab is in the Science Lab Building.(就划线部分提问) Where is

the science labs?


There are six buildings in our school.

The library is in front of the dining hall.

Our classroom is behind the office.
4.学校中间是操场。 In the middle of the school is a playground.

The dining hall is next to the science lab.

1.Try to describe your school. You can use the following expressions: in the middle of, on the left of, on the right/left, in front of, next to. (About 30-50 words)
2.Remember the passage in Module 3 Unit 2.

通过本节的学习,使多数学生掌 握了本节所学的知识,但个别学 生没有掌握
以where引导的特殊疑问句及其 答语和方位词的应用

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