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Unit 1 My name’s Gina.

How to introduce yourself 如何自我介绍

Hello! What’s your name?

My name’s Gina!

I’m Jenny! Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you, too!

1、What’s your name?
My name’s Gina. /… I’m Gina. /…


Gina . /…

What’s his name?

His name is Yao Ming.

/He is Yao Ming.

Her name’s Yang Mi.

And what’s her name?

2. What’s his name?
His name’s … He is … Alan.

3. What’s her name?
Her name’s … She is … Gina.

Good afternoon! My name’s Linda. Are you Helen?

Yes, I am. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too .

What’s her name?
She’s Jane.

Is he Jack?
No, he isn’t. His name’s Mike.

Exercise ?(1)写出缩写形式

?1. ?2. ?3. ?4. ?5.

what is she’s she is _____ I’m I am _____ my name’s my name is _____ it’s it is _____

what’s _____

? 选择最佳答案。 ( C) 1. —What _________ your name? —I _________ Gina. A. is; is B. am; is C. is; am ( C ) 2. —What’s _________ name? —His name is Tom. A. your B. my C. his ( B ) 3. _________ is Jack. _________ jacket is red. A. She; Her B. He; His C. I; My

? 用括号内恰当的代词填空。 his 1. Is this _________ (he, his) ruler? she 2. Is _________ (she, her) Miss Zhang? my 3. This is _________ (I, my) book. Her 4. _________ (She, Her) name is Lucy.


His 6. _________ (he) pen is black. 7. _________ (you) ruler is yellow. Your 8. _________ (she) name is Susan. Her 9. This is _________ (I) key. my 10. Nice to meet _________ (your). you

根据句子意思,每空填一个英语单词。 (10分) ame 1. What’s your n______? My name is Mary. o 2. I’m Gina. Nice t______ meet you. s 3. His name i_____ Tony. 5. Hello, I a_______ Jenny. m 6. Is his n______ Dave? ame


the conversations with the words in the box.(用下面的词填空)
I’m, is, name, name’s, his, your
? ? ? ?

your Tony: Hello. What’s ______ name? name’s Jenny: My _________ Jenny. I’m Tony: _____ Tony. Jenny: Nice to meet you, Tony.


I’m, is, name, name’s, his, your

his Bill: What’s ______name? name Mary: His ______ is Tony. name Bill: And what’s her _____?

is Mary: Her name ______Jenny.


Key point 3

Number 0~9

Listen and repeat.听一听,读一读

0 zero 2 two
4 four

1 one
3 three 5 five

6 six 8 eight

7 seven 9 nine

It’s 281-9176.

What’s your telephone number?

ID card

First name: ____________ Angie Last name: ____________ Yang Telephone number:

894-6573 __________________

My name is Angie Yang. My first name is Angie. My last name is Yang. My telephone number is 894-6573.

看图完成句子, 每空一词。

1. My friend is _______ _________. Jenny Brown 2. Her _______ ________is Jenny. first name 3. _____ last name is _____. Her Brown 4. Her phone _____ is 535-2385. _____ number

Fill in the ID card accord

ing to the statement. Her name is LiuYifei. Her first name is Yifei. Her last name is Liu. Her telephone number is 518-685789.
Yifei FIRST NAME: ____________ Liu LAST NAME: ____________

__________________ 518-685789

Fill in the ID card according to the statement.

His name is Liu Xiang. His first name is Xiang. His last name is Liu. His telephone number is 548-6967341.
FIRST NAME: ____________ Xiang
LAST NAME: _____________ Liu TELEPHONE NUMBER: 548-6967341 ____________________


阅读信息并与图片配对,在名字上画圈,在 姓氏下划线。

Jenny Green 281-9176

Gina Smith 232-4672

Dale Miller 358-6344

Eric Brown 357-5689

Mary Brown in China Zhang Mingming 257-8900

ID card
PEP Middle School FIRST NAME: Alice ___________ LAST NAME: ___________ Green TELEPHONE NUMBER: 951-3397 __________________

用系动词be(am, is, are)的适当形式填空。 1. I _________ a Chinese girl. am 2. His name _________ Liu Xiang. is 3. Jenny and Gina _________ good friends. are 4. Mary and I _________ nine. are 5. Her QQ number _________ 282836138. is 6.You ____ a doctor. are 7.____she from Jinan? Is 8._____you American? Are 9.It_____ a car. is 10.They ____ cars are 11.___ your mother in China? Is 12.What ____her name? is

口诀: I后am,you 后are, is跟着他,她,它; 单数后面用is, 复数后面全用are。

Answer the questions according to the ID cards. FIRST NAME: Mary LAST NAME: Green TELEPHONE NUMBER: 86301274 What’s her first name? Her first name is Mary. What’s her last name? Her last name is Green. What’s her telephone number? Her telephone number is 86301274.

Answer the questions according to the ID cards. FIRST NAME: Tom LAST NAME: Smith TELEPHONE NUMBER: 97468213 What’s his first name? His first name is Tom. What’s his last name? His last name is Smith. What’s his telephone number? His telephone number is 97468213.

根据首字母填写单词。 1. — How are you? ine — F___, thanks. 2. What’s your f_________ name? irst elephone 3. My t_________ number is 2165. vening 4. Good e________! 5. Linda is seven. S___ is a student. he

Exercise 按要求完成句子。 1. My telephone number is 1567481. (对划线部分提问) What’s your telephone number ____________________________? 2. I’m fine. (对划线部分提问) How are you _____________?

3. Tom’s last name is Green.

(对划线部分提问) _______________________? What’s Tom’s last name 4. her, first, is , Gina, name (连词成句)
_____________________. Her first name is Gina 5. your, what, number, is, telephone (连词成句) What is your telephone number _____________________________?

补全对话, 每空一词。(10分)

what’s A: Hello, _________ (1) her family name? B: Her family name _________ (2) Jones. is A: Is her _________ (3) name Lily? first B: No, her first name is Lisa. A: Is her _________ (4) _________ (5) 779-3245? phone number B: Sorry, I don’t know.

( C) 1. —What’s your name? —My name is _________. A. Wufangming B. Wu Fang Ming C. Wu Fangming (B ) 2. Her name is Mary Brown. ____ is her family name. A. Mary B. Brown C. Mary Brown (A ) 3. —_________!I’m Kate. —_________, Kate! I’m Mary. A. Hello; Hello B. Good; Good C. Good; Hello ( B) 4. —What’s his telephone number? —_________. A. She’s 510-1325 B. It’s 510-1325 C. Her’s 510-1325 (C ) 5. This is Ms .White. Do you know ______ telephone number? A. his B. she’s C. her

( A) 6. My car number is 53659. It reads (读作) _______. A. five three six five nine B. five four six five eight C. five two seven five ten ( C) 7. —Are you Jim? —Yes, _________. A. I’m B. you are C. I am ( A) 8. One and five _________ six. A. is B. are C. am ( C 9. Her name is Lucy King. Her ______ name is Lucy. ) A. family B. last C. first ( B 10. Jim is _________. His family name is Smith. ) A. boy B. a boy C. a girl

Exercise 根据上下文完成下列对话。 1. A:Hello.I'm Mary. Hi, Mary B:___________!I'm Jim. A:_______ to _______ you. meet Nice 2. A:_________________? What’s your name B: I’m Bob Smith. A:____________________________? What’s your telephone number B:It's 3344668.

3. I’m Bob A:Hello.___________. I’m B:Hi,Bob.______Tom. Nice to meet you A:_______________here. B:Nice to meet you,too. 4. A:What's his name? B:___________ Tony. His name is A:And _______________? what’s her name B:Her name's Gina.


What’s your name A: Excuse me._________________,please? Jack Brown B:My name is ___________. what’s your name And ________________? A: Mary Smith. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you B:_______________, too. A:What's your telephone number?

B:_____ 3940588. It’s A:And my telephone number is 5082688. ___________________

Good bye!
I后am,you 后are, is跟着他,她,它; 单数后面用is,复数后面全用are。 变疑问,往前提,句末问号莫丢弃。 变否定,更容易,be后not莫忘记。 疑问否定任你变,句首大写莫迟疑。

在英语中,表示人称代词的有I(我), you(你), he(他), she(她), it(它), we(我们),you(你 们),they(他们/她们/它们)。

如: I am Frank.

You are Gina.
He is Bob. She is Alice. It is a pen.

2. 物主代词:
在英语中,物主代词分为形容词性物主代词和名词性物 主代词,表示形容词性物主代词的有my(我的), your(你 的), his(他的), her(她), its(它), our(我们 的),your(你们的),their(他们/她们/它们的)。 我们已经学到的物主代词有:my,your,his,her; 如: My name is Frank. Your name is Gina. His name is Bob.

Her name is Helen .

3. 系动词:



的概念的动词be,它不表示具体的动作或行为,只是 在句中起着联系主语和表语的作用,所以我们叫它“联系动词”,也称“系动词”。 be在现在时中有三种形式,分别是am, is, are. be的形式依主语的不同而发生变化, 如表: 主语 系动词(be) 第一人称单数(I) 第二人称单数(you) 第三人称单数(he, she, it) 复数人称(they) am are is are

如: ①I am a student. 我是一个学生。 ②You are a good boy. 你是一个好男孩。 ③She is a good girl. 她是一个好女孩。 ④It is a black pen.这是一支黑钢笔 ⑤My name is Jim. 我的名字是吉姆。 ⑥Where are Eric and Bob ? 埃里克和鲍勃在哪里? ⑦They are my friends.他们是我的朋友。



A. Fine, thanks. C. I’m fine.

B. Good morning.


A. Thank you. C. Fine, thank you

B. Very well.


A. How are you? B. Nice to meet you. C. I’m fine, too.


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