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Unit 7 will people have robots 第二课时

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Section A
Period Two

A: What will you be in the future?
B: I’ll be a(an)…… A: Will you be a(an)……? B: Yes, I will. / No, I won’t.

A: What’s your prediction about the future?
B: I think there will be more/less/fewer……

A: Will there be more/less/fewer……?
B: Yes, there will./ No, there won’t.

一般将来时—— The simple future tense
1. 概念: (1)表示将要发生的动作或存在的状态。

Grammar Focus

We will go to see him tomorrow.
我们明天来看他。 (2)表示将来经常或反复发生的动作。 From now on, I will come every day. 从现在起,我每天都来。

2. 基本句型
肯定句 主语 + will +V原形 否定句 主语 + will +not + V原形 一般疑问句 Will +主语 + V原形 特殊疑问句 特殊疑问词 + 一般疑问句 Yes, I will. 简略回答 No, I won’t. (注意缩写形式)

3. Will 表示将来时态,其后常跟的时间 状语 tomorrow 明天 next week 下周 soon 不久 next year 明年 next month 下个月

the day after tomorrow 后天
the year after next 后年 the week after next 下下周

be going to 和 will 都可以用来表达将要发 生的事情,区别在于(见课本116页):
1.表示将要发生的动作或存在的状态,或表示将来经常或 反复发生的动作,可用will。
We will go to see him tomorrow.

From now on, I’ll come to see you every day.
2. be going to 表示将要发生的动作或安排, 或打算、 计划、决定要做的的事。 He is going to visit his grandpa next weekend. I am going to swim tomorrow.


Jim will be fifteen years old tomorrow.

My grandfather won’t go fishing tomorrow.

Will you come to Changsha next month?

When shall we meet again?

一般将来时—— The simple future tense
1.There be 的一般将来时,表示将来存在有 (1)肯定句:There will be…

e.g. There will be more people.
There will be fewer trees. (2)否定句:There won’t be… e.g. There won’t be more papers. There won’t be more buildings.

(3) 疑问句:Will there be……
Will there be only one country? Yes, there will. / No, there won’t.

2. there be 句型的时态变化 一般过去时 There was / were…

一般现在时 There is / are…
一般将来时 There will be…

e.g. There was a book on the table.
There are some books on the table.

There will be more people in this city .

看句子,找规律。 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 6. 7. There will be more robots. There will be more people. There will be more pollution. There will be more cars. There will be less free time. There will be less pollution. There will be fewer trees. There will be fewer buildings.

many, much, little, few的比较级的用法。
意思 比较级 用法
修饰可数名词复数 修饰不可数名词

many 许多

much 许多

more more

little 几乎没有



few—fewer—fewest 修饰可数名词

little—less—least 修饰不可数名词

请用more, less, fewer填空。

1. There will be _____ houses. more
2. There will be ______ pollution. less 3. There will be fewer schools. _______

4. There will be _______ people. more
5. There will be _______ snow. less fewer 6 . There will be ______ movie theaters.

Grammar Focus What will the future be like? Cities will be more polluted. And there will be fewer trees. Will people use money in No, they won’t. Everything 100 years? will be free. Will there be world peace? Yes, I hope so. Kids will study at home on They won’t go to school. computers. Countable nouns Uncountable nouns

There will be more people. There will be more pollution. There will be fewer trees. There will be less free time.

3a Fill in the blanks with more, less or fewer. 1.In the future, there will be _______fresh more water because there will be_______ less pollution in the sea. more 2. In 100 years, there will be_______ cars because there will be ________ people in more the cities.

fewer 3. There will be_______ jobs for people
because_______ robots will do the same jobs more

as people.
less 4. I think there will be______ cities because more people will build_______ buildings in the country. 5. In 50 years, people will have ______free less

more time because there will be_____ things to do.

Complete the predictions with 3b what you think will happen. 1. Kids study at school now. In 100 years,
they will study at home on computers. 孩子们将在家里通过电脑学习. ___________________________________


首先,阅读所给的句子,掌握其意思,并明 确句子的主语,以便使主语保持一致。其次, 明确预言应当用一般将来里,结构为:主语 + will + 动词的原形。

2. I sometimes see blue skies in my cities, but in the future, ____________________ 我将每天都看到蓝天 I will see the blue
skies every day. ___________________ skies用作复数,表示天气或某地的天空 看上去怎样

e.g. a land of blue skies and warm sunshine 一片有着蓝蓝的天空和温暖 的阳光的土地

e.g. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. 天空中万里无云。

The sun rose higher in a clear blue sky.

3. People now usually live to be about 70-80 人们会活到 people will years old, but in the future ____________ 200岁。 200 years old. live to be ___________________________________
4. Families usually spend time together on weekends, but maybe in 200 years 家人会每天都呆在一块儿. families will spend time together every day. ___________________________________

2d Role-play the conversation.
Nick: What are you reading, Jill? Jill: It’s a bo

ok about the future. Nick: Sounds cool! So what will the future be like? Jill: Well, cities will be more crowded and polluted. There will be fewer trees and the environment will be in great danger. Nick: That sounds bad! Will we have to move to other planets? Jill: Maybe. But I want to live on the earth.

Nick: Me, too. Then what can we do?
Jill: We can use less water and plant more trees. Everyone should play a part in saving the earth.

What do you think you will be in five years?

What do you think your city will be tomorrow?

发挥想象,连词成文(50-100字). will, robot, everything, paper, fewer, pollution, tree,

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