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Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark Section A (3a—2c)

Period 2

I used to have long hair. I used jeans .

to like wearing

He used to be fat and short. He used to have short hair.

He is tall and thin now. He has long hair now.


Vocabulary ? airplane=plane ? by airplane=fly in an airplane乘飞机
? ? ? ?

? ? ? ?


insect chew gum candy go to sleep入睡 go to bed 去上床睡觉 fall asleep睡着 be terrified of=be afraid of害怕做



Expressions for 3b : 1. used to+do 过去常常/经常 be used to +doing 习惯于做· 2. be afraid of doing sth =be afraid to do sth害怕…… I am afraid of seeing snakes=I am afraid to see snakes 3 be terrified of=be afraid of 害怕……/恐惧 4. be interested in 对……感兴趣 ……. 6. worry about (=be worried about ) 担心….. 7. all the time 一直/总是 8. after school 放学后 after class下课 9. walk to … 走路/步行去……=go ··· .on foot I walk to school-=I go to school on foot 10. take a bus to… 乘公交车去…….


10 The teacher sits in the front 内of the room. ? A tree is in front of外 the room ? She sits of the teacher. ? 11 she lives alone独自 ? But she never feels lonely孤独的 ? 12 The teacher came into the room with a smile 带有某种状态 ? 13 light 灯,轻的

Now ask your partner. Put checks in the blanks.

a. the dark b. being alone c. snakes d. flying in an airplane e. big dogs

My partner used to be afraid of…

My partner still afraid of…

f. high places g. speaking in front of a group


A: Did you use to be afraid of the dark? B: Yes, I did. A: Are you still afraid of the dark? B: No, I’m not. How about you? A: Me? Oh, yes! I’m terrified of the dark. B: So, what do you do about it? A: I go to sleep with my bedroom light on.

I used to eat noodles,but now I eat bread

I used to read newspapers,but now I read magazines

I used to watch football matches on TV,now I watc

Look at the pictures about Yu Mei and fill in the blanks.习题

It seems that Yu Mei has changed a lot. She used to be ___ when she was younger, but now she is tall. She used to be ___, but now she has many good ___. I remember she used to play football, but now she likes playing ___. She used to have ___ ___, but now she grows it long. She looks more beautiful than before.

? 下面每个句子都有一处错误,请指出并改正


Liu Mei used to being a good girl.___ ? 2 She is used to stay up late. _____ ? 3 The boy is interesting in that story. ____ ? 4 They didn’t used to like eating pears. ? 5 Though the old man lives there by himself. But he doesn’t feel alone. ____


B 1a

playing with dolls playing with balloons


I used to play with dolls

I used to play with balloons

I used to sing Chinese songs
I used to ride a three-wheel(三轮的) bike.

I used to play hide and seek(捉迷 藏).


take the bus




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