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3a-----self check2

Vocabulary ? chat I often chat with my friends on Q I often read books in my ? daily daily life I like comics ? comic

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Phrases and expressions 1 these days这些天,近来 2 get up 起床 3 all day 整天全天 4 花费 spend I spent 5yuan on the book/in buying the book. pay I paid 5 yuan for the book cost The book cost me 5 yuan take It took me 2 hours to buy the book 5 not ··anymore.=no longer=not any longer不再·· ·· · I am not a child anymore=I am no more a child. 6 hard/ hardly. It is raining hard大 ,people can hardly几乎不 go out. 7 be different from与·· ·不同

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7do one’s homework做作业 I do my homework everyday. 8 in daily life在日常生活中 9 have to不得不 10 in the last 4years在过去的4年里。用于 完成时 I have learnt 200 words in the last 4 years 11 worry about担心 Don’t worry Don’t worry about me 12 stressed out有压力I feel stressed

? 13miss错过.想念 ? 14seem似乎,好像 ? It seems that she is happy ? she seems to be happy ? she seems happy

Put the missing words into the blanks.

My biggest problem is that _________. When I was young ,I I’m too busy Used to much get up _______have so ______ time, but these days I ______ early go right and stay at school all day. Then I _________ home and eat dinner Before I started high school, used to spend lot of time ______. I________ a playing ______ games with my friends, but I just don’t have time anymore ______. In the evening,used to watch TV or chat with my I ________ have to grandfather, but now I _______ study. I love music, and my used to take hardly ever father _______ me to concerts. These days, I _________ for for have time ______ concerts. Ido my homework go to bed. I _________ and really __________. days miss the old days miss the old

? Selfcheck 1 ? 1 .I am afraid ofthe sea ,I don’t know how to swim Worry about ? 2 Don’t things so much.It will make you stressed out. have to study for a ? 3 Sorry . I can’t join you .I test. miss my friend Tina, she moved to ? 4I really another town used to ?5I have short hair but now I grow it long.

2 Look at the pictures and write about Yu Mei.
It seems that Yu Mei has changed a lot. She used to be short when she was younger, but now… is tall. Yu Mei used to have she

long hair, but now she has short hair
She used to be alone,but now she has many good friends. Yu Mei used to play soccer, but now she plays tennis. Yu Mei used to be very quiet, but

从下面的框中选择适当的单词,并用单词的正确 形式填空。 miss,be terrified(afraid) of, used to, change, worry about

1. Don’t worry about _________him, he is very well. 2. My hometown__________a lot in the has changed last few years. 3. He _______ watching the football missed match on TV yesterday. am terrified of 4. I ____________the dark, so I go to sleep with m

y bedroom light on. 5. Tina ________be very shy, but now she used to is outgoing.

同学们,让我们走进中考,体验一下吧! 1.--Look! How dirty the river is!
西城) (北京

A --But it ___ clear before a factory was set up nearby. A. used to be B. will be C. has been D. is 2.Jack____ much money on books though he D is not so rich.

A. pays B. costs C. takes D. spends 3.--Do you remember ____me somewhere in B Shanghai? --Yes, of course. Two years ago. (重庆) A. to see B. seeing C. see D. saw

4. Harry Potter is an____ book for children, bu C my cousin doesn’t seem at all _____in it.(广

A. interesting; interesting B. interested; interested C. interesting; interested D. interested; interesting
5.--Please tell me what Li Ming looks like? C --______. (烟台) A. He is sad. B. He’s all right. C. He’s tall. D. He’s high.

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