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九年级第六、七单元综合能力检测 姓名


1. My father swimming to skating last year . (更喜欢) 2. “He doesn’t like it” means “ it”

童年). (使记起)

4. The things 展览) . ( 歌词)

6. These people are . ( 渔夫) 7. This text me a lot . ( 使--- 感兴趣)


9. Sightseeing can bring us great . ( 娱乐、快乐) 10. “Photo” is another way of saying “ .

11. Peking University is a good place . ( 教育的) 12. People all hope to have a 和平的)

13. They are ( 旅行) 14. I hope to see Niagara (瀑布)

考虑) 16. The Great Wall is too .. ( 游客很多的)

17. Lin Tiao is the 活泼的) 18. There are a number of in Paris . (教堂)

19. Subway in Englland means train in America .

20. “”are another of saying “places of interest” .


( )(1)---Would you like to play volleyball with us ? , but I’m afraid I can’t. I have a lot of work to do .

A.Yes, I would B.Thank you C. I’d love to D.It doesn’t matter

( )(2). ---Would you mind if I put my bike here? .

A.Of course B.Not at all C.Quite right D.You are welcome

( )(3). ---Don’t forget to give my best wishes to your mother. .

ANo, I won’t B.OK, I will C.Yes, I will D.Yes, I do

( )(4).---The duty of the Project Hope is to help poor children,isn’t it?

those children can study happily.

A.where B.when C.which D.whose

( )(5).Beijing is the 29th city holds Olympic Games. A.where B.that C.which D.what

( )(6). ---Did you hace any problems in London?

A. find B,found C.finding D.to find


A.begun B.shown C.been on D.put on

( to be held on Thursday, but it was put off until Saturday.

A.likely B.supposed C.certain D.about


A.save B.saved C.to save D.saving

( )(10).---What do you think of the TV sitcom Home With Kids? ---It’s very A.boring B.funny C.surprising Dterrible

( your bike? ---No,not at all. I’ll put it under the tree right away.

A.move B.to move C.moves D.moving

( ? --- . Do it as you like,please.

A. to play the piano, Good idea B.playing the piano, Of course not

C. .playing the piano, Of course D.play the piano,All right

( )(13).The policeman helped the woman A.above B.across C.through D.oveer

( )(14).--- I’ve given all my pocket money to the people in Sichuan.

--- . I hope they can get over the difficulties they are meeting.

A.So am I B.So have I C.So I have D.So I am

( )(15). ---Would you like some bread for breakfast? . I’m full.

A.Yes,please B.Sure, I’d love to C.No,thanks D. No, I wouldn’t

( from home for about a year .

A. has left B.has gone C.has away D.has been away

( )(17). We’

A.trekking across B.trekking through C.to trek across D.to trek through

( to arrive at 12:00,but it was half an hour late.

A. about B.likely C.supposed D.certainly

( A.which B.where C.when D.that

( A.consider to pay B.considering to pay C.considering tobe paid D.consider to be paid

( ) 21. What did Mike say? He said _________. A. if you are free the next week

B. what colour was it C. the weather is fine D. summer comes after spring

( ) 22. Tom asked my friend __________. A. where was he from


B. that the earth is bigger than the moon C. when did he come back D. not to be so angry

( ) 23. Let me tell you __________________.

A. how much is the car B. how much does the car cost

C. how much did I pay for the car D. how much I spent on the car

( ) 24. Peter knew _______________.

A. whether he has finished reading the book B. why the boy had so many questions

C. there were 12 months in a year D. when they will leave for Paris

( )25. Could you tell me ___________?

A. where do you live B. who(m) you are waiting for

C. who were you waiting for D. where you live in

( )26. I can't understand ______the boy alone.

A. why she left B. why did she leave C. why she had left D. why had she left

( )27. She told me the sun ______ in the east. A. rise B. rose C. rises D. had risen

( )28.I don't know ________ up so early last Sunday.

A. why did he get B.why he gets C.why does he get D. why he got

( )29. The manager came up to see __________.

A. what was the matter B. what the matter was C. what the matter is D. what's the matter

( )30. He asked his father _______.

A. where it happens B. where did it happen C. how it happened D. how did it happen

( )31. He made me A.to do B.do C.that I do D.doing

( )32. I’m hungry. Get me something . A.eat B.to eat C.eating D.for eating

( A.cannot walk B.walking C.to walk D.walks

( a car? A.driving B.to drive C.riding D.to ride

( A.go B.gone C.going D.to go

( )36. She A.wants that I B.wants me for C.is wanting that I D.wants me to

( A.don’t work B.to not work C.not to work D.not work

( A.living in B.lived in C.to live in D.to live

( )39. Please ask A.to Bill to come B.Bill to come C.to Bill come D.Bill come

( )40. That’s really kind A.of you to say so B.for you to say so C.of you saying so D.for you saying so

( that kind of book.

A.never to read B.to never read C.not read D.to not read

( )42. Tom is waiting A.to see B.for to see C.for seeing D.for see

( )43. I don’t the letter but perhaps I read it.

A.remember to see B.remember seeing C.remind to see D.remind seeing

( )44. I’my shopping. A.to make B.doing C.to do D.making

( )45. There’s enough time .

A.to think over it B.thinking over it C.to think it over D.thinking it over

( )46. I’m not sure which restaurant . A.to eat in B.eating in C.to eat on D.for eating

( . A.to take away B.taking away C.taken away D.took away

( )48. Although he doesn’t like most sports, he A.enjoys swimming B.is a swimmer C.like swimming D.likes to swim

( )49. I hope that you don’t mind this evening.

A.going on foot B.go on foot C.will go on foot D.to go on foot

( . A.changed B.changing C.being changed D.change

( A.clean B.cleaned C.to clean D.cleaning

( )52. She told me that she have decided again.

A.be not B.not be late C.not to be late D.to not be late

( )53. We’the trees. A.watered B.watering C.to watering D.water

( )54. To answer the question is more important than .

A.a quick finish B.to finish quickly C.finishing quickly D.you finish quickly

( )55. You should work tonight instead of TV.

A.to watch B.you watch C.you watching D.watching

( there. A.to stay B.would stay C.I stay D.stay

( )57.You didn’t hear us come in last night. That’s good.。 A.to be not B.not to be C.not be D.be not

( )58. There isn’t any difference between the two. I really don’t fnow .

A.where to choose B.which to choose C.to choose what D.to choose which


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