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Module11 Way of life Unit 2 In England, you usually drink tea with milk.

1. When do people have afternoon tea in Britain? At around 4 p.m. 2. What is the traditional food in England? Fish and chips.

1.What’s the main idea of the passage? Something intersting with the English way of life. 2.How many things are mentioned in the passage? Four.
Don’t read word by word. Look through (浏览)the whole passage quickly.

In England, when you meet someone for the first time,1.Must表示“必须,一定要” you______ say Mr or must 2.Can表示“许可,可以” Mrs.When you get to know each other better ,you _____ just use their first can names.

1 When you are invited for afternoon tea, you will have _____. b a) tea b) a light meal

3. Tea in England usually has ______ in it. a a) milk b) sugar

______ is traditional food in England. b a) Steak and potatoes b) Fish and chips

At the bus stop , you______ not push your must need表示 “需要” way onto the bus. You ______ to stand in a need line and wait your turn.

You ______ drive on the left of the road must in Britain.

You ________ to stand in a line and need wait your turn.

can You _________ read books in the library.

1. What do you do when you meet people for the first time? We can shake hands with or smile at each other when we meet for the first time.

2. What must you say when you talk to older people? We must use “nin” to show our respect.

3. What food and drink do you give to visitors when they come to your home? We will serve the visitors with tea, fruits and snacks.

4. What do you eat during the Spring Festival? We will have a big meal with our family during the Spring Festival. People may have lots of meat at the meal.

Write a composition about ways of life in your home town.
要求: 1.尽可能多的使用must, can 和need。


1.Key vocabulary: experience stay someone onto chip gentleman shoulder 2. Key structure: the usage of “can, must ,need”

Do a survey to learn more about the traditional life in china.

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Unit 2 In England , you usually drink tea with milk.
Key vocabulary: 1. experience 2. stay 3. someone 2.can表示“许可,可以” Key structure:


4. for the first time
5. fish and chips

3.need表示 “需要”

We should learn more about ways of life in different countries and understand them.

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