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( )1.Simon,________his father,________playing games.

A.likes,like B.like,likes C.like,like D.likes,likes

( )2.I know that Nanjing is bigger than_____ in Jiangsu and Shanghai is bigger

than_______ in Jiangsu.

A. any city, any city B. any city, any other city

C. any other city, the other cities D. any other city, any city

( )3.一How do you like our school? —I think it’s becoming_________.

A.more and more cleaner B.more and more beautiful

C.more beautiful and more beautiful D.clean and clean

( )4.My cousin is in__________ in Nanjing No.1 Middle School.

A.3rd Grade B.Grade 3 C.3 Grade D.Grade 3rd

( )5.“Autumn”is also called_________ in American English.

A.rest B.yellow C.fall D.lift

( )6.If you want to be healthier,you have to eat____and take_______ exercise.

A.fewer,more B.few,fewer C.less,more D.less,fewer

( )7.----Would you please not smoke here? Look at the sign. ---- ________.

A. No, I will B. Yes, I will C. Sorry, I will D. Sorry, I won’t

( )8.--______?

--He’s friendly and helpful. He often helps me with my homework.

A. What’s he like B. What does he like

C. What is he look like D. What does he look like

( )9.Climbing is one of________,I think.

A.the most difficult activity B.the most difficult activities

C.most difficult activity D.most difficult activities

( )10.Mr Fat has _______ money than Mr Thin, but he has _______ friends.

A. more, fewer B. more, less C. fewer, more D. less, less

( )11.We usually spend about two hours_________ our homework.

A.do B.to do C.in D.on

( )12.________ the students in my class ________ 50.

A . A number of, is B. A number of, are

C. The number of, is D. The number of, are

( )13.The taxi is going faster than the bus.

A. very B. much C. more D. most

( )14.I feel ______ because my job is too ______.

A. bored, boring B. bored, bored

C. boring, boring D. boring, bored

( )15.The red flowers are more beautiful than the yellow________.

A.one B.ones C.that D.those



It's very common to meet different people in public places.

When I was 12 years old. I got a small job in a On my first day at work, I didn't come home for lunch. When I came home at night, Mum asked, “How did you manage your lunch, dear?”I answered, “I some new friends in the supermarket, twin brothers, their mom and dad. They were my customers. They invited me lunch."

Mum was happy that I had made new friends but she wanted to know what kinds of Several days later, I asked my friends to come to the supermarket where l worked let Mum meet them. Mum was very to find out that the twin brothers were joined at the chest(胸部).She felt very strange because I didn't tell her about that before.

When Mum asked me about this, I said, “I know that too. But do you know that their mom has to make all clothes because it's difficult to find anything to fit them? They're also good .That day, Joe, the one on the right, made me noodles for lunch."

When Mum saw the twins, she must have thought how strange they clothes and they were good cooks.

16. A. supermarket B.post office C. factory D. bank

17. A. found B. had C. made D. met

18. A. at B. for C. after D. before

19. A. men B. women C. boys D. people

20. A. and B. but

21. A. surprised B. excited C. or D. so C. interested D. disappointed

22. A. so B. very C. too D. really

23 .A. friends B. singers C. workers D. cooks

D. sounded 24. A. smelled B, looked C. felt

25. A. selling


B. making C. wearing D. buying



Hong Kong has about forty public(公共的) beaches. Some of the beaches are among the best in the world. People can go there for a swim. You can go to most of them by bus. To go to some beaches you must take a boat. There are toilets, changing rooms and places to buy food and drink on most of the beaches.

You will swim there without danger if you remember these instructions:

1. Never swim alone.

2. Never swim after a meal or when you feel hungry or tired.

3. Do not stay in the water too long.

4. Never go out in a boat if you cannot swim.

Remember : A red flag means that it is dangerous for anybody to go into the water. A blue flag means that it is dangerous for children.

26. Hong Kong has about forty public(公共的) beaches. We can reach ____ by bus.

A. all the public beaches B. no public beach

C. only a few public beaches D. all the public beaches except(除了) some

27. When you see a blue flag, you know that ______ there.

A. women should not swim B. children should not swim

C. nobody should swim D. anybody can swim

28. Which of the following is true according to this passage?

A. You can swim when you see where there is a red flag.

B. You should not swim with other people.

C. You should not swim after lunch.

D.You can’t swim for a short time.

29. The passage mainly(主要地) tells us ______ in Hong Kong.

A. the public beaches and swimming B. the danger of swimming

C. the best beaches D. the difficulties to go swimming


It was a sunny day.Mr King went to town on business.On his way home,he found in front of him a big pile(堆)of hay(干草).He got down from his horse.The hay fallen off a wagon(马车).A boy was standing by the wagon and looked worried.Mr.King was sorry for the little driver.“Now don’t worry,my boy.”Mr.King said.“Come with me to the village over there,and I’ll find someone to help you get the hay back onto the wagon.”In the village Mr.King’s friend asked him and


the boy to have dinner.Mr.King enjoyed the man’s dinner,but he saw the boy still looked worried.“Dad won’t like this.”The boy said in a low voice.“Dad won’t like this.”“Don’t worry too much.”said Mr.King.“Just be careful next time.Now have your dinner,and you needn’t be hungry.”“But I was here for a long time.Dad will be angry.”“Oh,come on.”Said Mr.King.“Dad will understand.he will be glad if he knows that you have had a good dinner.I’ll go with you and explain what has happened.By the way,where’s your dad?”“He’s under the pile of hay!”

30.Mr.King went to town________.

A.on a horse B.by wagon C.by bike D.by car

31.The boy looked worried because________.

A.he couldn’t save his father

B.it was getting dark and he couldn’t get home for dinner

C.he couldn’t go to school on time.

D.he couldn’t catch the train

32.The boy was afraid his father would be angry,so________.

A.he didn’t go with Mr.King

B.he wanted to hurry up

C.he asked for Mr.King’s help

D.he hurried to tell Mr.King about the accident.

33.Which of the following is true?

A.Mr.King thought the boy was a driver.

B.Mr.King wouldn’t save the boy’s father

C.The boy found a way to pull out his father

D.The driver wash’t angry with his son


Lillian Hanson, a college student, expects to graduate in about two years. What makes Mrs. Hanson different from her classmates is her age --73 years old. She has been studying at college, a few courses at a time, for 27 years.

When Lillian Hanson graduated from high school, she went to the bank to borrow money for further education. The banker gave her no encouragement(鼓励). He didn't think that a country girl should borrow money to go to college. He thought she should be at home doing housework or should work on the farm. So Lillian Hanson went home and raised a family of nine children instead of going to college. Mrs. Hanson never forgot the dream of getting higher education. When the children


grown up, she tried again and succeeded. In the class on her first day, when she introduced herself and explained why she was there and what her aims were, all the other students stood up to give her a warm welcome.

Mrs. Hanson finds that the hardest part of going back to school at her age is sitting in class long periods of time. However, she often says she will stick to her dream no matter how difficult it is.

34.Mrs. Hanson couldn't go to college immediately after she graduated from high school because _____.

A. she hadn't got enough money

B. she was a country girl

C. the banker ordered her not to borrow any money

D. the banker thought she should raise a family of nine children

35. The computer students welcomed Mrs. Hanson warmly because ________.

A. she had got an excellent result in the exam

B. she was good at telling funny stories

C. they wanted to get her help in their studies

D. they were deeply moved by her spirit

36. In which order did Mrs. Hanson do the following things?

a. she began her studies at college.

b. She finished high school.

c. She got married and gave birth to nine children.

d. She had her 73rd birthday.

e. She went to the bank to borrow money.

A. a c b e d

B. b e c a d

C. b c e d a

D. e d a c b



Hip hop or rap (说唱 ) music as it is also called ,started on the street and in the clubs of the New York City in the 1970s . But today many countries have their own kind of hip hop music. This kind of music comes from reggae, disco and funk music. Rapping means speaking to the rhythm of the music, and it is an important part of the music . People rap to express how they feel about their lives and problems.

Rapping in class.

Would you like to rap in class? Well actually,hip pop music is played in more than 10,000 schools in the USA .Why ? There is a new school program called “ Flocabulary ”in which teachers use texts and hip hop CDs to help teach different school subjects . The words of the songs are just what students are studying . This makes learning easy and fun . Students and teachers are excited about the results(结果) it has had on exam marks . One teacher said , “ I 've used hip hop songs in class , and I have never seen my students so crazy about history ! You can't imagine how well they imagine how well they remember what I teach ! We even try to write our own songs. ”

Whose idea was Flocabulary?

Blake Harrison, a high school student , was the first person to come up with the idea of Flocabulary . The word “ Flocabulary ” comes from the word “ flow ” and “ vocabulary ” . “ Flow” is a rap word for “ style” ,or the way a rapper says the words of a song . “Vocabulary” means the words you have to learn in a language. How did he get the idea? Well, he realized he could remember the words of a hip hop song very easily. So, why not make lessons into songs? Today together with Alex Rappaport , a song writer , Blake produces hip hop songs for maths, science and literature (文学 ). They are now used in schools with great success.

37. Rap music started _____ in New York city .

A. in the 1970s B. In a high school

C. in the 19th century. D. In a music class.

38. From the passage, we can learn “ Flocabulary ” is a program to _____ .

A. Write rap music . B. Sing a song by talking .

C. Remember the words of a song . D. help teach some school subjects .

39. The underlined word in paragraph 2 most probably means _____

A. bad B. good C. final D direct

40. Blake Harrison has produced hip hop songs for school subject EXCEPT(除了) _____ .

A. maths B. science C. history D. literature



41. Kate plans to become a _____________(社会的) worker.

42. He wants to be an (杰出的,极好的) teacher when he grows up.

43. Mark went to bed after he_____________(完成)doing his homework.

44. There are many kinds of different__________(语言)in the world.

45. There are a few differences(区别)between______________(英国的)English and American English.

46. Peter likes ____________(讨论)films with his classmates.

47. One of the ________(卡车) over there is my father’s.

48. —Who taught you Japanese?

—Nobody.I learnt it by________

49. —Is Sunshine Middle School a ____________ school?

—Yes. Boys and girls have lessons together.

50. —Tom often ________ to help me when I have problems.

—He’s such a kind boy.

五、 动词填空(共10题,每题1分,共5分)

51. He was very busy yesterday, so he had no time _________ (watch) TV.

52. He did everything wrong,so he_____________(feel)unhappy.

53. He hopes he_______ (win) the first prize again in the Drawing Competition.

54. There _____________(be) a football match tomorrow, isn’t there?

55. My mother asks me to keep___________(write) in English about my daily life.

六、 句子翻译(共5题,每题3分,共15分)

56. 他昨天花半个小时练习弹钢琴。


57. 在所有的学科中,他好像最喜欢物理。


58. 上周六我吃的肉最少,但是吃的饭最多。


59. 她今天下午跳得比我远。


60. 做早操对我们有好处。




以“My Ideal School ”为题, 写一篇关于你自己的理想校园生活的文章,不少于80字。要点如下:





3. 最好的朋友是Millie。她既是邻居也是同学。我们经常互相聊天,互相帮助。


My Ideal School



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