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外研版七年级上册moudele 3- unit 1导学案

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Unit 1 how many people are there in your family?

重点单词: many people aunt grandfather

grandmother uncle sister have got

重点句子:how many people are there in your family?

Have you got any aunts or uncles?

I have got two aunts.

能力要求:运用英语表达家庭成员的称呼。了解aunt ,brother,

sister, uncle, grandmother, grandfather 的多种意思。

熟练运用 how many ….are there….?(用于问数量) There are …

Have got= have (拥有的意思)

Have you got….? Yes. I have/ no. I haven’t Has he got …….? Yes. He has/ no. he hasn’t 拓展训练:有能力的同学可以介绍自己的家庭及其职业。



1. how m____ books are there in the library?

2. there are 7 people in Daming’s f_____?

3. Has little Mary g____ a new bike ?

4. Tom’s g____ is 65 years old.

5. Mike’s u____ is a policeman.


1. Lucy has got some new books. (改为否定句) Lucy ___ ____ ____ new books. 对划线部分提问) ____ _____ girls ____ _____ in class one ?

3.John has two sisters. (改为同义句)

John ____ _____ two sisters.

4. she has got a lovely son.( 改为同义句)

She ____ _____ lovely son.

5.My mother has got two brothers.(改为一般疑问句) ____ _____ mother _____ two brothers ?

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