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1.Please give me half _____ hour .

A. a B. / C. an D. The

2.What is the best ____ to learn English ?

A. art B.music C. way D.jeans

3.Li Ming is ____ a blue sweater today .

A. with B. in C. for D . At

4.My sister _______ me very much .

A. writes down B. turns out C. looks in D. looks like

5._____we eat porridge .

A. Anyone B. Any more C. Sometimes D. Some time

6.Everyone is here , _____ Jack .He is looking after his grandpa .

A. except from B. besides C. except of D.except

7.I saw the little girl _____ just now .

A. crys B. cries C. to cry D. cry

8.Cheng Zhongshi is a famous writer , ______?

A. is he B.does he C. Isn’t he D.doesn’t he

9.----_______ they ever _____ the book Snow White ?--- Not yet .

A. Did ; see B.Will ; see C.Do ; see D.Have ; seen

10.______ are having a birthday party home now .

A.Greens B.Mr and Mrs Green

C.The Mr Green and Mrs Green D.The Green

11.There ____ an apple and some bananas on the table .

A.is B.are C. have D.be

12.His father likes _____ after supper .

A.go for a walk B.goes for a walk C.going for a walk D. went for a walk

13.I don’t want to see him _______.

A.any more B.any time C.more D.much

14.The music ____ the singing of a bird.

A. looks like B.sounds like C.would like D.look like

15.---- What do you _____ the salad ?

---- Not bad .

A.think of B.think about C.think over D.think out

16. If you don’t want to go to the meeting tomorrow ._______


A.So he does .B.So does he .C.Neither does he . D.Neither he does.

17. It will _____ you about two hours to fly to Beijing from Nanjing .

A.spend B.take C.use D.cost

18. You can get much ______ about the World Expo on the Internet .

A.map B.picture C.ticket D.information

19. The teachers _____ came for a visit are foreigners.

A.who B.whom C.whose D.which

20. Last year was a hard time to my friend Jim , but he didn’t ______ hope .

A.pick up B.use up C.put up D.give up



He won’t ask _____________________________.


Give me _________________________.


We __________________in the same class every term .


____________________ to take photos of these animals .


Let’s ___________________ in the park .


What does your new teacher ______________?


My mother wants me to help her _______________ this Sunday .


The teacher asked students ___________________.

9.我妹妹擅长中文写作。 My sister __________________ Chinese writing .

10.我看见一个男孩正在打篮球。 I saw a boy ______________________.

11.这条消息能使他们高兴。The news can ___________________ happy .

I have a pen pal .She is from an 1____ country .We often talk on the 2____.When she 3 ______fast , I can’t 4_______ her .But when she 5_____the 6____ , I can 7_____.She is an 8_______ and she often 9 _____ me to speak English. Now I don’t think it’s hard to 10_____ English well .



Mrs. Wang loved flowers and had a small but beautiful garden. In the summer, her roses were always the best in her street. One summer afternoon her bell rang, and when she went to the front door, she saw a small boy 1.______. He was about seven years old, and was holding a big bush(束) of 2.______ roses in his hand.

“I am selling roses,” he said. “Do you want 3._____? They are quite 4.______. Only one yuan for a big bush. They are fresh. I 5.______ them this afternoon.”

“My boy,” Mrs. Wang answered, “I pick roses 6._____ I want, and don’t pay anything for 7._____, because I have lots in my 8._____.”

“Oh, no, you haven’t,” said the small boy. “There aren’t any roses in your garden—because they are here in my hand!”

四、阅读理解 正确的用“A”表示,错误的用“B”表示

What is a library ? A library is a good place to keep old and new books .

A library is a place to learn science and other knowledge .

What are there in a library ? Some magazines, newspapers , history books , science books and other books .

Many cities have libraries .Some small towns have libraries ,too .

India(印度) has a children’s library .Children like to go to the library often .They like to read there and do their homework there .They all like the library .

( )1.Library is just a place to learn science .

( )2.Here are magazines , newspapers, history books , science books and other books in a library .

( )3.Only cities have libraries .

( )4.India has a teacher’s library .

( )5.Children like to borrow books from the library .


Bill, a thirteen-year-old boy, thought he had grown up to be a man. But his parents told him, "You won't be a real man until you begin to 1____helping others." One morning, his parents gave him some money to 2______some milk for them. Outside a shop he saw a homeless old man who looked very 3____ Bill went to him and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

The old man answered, "I'm hungry. I haven't had any food for two days." At the

thought of his parents' words, Bill said to the old man," Let's go to the 4____." When they got there, Bill asked the waiter to bring out bread and coffee to the old man. The old man finished the meal quickly. After the waiter 5_____the plate and the cup, the 3

old man said, "Sorry for giving you so much 6_____I'm fine now. I'll 7_____ forget your kindness! You are a very good young man."

Bill was 8___ when he heard this. Just when he wanted to pay for the meal, the waiter came. Bill and the old man learned 9____ that the food was free 10____it was the birthday of the boss, and they were the first customers(顾客)that day.

1. A. think about B. depend on C. give up D. go on

2. A. lend B. buy C. drink D. borrow

3. A. afraid B. glad C. sick D. angry

4. A. bank B. library C. hospital D. restaurant

5. A. sent out B. got down C. gave back D. took away

6. A. excuse B. advice C. trouble D. difficulty

7. A. never B. always C. usually D. sometimes

8. A. nervous B. pleased C. sorry D. shy

9. A. in surprise B. as usual C. once again D. at first

10. A. when B. until C. unless D. Because


A: Hello!

A: Speaking. Who's that?

B: a postman from EMS. Here is a package(包裹)

for you. Could you tell me the way to your home?

B: I'm close to Shuren Bookstore, Zhongshan Road.

A: Oh, I see. Go along Zhongshan Road until you get to live in Apartment 309, Building 8. A: See you.


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