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1. She prefers ______ basketball.

A. play B. to playing C. playing D. plays

2. — ______ do you play sports? — Once a week.

A. How long B. How often C. How many D. How much

3.______ makes your body strong.

A. Runing B. Running C. To run D. Runner

4. ______ more sports and you can ______ next year.

A. Do, be health B. Doing, health C. Do, be healthy D. Doing, healthy

5. They are _______ Beijing tomorrow.

A. leave for B. will leave for C. leaving for D. going to leaving for

6. He will be back ______ four days.

A. after B. In C. from D. to

7. Lily _ the long jump, and she jumped very far.

A. join B. joined C. takes part in D. took part in

8. Cycling can make your body _.

A. strong B. strongly C. be strong D. to be strong

9.He will __ Beijing tomorrow morning, if the train isn’t late.

A. reached B. get C. arrive at D. arrive in

10. I am good at ____ basketball.

A. to play B. play C.playing D. to playing

11.Ann ________ mountains tomorrow morning.

A. is climbing B. climb C. is going to climb D. climbs

12. I saw Tom often _____ with his father during the summer.

A. swims B. swam C. swim D. swimming

13.Running is a good way ________ fit .

A. keeps B. to keep C. keeping D. kept

14. He prefers _____ on the weekend.

A . go shopping B. going shop C. going shopping D. to go shopping

15. ______my father _______mother are wokers.

A. All; of B. Both; and C. Either; of D. Neither; nor

Unit 1 Topic 2 Would you mind passing me some water

— Sure. / Of course. 好啊,当然可以。


(1) do sb. a favor = help sb.= give sb. a hand 帮助某人

(2) one of ?? 意为“??中的一个” 后面接可数名词的复数,但谓语动词用单数。 例句:


(3) fall ill 生病

(4) be glad to do sth. 乐意做某事

例句:I am glad to help you. 我很乐意帮助你。

(5) practice 练习

用法:practice sth/ doing sth/ 代词

例句:You can practice speaking English every day.

(6) be late 迟到 例句:I am late. He/She is late./ You are late.

be late for 做??迟到 例句:I am late for school. 我上学迟到了。

(7) manage 管理,经营,处理

用法: manage sb./ sth. 例句:She manages the hotel well. 她把旅馆管理得井井有条。 Manage to do sth. 设法做成某事

例句:She manages to climb the mountain. 她设法爬上这座山。

(8) need ①v.需要 ②情态动词时,无人称和数的变化,意为“必须”后面跟V 原型 用法:need to do sth. 需要做某事 need sth. 需要某物

例句:He needs some help. 他需要一些的帮助。(做动词)注意不要弄混淆


(9)do one’s best to do sth.= try one’s best to do sth. 努力去做某事

例句:I will do/try my best to study English.

(10) believe sb. 相信某人(所说的话) believe in sb. 信任某人

例句:I believe him, but I can not believe in him. 我相信他的话,但是我不信任他。

(11) keep doing sth. 坚持做某事 keep sb. doing sth. 让某人一直做某事

keep on doing sth. 继续干某事

(12) be angry with sb. 生某人的气

例句:Don’t be angry with others. 不要总是对别人生气。

(13) with the help of sb.= with one’s help 在某人的帮助下

例句:With the help of the teacher, he did better.= With teacher’s help, he did better.

(14)be sure(that ) +从句 意为:确信

确信要做某事 be sure about sth. 对某事确信

例句:I am sure that you can do well in the middle exam.

I am sure to finish the task.

I am not sure about the answer.

(15) turn down 把??调小 turn up 把??调大 turn on/off 打开/关闭

(16) hear sb. do sth 听见某人做某事 hear sb. doing sth 听见某人正在做某事

(17) be important to sb. 对某人是重要的

(18) busy adj. 忙碌的

用法:be busy with sth. be busy doing sth.

(19) enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事

例句: He joins reading very much. 他非常喜欢读书。

(20) have a history of + 时间段 表示有多长的历史

例句:China has a history of more than 5000 years.

(21)a 15-year-old girl 一个15岁的女孩 (注意year 没有加S)

(22) 系动词有 get, turn, make, sound, 这些系动词的后面跟形容词

get tired/hungry 感到疲劳/变饿 turn green 变绿

make strong 变的强壮 sound interesting 听起来很有趣

(23) instead of 代替??

例句:Let’s stay at home watching TV instead of going to the movie. 玩得高兴,玩得愉快



1. Would you mind if I shut(关) the door?

A.Yes, please. B.Ok. Do as you like C. That’s all right. D. Of course not. Do please.

2. Do you mind ____ up the music?

A. to turn B. turning C. turn D to turning

3.Learning English well is important ___ you .

A . for B. to C. of D. with

4.Would you mind if _________my bike here?

A.I put B. I putting C. me put D. my putting

5.Your MP4 is nice. Where did you buy ____ ? I want to buy ________.

A one, one B it, it C it , one D. one, it

6. Ann is only _______________ girl, but she can speak English well.

A.8—years--- old B. a 8—years old C.an 8—year--- old D. 8 years old

7. Li Ping did not go shopping. He went skating _________.

A. of instead B instead of C instead D take the place

8. Do you mind __________ the window ?

A. I close B. I closing C. me close D . my closing

9. I want to be a basketball player. So I enjoy ______ basketball every day.

A. practice to play B. play the C. practicing playing D playing the

10. Could you please ____ me around ? ------Sure.

A. to follow B. follow C. following D followed

11. ______ the help of mother, I can cook (煮饭). A Under B Using C. With D. By

( )1.My mother ____ a dinner for my birthday next week. A. host B.hosted C.hosting D.will host

( )2.We had a sports meeting last Sunday.I took part in the ___race.

A.boy's 800-meter B.boy's 800 meter C boys'800-meter D.boys'800 meter

( )3.Our school sports meeting comes___.

A.every two years B.every two year C. every other D. two year

( )4.We will have a basketball match tomorrow;will you come to____us on?

A.laugh B.cheer C. shout D. jump

( )5.—Could you come over and help me?


A.Don't want. B.It's my fun. C.I'm coming now. D.Here you are.

( )6.Uncle John is ____for London next week.

A. leave B. leaving C.to leaving D. leaves

( )7.Because I have a____ sister,my mother must stay at home and look after her.

A. 2-years-old B. 2-years old C. 2-year-old D. 2 years old

( )8.Look at the boy! _____ name is Tom, Li Lei's _____ friend.

A. My; foreign B. Your; foreign C. His; foreign D. Her; foreign

( )9.We'll ____ a sports meeting next Friday.

A. give B. host C. carry D. join

( )10.Thank you very much ____ the flowers.

A. to give me B. for give me C. for giving me D. give me

( )11.Li Huan visited the Great Wall _____ the first time yesterday.

A. at B. to C. for D. in

( )12.—When shall we meet, Susan?

—Let's ____ it six o'clock.

A. have B. get C. do D. make

( )13.He ____ likes playing the piano because he often reads books about it.

A. may be B. may C. must D. maybe

( )14.The flowers“roses”_____ love, so everyone likes them very much.

A. stands for B. stands with C. stand for D. stand with

( )15.You must do sports and keep _____.

A. health B. healthy C. healthing D. healthily

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