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Module 2 Great books
Unit 2 it’s still read and loved .

? ? ? ?

学习目标: 1. 完成阅读任务,掌握阅读书评的方法 2. 掌握U2 单词,词组 3. 可以描述The Adventure of Tom Sawyer 这本书

Can you introduce these great persons?

Confucius/ thinker/ Lunyu/ wise thoughts/ influence/respect Shaksespeare/ English/ writer/plays/poems/ Harmlet/ Romoe and Juliet Mark Twain/ American writer/ story/ famous/ The adventure of Tom Sawyer

? From the movie, what do you think of Tom? ? 1. What do you think of Tom? ? He is clever and lively(活泼的), a little naughty(淘气的). ? 2. What did the teacher do to him? ? The teacher punished (惩罚)him for funny pictures. ? 3. What is the book written by? ? It is written by Mark Twain.

? 阅读小tips: 这是一篇书评,阅读书评的时候 应该注意什么呢? ? When we read a review, what should we pay attention to? ? ? ? ? ? 1. writer (作者) 2. place (地点) 3. story(故事) 4. character( 角色) 5. review(评价)

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Task 1: Match the main idea with each paragraph The themes of the story 4 2 The writer’s favourite scene(场景) The place and the plots(情节) 1 Why the writer liked and chose the story 5 Main charaters of the story3

? Task 2: fill in the blanks on page 13.

writer Place

Story Favourite scene 场景 Characters 人物
Theme 主题 Reasons for its greatness

writer Place

Mark twain
St Pertersburg,Missouri,America The Adventures of Tom and his friends

Favourite scene 场景

The funeral scene
Tom Sawyer,Huck Finn,Joe,Aunt Polly, Injun Joe,Becky Social life in a small America town ;children growing up and becoming more serious;freedom and social rules

Characters 人物
Theme 主题

Reasons for It was written about 130 years ago and its it’s still read and loved by people .

Task 3: Read the new words: behaviour n. 行为 cave n. 洞穴 freedom n.自由 funeral n.葬礼 outside adj.外来的 outsider n.外来人 social adj.社会的 theme n.主题 treasure n. 财宝,宝藏 clever adj. 聪明的 run away 潜逃,逃跑 dead adj.死的

for a time pleased alive grow up talk about southern state

暂时,一度 adj.高兴地 adj.活着的 长大 谈论 adj.南方的 n. 州

? ? My favourite great book is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. Tom lives with his aunt Polly in the quiet streets of St Petersburg, Missouri. He's a lively( 活泼的 ) and clever young boy, and he finds himself in many exciting adventures.( 卷入了刺激的冒险 ) He runs away with his two friends, Huck Finn and Joe, to an island in the middle of the Mississippi River for several days. With Huck 寻找财宝), with he goes looking for treasure( Becky he gets lost( 迷路) in a cave(在山洞 ), and finally, they find a box of gold.


My favourite scene in the book is when everyone thinks Tom is dead( 死的 He ). decides to go to his own funeral.(

他自己的葬礼 ) He hides and watches for a time( 一段时间 ), and then suddenly he appears. Everyone is surprised to( 非常惊讶 ) see him but they're also pleased to( 非常高兴 ) see him alive.( 看到他还活着 )


Tom is the hero of the story, but there are other important characters. Huck is an outsider( 局外人 ) and everyone is afraid of( 害怕 ) him. Becky is pretty with fair hair, Joe is Tom's best friend, and Injun Joe is the bad man of the story.


The theme( 主题 ) of the story are to do with( 和..有关 ) children growing up( 长大 ) and becoming more serious. It describes( 描述 ) how strangers are seen in small towns of America. Finally, it talks about freedom( 自由 ), social rules( 社会规则 ) and how people are punished for( 被惩罚 ) bad behaviour.( )



Why do I think Tom Sawyer is a great book? Mark Twain wrote the story in 1876, but it‘s still read and loved by people all over the world today. And although it’s only a story, Twain wrote it in the everyday English(日常英语 ) of the southern states of America in the 19th century, so it sounds very real. Today it's thought to be ( 被认为 ) one of the greatest books in American literature( 在美国文学上 Go on—read it! I ). know you'll enjoy it, too.


? 1. Who is the writer of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer? ? It is written by Mark Twain. ? 2. Where did Tom go with his friends? ? an island in the middle of the Mississippi River. ? 3. What did they find in the cave? ? a box of gold ? 4. What’s the writer’s favourite part of the book? ? when everyone thinks Tom is dead.

Read and answer

5. What is the theme of the story? do with children growing up and becoming more serious. 6. Why do I think it a great book? It was written in everyday English of the Southern States of Amercia in the 19th, it souds real. 7. What kind of boy is Tom? He is a lively and clever young boy. 8.Why do you think Tom wants to go to his funeral? He wants to give a surprise to everyone.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.一部文学作品 a work of literature 8.迷路 2. 被..影响 get lost be influenced by 3.太遗憾了 9. 观察一段时间 It’s a pity./What a pity. watch for a time 4. 在..末尾 at the end of 10. 惊讶地去做 5. 特邀作者 be surprised to do. a guest writer 6. 不知不觉进入 11. 高兴地去做 find oneself in be pleased to do. 7. 潜逃 run away

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

12. 害怕某物 19.看到他还活着 be afraid of sth. see him alive 13. 谈论 talk about 20. 一些死去的动物 14. 全世界 some dead animals all over the world 15. 用日常英语 21.一些坏的行为 in everyday English some bad behaviour 16. 在19世纪 in the 19th century 17. 被认为 be thought to be 18.长大 grow up

? Language points: ? 1. dead adj. 死的;已死去的 ? die v. 死 ? dying adj.垂死的,快要死的 ? ?

? ? ? ? Fill in the blanks with dead, die and dying. 1. without water, the fish will die ____ 2. I found a ____ bird outside the door. dead 3. The doctor is looking over the dyingman. ____ died 4. He _____ in the traffic accident. dying 5. The _____ girl would like some food.

? ? ? ? ? ?

2. surprised adj. 惊讶的 ( 用于人) surprising adj.惊讶的(用于事物) 1.I wassurprisedat the news. _______ 2. Thesurprising ______ news makes everyone sad. 3. I am surprised to see him at the cinema. ________ 4. The picture is surprising How big the __________. cak e is

? 令某人惊讶的是 ? to one’s surprise

? 3. 害怕某事、某人 ? be afraid of sb./sth. ? 害怕做某事 ? be afraid to do sth. ? ? ? ? 4.由于…被惩罚 be punished for .. 因为.. 惩罚某人 punish sb. for sth. 老师因为学生上课迟到处罚他。 ? The teacher punished her students for being late for class.

5. be thought to be 被认为是 大峡谷被认为是自然奇迹。 The Grand Canyon is thought to be a natural wonder. 他被认为是英雄。 He is thought to be a hero. 这本书被认为是本年度最受欢迎的书。 This book is thought to be the most popular one this year.

? Exercise 2: translate the following sentences into English. ? 1. 他昨天在森林里迷路了。 got lost ? He _____________ in the forest yesterday. ? 2. 他小时候很怕黑。 was afraid of ? When he was young, he ______________ darkness. ? 3. 大家很惊讶看到他赢了比赛。 was surprised to ? Everyone ___________________ see him win the match. ? 4. 坏人必须受到惩罚。 be punished ? The bad must ____________________. ? 5. 它被认为是一本伟大的书。 ? It ____________________ a great book. is thought to be

? Retell

is written by; clever and lively; about children growing up is punished for bad behaviour; in everyday English;

sounds very real; is read and loved

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