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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

Unit1.How do you study for a test? 1.听磁带listen to tapes

2.向老师请求帮助ask the teacher for help 3.制作抽认卡.make flashcards

4.观看英语录象watch English-language videos

5.朗读read aloud

6.练习语音.practice pronunciation 7.说的技能speaking skills 8.太?而不能.too ?to 9. 询问有关?ask about 10.学英语的最好方法

the best way to learn English

11.具体的建议specific suggestions

12.观看演员说话watch the actors say the words


14.得到大量的写作练习. 15.一点也不.not at all 16.变得兴奋 17.结束做?18.英语口语19.20._21.嘲笑某人22.编对话23.首先first of all

24 .一开始25.写下.write down 26.后来.later on


write my own original sentence 28.做调查do a survey

29.做某事对某人来说困难 It’s difficult for sb to do

30.在语法方面犯错make mistakes in grammar 31.发音正确get the pronunciation right 32.没关系It doesn’t matter.

33.害怕做?.be afraid to do sth/be afraid of

doing sth/ be terrified to do sth /be sth. terrified of doing

34.造完整的句子make complete sentences 35.帮助很大help a lot 36.有点帮助.help a little

37.秘诀之一.one of the secrets 38.记笔记take notes

39.一个好的语言学习者a good language learner

40.开始做?start doing /start to doing 41.喜爱做?enjoy doing sth 42.被感动43.做?有困难doing sth/have 47.48.49.stay angry 50.时间流逝Time goes by

51.看见某人在做某事see sb doing sth 52.意见不同.have disagreements 53.解决问题solve a problem

54.把问题看作挑战.regard problems as challenges

55.抱怨?.complain about

56.把?变成?.change sth into /turn ?into 57.做某事是我们的责任.It’s our duty to do sth 58.尽力做?

try one’s best to do /do one’s best to? 59.在老师的帮助下

.with the help of sb./with one’s help

60.把?和?进行比较compare ?to ? 61.尽责.do one’s duty

62.画水彩画.paint pictures

Unit2.I used to be afraid of the dark. 1.过去常常used to do ?

2.习惯于做?.be used to doing ? 3.被用来做.be used to do ?

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

4.被某人使用.be used by sb

5.他长什么样?What does he look like?

6.他过去长什么样?.What did he use to look like?

7.开始上学start school 8.在担心be worried about 9.一直. all the time /always 10.走到学校walk to school 11.乘公共汽车.take the bus

12.我最大的问题my biggest problem

13.现在these days /at present /now /at the moment

14.起床早.get up early

15.整天呆在学校stay at school all day 16.直接回家.go right home 17.某人花时间或钱做某事 .sb. spend time doing sth

18.不再not any more/no longer 19.同某人聊天.chat with sb.

20.带某人去听音乐会21.几乎没有hardly ever


26.27.28./join in? 29.移居到??30.留长发31.他似乎很累tired./It seems that he is tired. 32.制造许多麻烦

.make lots of trouble/cause lots of trouble 33.得低分get bad grades 34.一个15岁的孩子

a 15-year-old kid/a kid of 15 years old 35.问题儿童a problem child

36.最近的一次谈话a recent conversation 37.负担不起?

can’t afford sth/can’t afford to do sth 38.支付,付款.pay for

39.照顾某人take care of sb/look after sb 40.照顾好某人

take good care of sb /look after sb well

41.对学习感兴趣_.be interested in studying 42.闯祸进警局get into trouble with the police 43.对?有耐心be patient with?

44.放弃做某事give up doing sth/stop doing sth 45.最后.at last /in the end /finally 46.做决定

make a decision to do sth /decide to do sth 47.送某人去?.send stb to ? 48..

49. 即使53.54.pay full attention to?

55.It’s very important for parents to be there for their children .

56.对自己有信心feel good about oneself 57.男子寄宿学校a boys’ boarding school

Unit3.Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes

1.16岁的孩子.a sixteen-year-old child 2.上课迟到get to class late

3.对某人要求严格.be strict with sb. 3.对某事要求严格be strict in sth 4.考试没通过.fail a test 5.目前at present

6.周五放假.have Fridays off 7.养老院an old people’s home 8.通过考试pass a test

9.前不久,几天前the other day 10.注意力集中concentrate on? 11.回复.reply to

12.穿耳孔get ears pierced 13.兼职工作a part-time job

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

14.去商场.go to the mall 15.驾驶执照driver’s license 16.不够认真.not serious enough 17.代替,而不是.instead of

18.在上学期间的晚上on school nights 19.去看电影go to the movies 20.熬夜stay up /sit up 21.打扫干净clean up 22.参加考试take a test 23.校服.school uniforms 24.看起来漂亮.look smart

25.想做某事would like to do sth 26.对?有好处.be good for ? 27.使某人快乐keep sb. happy

28.开办英语俱乐部.start an English club 29.英英字典an English-English dictionary 30.英汉字典an English-Chinese dictionary 31.篮球练习basketball practice 32.一团乱麻a real mess

33.coat 34.至少.at least 35.8个小时的睡眠

36.走10分钟路37.38.小学39.为报社写作40.41.一周一次42.困倦的.be sleepy

43.在简报里in the newsletter

44.自己做主,自己做决定make my own decisions /make decisions for myself 45.妨碍?get in the way of? 46.赛跑明星a running star

47.在学校的赛跑队里.on the school running team

48.专业的运动员.a professional athlete 49.实现某人的梦想achieve one’s dreams

50.有机会做某事.have an opportunity to do sth


the importance of working hard 52.对某人来说极为重要 .be of great importance to sb. 53.对?认真be serious about ? 54.极少数人very few people 55.一个难以实现的梦想.

a very difficult dream to achieve 56.关心,担心care abou

57.只有那样我才有实现自己梦想的机会Only then will I have a chance of achieving my dream.


1..share?with sb 2.把它存进银行put it in the bank 3.把他给慈善机构give it to charity 4.医学研究.medical research

5.如果我是你的话,我就穿衬衣打领带. If I were you ,I would wear a shirt and tie 6.提有关?的建议give advice on? 7.如果?怎么办呢?.what if? 8.别的每一个人everyone else


What would you do if you had a million dollars?

10.我希望我能飞到月球上去。 I hope I could fly to the moon. 11.长粉刺get pimpels

12.参加一次大的考试take a big exam

13.帮助解决这个问题help with this problem 14.长时间散步take a long walk

15.在公众场合.in public/in a public place 16.做性格调查do a personality survey

17.作演讲,发表演说give a speech /make a speech

18.在全校师生面前.in front of the whole school

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

19.未经允许.without permission 20.拍电影be in a movie

21.和某人成为朋友.be friends with sb 22.感冒.have a cold

23.向?作自我介绍introduce oneself to? 24.等某人做某事wait for sb. to do sth. 25.邀请某人做某事.invite sb. to do sth

26.一点也不.not ?in the slightest/not ?at all 27.令某人生气annoy sb. 28.来到某人身边come to sb. 29.胜过,而不是rather than

30.宁愿?而不愿?would rather do than do 31.整天.all day

32.对某人有信心.have confidence in sb

32.对做某事有信心be confident of doing sth 33.在午餐时间at lunch time

34.英语演讲比赛an English speech contest 35.代表班级参加学校的比赛.represent the class in the school contest 36.在学校的考试中名列前茅 .come top in the school exams 37.让?失望let ?38.想出,想到? up

39.解决问题的办法40. a 45.在某方面有经验46.出版.come out

47.偶然.by accident /by chance

48.用?把?盖住cover sth. With sth. 49.被?覆盖.be covered with ? 50.摔下楼梯fall downstairs 51.急忙去?hurry to? 52.医学救助medical help 53.查明,找出find out

54.把烧伤部位放在凉的流动的水下冲put the burned area under cold running water。 55.与某人相处

.get along (well) with?/get on (well) with? 56.很多的,足够的plenty of ? 57.历史上.in history

58隐藏某物不要某人看见hide sth. from sb. 59.向某人寻求意见ask sb.for advice

Unit 5

1.这本杂志是属于Carla 的。The magazine belongs to Carla./The magazine is Carla’s.

2Hemingwei is 3.古典音乐He might know the 5.Jack must be selling

6.The house can’t belong to that woman. /It is certain that the house isn’t that woman’s.

7.门上的锁The house can’t belong to that woman. /It is certain that the house isn’t that woman’s.

8.这道门的钥匙.the key to the door 9.一串钥匙a set of keys

10.去听音乐会go to the concert

11.听音乐会have a concert/take a concert /listen to a concert

12.举办音乐会. give a concert/hold a concert 13.在音乐会期间during the concert 14.在音乐大厅in the symphony hall

15.在和某人约会.be at one’s appointment 16.和某人有约have an appointment with sb 17.占期末考试的30% make up 30% of the final exam /count 30% to the final exam

18.担心某人.worry about sb/be worried about sb/be anxious about sb

19.“anxious”是什么意思?.What does “anxious” mean?/What’s the meaning of “anxious”?/What do you mean by “anxious” 20.因为?,由于?. .because of /thanks to

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

21.拍电影.make a movie/be in a movie 22.奇怪的生物a strange creature

23.在钟塔一带.in Bell Tower neighborhood 24.在我们四邻in our neighborhood

25.这个女孩刚才发生了什么事?她出了车祸What happened to the girl just now? She had a traffic accident. 26.开玩笑.have fun

27.当地学校的老师the local school teacher 28.在走廊上in the hallway

29.我们学校有一家商店在卖学习用具There is a shop selling school things in our school.。 30.那边有个女孩在哭。

There is a girl crying over there. 31.进窗里来get in the window 32.在她的屋前in front of her house

33.当地动物园的主管the director of the local zoo

34.从?逃跑escape from

Unit 6.


2提醒?3.黄河4.suit sb fine 5.6.对?有害?


8.与?保持距离away from/stay away from

9.意见一致be in agreement 10.附加疑问句.tag question

11.随着音乐跳舞.dance to music

12.跟着音乐唱歌.sing along with music 13.我喜欢我能跟着跳舞的音乐。 .I like music that I can dance to 14.我喜欢我能跟着唱歌的音乐。 I prefer music that I can sing along with 15.我更喜欢演奏各种音乐的音乐家。

I prefer musicians who play different kinds of



What kind of music do you like?

17.你最喜欢的CD的名字是什么? .What’s the name of your favorite CD? 18.你不喜欢这张CD的什么? .What do you dislike about this CD? 19.你觉得这张CD怎么样?

What do you think of this CD?/How do you like this CD ?

20.巴西舞蹈音乐Brazilian dance music 21.


25..be sure to do 26..at the Lido Gallery 27.

.in the world today/in the modern world 28.最著名的中国摄影师之一

one of the best-known Chinese photographers 29.在这次展览中in this exhibition

30.展览on show/on display/on exhibition 31.人物照.photos of people

32.乡村照.photos of the countryside 33.吸引某人的注意.interest sb 34.世界水准,世界级world class

35.无论什么/无论怎样、无论谁、无论哪里 .whatever, however, whoever ,wherever 36.有十分奇怪的名字的音乐组合

.musical groups with pretty strange names 37.看见某人来来去去see sb come and go 38.使我们高兴make us happy 39.去度假.go on vacation

40.没有什么比这更好的了。There’s nothing better.

41.无法忍受.can’t stand

42.使我感到恶心make me feel sick 43.写一封回信给?.write a reply to sb

44.必须坦白的说.have to be honest and say 45.游览的好地方.a good place to visit 46

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

46.民乐音乐会Chinese music concert 47.传统音乐.tradinional music

48.去吃意大利食物.go for Italian food 49.许多不同种类的食物. many different kinds of food

50.我的房东一家.my host family 51.带某人参加印度电影节 take sb to an Indian film festival 52.我只吃味道好的食物。

. I only eat food that tastes good. 53.保持健康.keep healthy/stay healthy 54.一群年轻人a group of young people 55.聚会,碰头(v.).get together 56.聚会(n.) .get-together 57.快餐fast food

58.垃圾食品.junk food

59.炸薯条,炸土豆条French fries 60.健康食品.healthy food 61.实验证明

it’s been found in labo? 62.几种类型的油63.致癌cause cancer

64.增加得癌症的风险risk cancer

65.增加了 66.增加到67.205和。

The 200000 to 50000000.


The main thing is to have a good balance. 71.感叹句an exclamation 72.缩略词.a contraction 73.味道好的食物.tasty food

74.严格的素食主义者.a strict vegetarian 75.油炸食品. fried food 76.在热天on a hot day

Unit 6短语

1、Yellow River 黄河

2、on display展览;陈列 3、remind of 提醒

4、to be honest 老实说;说实在的 5、be bad for 对??有害

6、stay away from 与??保持距离 7、be in agreement 意见一致的 8、barbecued meat烤肉 9、tag question 反意疑问句

10、dance to the music 随着音乐翩翩起舞 11、have great lyrics 有好歌词 12、sing along with 跟唱

13、play /all/some/many kinds of music弹奏不同//种类的音乐

14、write one’写自己的

大声并且有活力 16 充满活力


17、弹奏轻柔典雅18、(1)like sth/ dislike sth 喜欢/不喜欢某物

(2)prefer A to B 比起B来更喜欢A (3)prefer to do A (rather than do B) =would rather do A than do B


19、take sth/ sb to+地点 带某人/某物去某地 20、remind sb of sth 使某人想起某物 21、Brazilian dance music 巴西舞曲 22、Heart String 心弦

learn sth by heart 用心学某物 23、latest movie /book 最近的电影/书 24、over the years 多年来

25、look for entertainments 寻找乐趣 26、have a few good features 有一些优点 27、be sure to do 确定做某事 28、one of? ?之一

29、best known =the most famous 最杰出的 30、in the world today 在当今世界上 31、the best loved sth/sb 最钟爱的人/物 32、photos of people and the countryside / a photo of people and the countryside 人物与乡村风景照

33、interest sb 使某人感兴趣

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

be interested in= take an interest in 对??感兴趣

34、a world class sb/musician 世界级人物/音乐家

35、miss this exhibition 错过展览 36、musical group 乐队 37、pretty strange 十分奇怪 38、come and go 来来去去

39、have lots of energetic 充满活力 40、in the morning 在早上

on Monday morning 在星期一早上 41、have a great time 玩得愉快 42、a good place to visit 一个参观的好地方 43、lucky to be here 很幸运能在这儿

44、six-month English course 六个月的英语课程

45、so much to see and do 许多可以看和可以做的事

46、a Chinese music concert 一个中式音乐会

47、most of?

48、traditional music 49、suit sb fine 50、go for+地点 51、lots of 许多

52、 53、 54、 55、 56、feel sick 57、a movie poster

58、taste 尝起来美味/难吃/甜

59、keep healthy= stay healthy 保持健康 60、a group of young people 一群年青人 61、get together 聚在一起

62、discuss this question 讨论问题 63、be good for 对??有好处 63、be good at=do well in 擅长于?

64、prefer(not)to do sth 更(不)喜欢做某事

65、fast food 快餐 66、take care of 照顾

67、sweet desserts 甜品 68、actually=in fact 实际上

69、in laboratory testing 实验室测验 70、some types of oil 一些种类的油 71、in oil 用油

in ink 用墨水 72、increase the risk of cancer 增大致癌机率 73、the risk of doing sth 做某事的危害 74、even if 即使 75、eat nuts 吃坚果

76、eat a balanced diet 饮食均衡 77、 吃饼干和汉堡包

1.继续.hold on to 2.将来某一天one day/some day 3.别紧张.take it easy 4.希望做某事.hope to do

5.打算做某事.plan on doing sth 6.有许多事情可做lots to do 7.大体上,一般而言.in general

8.数以千计的,许许多多的thousands of 9.尽快地as soon as possible 10.乐意做某事.be willing to do

11.相当多,不少quite a few/not a few /a good few

12.梦想,幻想.dream of /dream about

13.(预言,期望)实现,成为事实.come true 14.在热带丛林中旅行trek through the jungle 15. 在亚马逊河热带丛林中in the Amazon jungle

16.飞越太平洋,航空穿越太平洋fly over the Pacific

17.一个筋疲力尽的人.a tired person 18.一项累人的工作a tiring job 19受过良好教育的well-educated

20.迷人的爱情故事.a fanscinating love story 21.去长途旅行go trekking

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

22.有刺激的假期.an exciting vacation 23.紧张的stressed out 26.on beach 24.在海滩上on the beach

25.尼加拉瓜大瀑布.Niagara Falls 26.埃菲尔铁塔Eiffel Tower

27.巴黎圣母院Notre Dame Cathedral 28.在佛罗里达州in Florida 29.在夏威夷.in Hawaii 30.旧金山.in San Francisco


Why don’t we all go to San Francisco together? It has everything—beautiful views, friendly people, exciting things to do? 32.付款pay for

33.旅游热点,旅游胜地travel spotlight 34.考虑做某事consider doing sth.

35.对于你的下一次假期,为什么不考虑游览巴黎呢?.For your next why not consider visiting Paris?


39.迷人的景40.41.42.brainstorm a list of43.暑期工作44.在旅行社45.去暖和的地方go somewhere warm 46.你想去参观哪里?

where would you like to visit? 47.你想去哪里度假?

.where would you like to go on vacation? 48.我想去一个令人轻松的地方。 I’d love to somewhere relaxing. 49.我希望有一天去法国。. I hope to go to France someday

50.最好做?.It’s best to do?/had better do sth. 51.你能告诉我别的什么吗?

.What else can you tell me? 52.旅行.take a trip 53.提供某物给某人

provide sb with sth./provide sth. for sb.

54.有关?的信息some information on?/about?

58.你介意把门关上吗?不,我马上关。 Would you mind closing the door? Not at all. I’ll do it right away

55.你介意我在这里吸烟吗?请不要吸烟,我在咳嗽Would you mind me/my smoking here?

56.做许多户do lots of outdoor activities


60..this time of year

61.pack some light clothes 62.装一些暖和的衣服.pack some warm clothes


I’d love to sail across the Pacific.

64.(人等)走过沙漠walk across the desert 65.(河流)流过沙漠flow through the desert 66.将来.in the future

67.调查结果the findings of a survey 68.全国各地的几千学生.

thousands of students across China 69.继续做某事

continue doing sth./continue to do sth. 70.上大学go to university 71.根据?according to

72.各种各样的?all kinds of

73.在2008年奥运会上at the 2008 Olympics 74.当导游work as tour guides

75.不太实际的梦想less realistic dreams 76.实现梦想achieve one’s dream

77.接受良好的教育.have a good education 78.梦想是很重要的,坚持你的梦想,也许将来有一天你的梦想就实现了。

.It is very important to dream, so hold on to

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

your dream; one day they may just come true.

Unit 7短语

1.take it easy 从容,轻松

2.Niagara Falls 尼亚加拉大瀑布 3.Eiffel Tower 埃菲尔铁塔

4.Notre Dame Cathedral 巴黎圣母院 5.in general 通常 6.amusement park 游乐园 7.provide with 给...提供

8.as soon as possible=as soon as you can 尽快地

9.come true 实现

10.I'd love to = want to do sth 想要 11.sail across the Pacific 横渡太平洋

12.dream about things = dream of doing sth 梦想做某事

13.the finding of ...的发现

14.hopes and dreams 希望与梦想 15.hang out 闲逛

16.finish your education 18.start work 19.so that 如此...20.provide sth for sb sth 提供...给


电子设计 26.all kinds of dreams 各种梦想 27.to be volunteers 当志愿者

28.the 2008 Olympics 2008年奥运会 29.go to the moon 登月

30.one day = some day 总有一天 31.be willing to do 愿意做某事 32.achieve one's dreams 实现梦想 33.have similar hopes 有相同的梦想 34.find a good job 找到一个好工作 35.hold on 坚持

36.travel posters 旅游景点海报

37.go on a vacation 去渡假 38.go trekking 徒步旅行

39.trek through the jungle 徒步穿过热带雨林 40.go/walk through the park 穿过公园 41.relax on a beach 去海滩渡假 42.beautiful views 漂亮的风景 43.pay for 付钱

44.interests of places 名胜古迹 45.be stressed out 紧张

46.Amazon Jungle 亚马逊丛林 47.consider doing sth 考虑做某事



欧洲最 奇妙的景色

of most famous churches in the world 世界上最著名的教堂之一 53.in the church 在教堂

54.underground train = subway地铁

55.an expensive place 一个高消费的地方 56.travel with someone 与某人一起旅行 57.translate things for sb 为某人翻译事情 58.pack light clothes 打包轻的衣服

59.have lots of wonderful sights 有一些美丽的风景

60.go out for half an hour 出去半小时 61.answer the phone 接电话 62.call people back 回电

63.out of the office 不在办公室

64.get some information 得到一些信息 65.find out 查明

66.vacation packages 旅行指南

67.go on a nature tour 去亲近大自然的旅行 68.have a great whale watch tour 举行一次大型亲近鲸的旅游

69.depend on 取决于;依赖

70.advertisement for vacations 假日广告 71.visit Hollywood 参观好莱坞 72.take a trip = have a trip 去郊游 73.in the east of China 在中国东部

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

74.cook one's own meals = cook meals by oneself 自己煮饭

75.save money 存钱

76.give me some suggestions for vacation spots 给我一些旅游景点好提议 77.be away 离开

78.cook Beijing Duck 做北京烤鸭

79.stay in an inexpensive hotel 住在便宜的旅馆

80.how far 多远

81.botanical park 植物园

. Unit8. I’ll help clean up the city parks. 1.在户外工作或去外面工作.work outside 2.清理,打扫clean up

3.帮助做某事help to do sth

4.帮助某人做某事.help sb.do sth./help sb. to do sth./help sb.with sth.

5.分发,发放6.7.生病的孩子8.在课后学习活动中.in program

9.清洁日10.想出11.12.Clean-Up Day is only weeks 13.写下来14.张贴.put up

15.打电话给?.call up sb.=call sb.=phone sb.=ring up sb.

16.成立,建立.set up/establish/start 17.自愿做某事volunteer to do sth.

18.自愿用?做某事volunteer sth. to do sth.(eg. They volunteer their time to help people.)

19.花某人?时间做某事.It takes sb. some time to do sth./ sb. take some time to do sth./sb. spend time doing/in doing/ on sth.

20.某事花费某人?时间.sth. takes sb. some time.

21.使?充分发挥作用,好好利用?.put sth. to good use

22.没有充分利用?,滥用?.put sth. to bad use

23.小学.elementary school /primary school 24.初中junior high school (美)junior middle school(英)

25.高中senior high school(美) senior middle school


27.不但,而且.not only?but also?(eg.1.Not only we students also the teacher likes算出,制定出work out

33.建一个笔友网站make a pen pal website 34.闲逛.hang out 35.谢谢某人.thank sb

36.因?而谢谢某人.thank sb. for sth./doing sth 37.感激某事appreciate sth.

38.帮助某人摆脱困境.help sb. out 39.马上at once/ right away 40.寄(送)给某人某物send sb.sth./ send sth. to sb.


42.无家可归的人们.homeless people 43.是?的家be home to ?

44.极大的奉献a major commitment

45.在课后管理中心.in the after-school care center

46.热线直播中心a call-in center 47.残疾人.disabled people 48.动物助手Animal Helpers

Unit 8短语

1.chean up 打扫干净 2.chear up 使振奋

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

3.give out 分发 4.put off 推迟 5.set up 建立

6.think up sth 想出

7.look after =take care of =care for 照顾 8.fix up=repair sth 修理 9.give away 赠送

10.put up = put sth on the wall 在墙上张贴某物

11.hand out 分发

12.work out fine 结局很好 13.at once 马上

14.part of speech 词性

15.work outside 在外工作

16.help homeless people 帮助无家可归的人 17.chear up sb 使某人振奋 18.give/hand out sth 分发某物 19.help sb with sth 帮助某人某事 20.come up with a plan 提出一个计划 21.put up sth/advertisements 22.put off sth/making a plan 23.write down sth 24.set up a food bank 25.call sb up 26.put sth to use

t have any more sth

花时间做某事 31.tell sb about sth

32.donate sth to sb =give away sth. to sb 向某人赠送某物

33.be hungry 饥饿的 34.feel lucky 感到幸运

35.a major/great commitment 一个重大奉献 36.at the elementary school 在小学

37.become/be a veterinarian 成为一名兽医 38.coach a football team for sb 为某人训练一支足球队

39.help disabled people 帮助残疾人 blind/deaf people 盲人/聋人

40.It’s one’s pleasure to do sth 很乐意做某事

41.be able/unable to do sth 可能/不能做某事 42.shut up 闭嘴

43.support sb 支持某人 44.appreciate sb 感激某人 45. Volunteer Day 志愿日 Clean-up Day 清洁日

46.not only ?but also? 不仅?而且? 47.be home to ?.的家

volunteer to do sth 志愿做某事 49.each of them 50.plan to do sth

一个职业歌手 志愿项目 交一个网友 运动俱乐部

某人的一张照片 58.send sth to sb 送某人某物 59.make it possible 使?成为可能 60.fill sth with sth 使?充满? 61.face the challenge 面对挑战 62.ues one’s arm well 很好的使用某人认的手

63.answer the telephone 接电话 64.open/shut doors 开/关门 65.carry sth 搬运某物

66.be difficult for sb 对某人来说很困难 67.bring home 带回家

68.get a specially trained dog 得到一只特别训练的狗

69.because of 因为

70.kind donation 慈善募捐 71.train to do sth 训练做某事

72.understand different instructions 明白不同的指示

73.fetch one’s book 取来某人的书 74.be used to do 被用于做某事 75.an amazing dog 一只迷人的狗

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)


1.这是什么?.What’s this ?是冰淇淋加热勺。It’s a heated ice cream scoop.它是用来做什么的?What’s it used for?是用来加热冰淇淋的。It’s used for scooping cold ice cream 它是由谁发明的?Who was it invented ?是由Chelsea发明的。It was invented by Chelsea.它是何时被发明的?When was it invented ?是去年被发明的。It was invented last year . 2.这些是什么? What are these ?它们是电池控制的拖鞋。They are battery-operated slippers它们是用来做什么的?What were they used for ?是用来在黑暗中照明的。They were used for seeing in the dark它们是由谁发明的?Who were they invented by ?是由Julie发明的。They were invented by Julie.它们是何时被发明的?When were they invented ?是1980发明的。They were invented in 1980.

3。最有用的发明the most useful invention 4.最令人讨厌的发明.the invention

5.由于错误.by mistake

6..使顾客高兴7.8.把?撒到?上9.10.11.根据一说to an ancient legend

12.超过,多余13.烧开水14.把?分成?divide into?

15.产生一种令人愉悦的香味produce a pleasant smell

16.这样,用这种方法in this way 17.周游中国travel around China 1 18.与?相撞knock into sb 19. 掉进?fall into ? 20.跌倒,摔倒fall down 21.从?掉下fall off ? 22.爱上?fall in love with?

23.投篮球get a ball into the basket 24.一张掉在铁圈下的网

a net hanging from a l hoop

25.从篮下投球shoot from below the basket 26.引导?进入?guide ?into? 27.朝篮球场的一端运动

move towards one end of the court 28.传球.throw the ball to each other 29.自那时起since then 30?.的数目the number of 31.许多?_ a number of

32.梦想做某事dream of doing sth. 33.微波炉.microwave oven


40. 41.42.尝起来味道好.taste good/nice/delicious 43.尝一尝(某物) have a taste (of sth) 44.尝某物taste sth

45.有鸡的味道taste of chicken 46.酸的味道the sour taste

47.在六世纪in the sixth century 48.在一九九几年.in 1990s

49.在他20几岁时.in his twenties

50.一百年多一点a little over a hundred years old

51.出生于?be born in /on?

52.在长长的冬季期间during the long winters 53.据说it is believed that ?. /it is said that ? 54.个人电脑personal computer 55.上上下下up and down 56.心情不好in a bad mood

57.告诉某人关于某事tell sb about sth.

Unit 9短语

1.be used for 用来做 2.light bulb 电灯泡

3.microwave oven 微波炉 4.by mistake 错误的

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

5.by accident 偶然意外 6.fall into 落入 7.in this way 这样

8.knock into sb 撞上某人 9.invent sth 发明某物

be (was/were) invented by sb 被某人发明 the most helpful invention 最有用的发明 10.be used for doing=be used to do sth 用来做某事

used to 过去常常

be used to doing sth 习惯做某事 use up 用光

the use of sth 某物的用途 11.scoop ice cream 舀冰淇淋

heated ice cream scoop 加热冰淇淋的勺子

12.shoes with adjustable heels 带有可调整后跟的鞋

shoes with high heels 高跟鞋

13.battery--operated 用电池操作的拖鞋

operate on sb

14.do sth by mistake / 15.sprinkle salt on sth 16.an ancient 国传说

18.produce sth be produced 19.pie plate 20.throw flying disk 扔飞碟 throw sth 扔某物

throw sth away 把某物扔掉 throw sth about 到处乱扔某物 throw sth to sb 扔给某人

21.one hundred years=one century 一百年;一世纪

early in the 21st century 在21世纪初 22.including sth 包括某事 23.create sth 创造某物 24.be made from 由...制成

be made of 由...制成

25.on a hard wooden floor在一个坚硬的木制地板上

26. knock at the door 敲门

27.divide sth into 把...分成...部分 28.the aim of sth ...的目标

29.get/throw a ball into the basket 把球投入篮筐

a basket of apples 一篮苹果 30.a metal hoop 一个金属环 31.be shot 被射死 32.tour guide

朝...方向移动/跑 ...的流行


Basketball Association

用...来装备 39.in 1891 在1891年

in the 1891s 在19世纪90年代 40.have a history class 上一节历史课 41.a friend of mine 我的一个朋友

some partners of mine 我的一些伙伴 42.hand--held calculators 手提计算器 43.play indoors 在户内玩 ate a game 发明一种游戏 45.the safety of ...的安全 46.fall down 跌倒

47.It's believed that 人们相信 It's heard that 人们听说 It's said that 据说

It's thought that 人们认为 48.travel around China 游览中国 49.since then 自从那以后 50.notice sth 注意某物 51.the number of ...的数字 a number of sth 许多

52.dream about of doing sth 梦想做某事

53.much-loved and active sport 深受人们喜爱的运动

54.a doctor called/named? 一个叫...的

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)


55.be born in /on 出生于

56.the first basketball game in history 历史上第一场篮球赛 57.take park in 参加

58.in the dark 在黑暗中

59.change the style of sth 改变...的风格 60.from casual to dressy 从休闲到正式 61.in a bad mood =be moody 心情糟糕 62.not...until 直到...才 63.be discovered 被发现

64.oven on open fire 在篝火上的炉

Unit 10 By the time I got outside the bus had already left.

1.到?的时候 by the time 2.淋浴take a shower 3.进浴室get in the shower

4.从浴室出来5.把?忘在家里 6.发出响声go off 7.迅速离开run off

8.捎某人一程9.停止运转、出故障10.出席、露面11. 12.13.卖完,售完 14.结婚15.一片,一块16.到他起床的时候,. By the time he got up ,his brother had already gotten in the shower

17.到他进教室的时候,老师已经开始讲课了。By the time he got to class, the teacher had already started teaching. 18.为这个故事编个结尾.

make up an ending for the story 19.和某人分享?share ?with? 20.等候某人wait for ?

21.出来,花开,出版come out 22.准时on time

23.及时in time

24.经过,路过come by 25.成功make it

26.穿衣服get dressed

27.邀请某人做某事invite sb . to 28.化装舞会a costume party 29.熬夜stay up /sit up


What happened to Dave on April Fool’s Day ? 31近几年中国发生了巨大的变化Great changes have taken place in China in the last years.

32.在?着陆33.37.? and?

38.play a joke on sb. 39.a piece of paper

Unit 10短语

1.by the time 到…时候 2.go off 闹铃响

3.run off/run away 跑掉;离开 4.on time 准时 5.break down 损坏 6.show up 出席;露面 7.pril Fool's Day 愚人节 8.set off 激起 引起 9.get married 结婚 10.a piece of 一片;块

11.Qomolangma Mountain 珠穆朗玛峰 12.by mistake 错误的,失误的 by the time 到...时候

13.He often oversleeps 他经常睡过头

14.The alarm clock went off just now. 刚才闹钟响了

15.rush at sb 朝某人冲奔 rush out of 冲出?地方 16.on time 准时 in time 及时

17.The door is locked 门被锁上了

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

18.break out 爆发火灾/能量

19.feel/be/get exhausted=feel stressed out 筋疲力尽

20.announce sth / that从句 宣布某事 21.convince sb of sth 使某人相信某事 22.set off 激起

set off=set out 出发/起程

23.reveal a hoax 揭露一个谎言 24. flee from + 地点 从某地逃离 flee away 逃离/逃跑

25.marry sb=get/be married to sb 和某人结婚

26.ask sb to marry sb 向某人求婚 27.in one's forties 在某人的四十多岁 28.have a happy ending 有个美好的结局 have a sad ending 有个悲伤的结局 29.feel embarrassed 感觉尴尬

an embarrassing thing 一件尴尬的事 30.get up 起床 31.fall asleep 睡着

32.look stressed out 33.have a bad morning 34.first of all 首先

35.get in the =go 洗澡

38.no wonder

跑回学校 40.get outside 41.get to school 到达学校

42.leave one's sth at +地点 把某人的某物落在某地

43.make it (to sth) 来的及某事 44.be late for school 上学迟到 45.come very close 来的非常紧凑 be close to sb 与某人亲密 46.wait for sb 等待某人 47.come out 出版/出来 48.run off to 迅速离开去 49.start doing sth 开始做某事

50.in one's car=by car 乘车

51.give sb a ride 顺便载某人一程 52.the final bell 最后的铃声

53.invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事 54.stay up late 熬夜到很迟 55.April Fool 傻瓜

56.costume party 服装派对 57.fool sb 愚弄某人

58.happen to sb 发生在某人身上

59.change the clock to an hour earlier 调整闹钟提前一个小时

熬夜学习 ? 如此确信以致于? 成千上万

whole country 遍及整个城市

67.in England 在英格兰 68.no more 不再

69.stop doing sth 停止做某事

70.run to the local supermarket 跑去当地的超市

71.across the country 整个城市 72.TV star 电视明星

73.invit sb onto one's show 邀请某人上某人的节目

74.be thrilled 非常兴奋 75.want to do sth 想做某事

76.lose both A and B 失去A和B

Unit 11短语

1. hang out 闲荡 2. water slide 水滑道 3. dress up 盛装

4. buy/sell shampoo 买/卖香波 5. drugstore/book store 药店/书店 furniture store 家具店 music store 音乐吧

6. department store 百货商场

7. Chinese Education Department =the

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九年级新目标英语短语和重要句型归纳(Unit 1-10)

Education Department of China 中国教育部 8. hang out with sb 和某人闲逛

9. fresh air /milk/meat 新鲜空气/牛奶/肉 10. be uncrowded/crowded 不拥挤/拥挤 11. dress up 装饰

get dressed 穿衣服

dress oneself 给自己穿衣服

12. lend sb sth=lend sth to sb 借给某人某物 borrow sth from sb 向某人借某物 13. no parking 不要停车 14. no wonder 难怪

15. have some trouble (in) doing sth 做某事有困难

take some trouble to sb =take sb some trouble 给某人添麻烦 16. offend sb 冒犯某人 17. hand out=give out 分发

18. buy some stamps 买一些邮票 19. post office 邮电局

20. on Center Street 21. on Main Street come by=go by

24.save money

next to in front of (in the front of (内部) across from

走出前门 28.take a right=turn right 向右转

walk about three blocks 走大约三个街区 29.in Watertown 在水镇 30.take a vacation 度假

31.the world’s largest water slide 世界最大的水滑道

32.rock band 摇滚乐队

33.dress up as clowns 打扮成小丑 34.both ?and? ?与?都 35.take dance lessons 上舞蹈课 36.on the beach 在沙滩

37.Sports Museum 体育博物馆 Science Museum 科学博物馆 History Museum 历史博物馆 38.exchange A for B 用A换B

39. take the escalator to the second floor乘电梯去二楼

40 look for 寻找 look at 朝?看

41. go straight ahead 一直往前走 go up/down 向下/上走

42. at the corner of 在?的角落

寻求信息/帮助 44. be common be necessary

参观外国 同样的提问 有礼貌



51. talk with sb 与某人谈话 52. depend on 取决于

53.speak/say to 与??讲话 54. on the other hand 另一方面 55. a direct order 一个直接引语 56.lead in to a question 引入一个问题 58.be sorry to do 遗憾做?

59.It seems that从句? 看起来像 60.in a way 在一方面

61.in order (not) to do 为了(不)做某事 63.language etiquette 语言礼节 64. hand in 上交

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