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1. vacation== holiday; on vacation 度假;have two days off 请两天假;take a vacation 度

假;be on vacation 在度假(表示状态)

注意:be on和begin;be back 和come back;be dead 和die之间的区别;

2. while 和when之间的区别。



Eg,while I was mending my bike,jim came to see me。It was raining when we arrived。(此句就不能用while)

3. on,in,at后接时间时的区别(顺口溜记忆和复习);

in, after 后接时间时的区别。

at 和in后接地点时的区别;to,in,on后接地理位置时的区别。

4. get,become,go,grow,turn,seem,sound,look,smell,taste是半系动词,后面都



注意:sell,write,wash这几个词后面可以直接接副词。Sth Sell well 畅销;sth write well书写流畅;

5. 在英语当中,当三种人称代词同时作主语时,先后排列顺序通常是二、三、一 即you,


6. 注意:1)until用在肯定句中,意为“直到…时”,指某一动作或者状态一直延续到until

后面的词语所表示的时间为止,此时主句的谓语动词是延续性动词。Eg,he ran until he was breathless.

2)until用在否定句中,即not…until…直到…才…=== not…before… ;

7. as soon as 意为“一…就…”;引导时间状语从句,

若要表达将要发生的事情时,主句将来时,从句用一般现在时代替将来时,即主将从现。If也是用“主将从现”的结构;when (当…时候)用在将来时中时,也是这个类似的



8. 1)however作副词,意为“无论如何,不管怎样”== no matter how;

eg,however he tries, he never seems able to work best.

2) however做连词,意为“但是,可是”eg,it is raining hard。 However,I think we should go out。

注意:however;but;though;in spite of;之间的区别。

9. all over China== all around China 遍布全国

10. depend on 依靠,信任,相信,依…而定;

11. promise to do sth; promise not to do sth;

12. have fun == enjoy oneself, have a good time 玩得高兴

have fun (in)doing sth高兴地做某事;have trouble (in )doing sth;做某事有困难; be busy (in)doing sth忙于做某事;spend time in doing sth 花费时间做某事;

waste time in doing sth浪费时间做某事;stop sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事; 注意:fun和funny之间的区别;

13. write down,记下,写下;当其宾语是名词时,可以放在两词之间也可以放在两词之后;

当其宾语是代词时,必须放在两词之间。Eg,I want to write down what you just said。

14. help …out 帮助...解决困难;

15. a list of 一列,一栏。

16. So it doesn’t matter how they celebrate;


有的时候是that从句作真正的主语;it is right that you came here on time;

有的时候是to do不定式做真正的主语,it is difficult for me to answer this question。

17. it is time to do sth 是该做某事的时候了

It is time for sth 某事时间到了it is time for lunch。注意:What did you have for lunch?

18. prefer A to B==like A better than B,比起B更喜欢A;

prefer doing A to doing B 比起B更喜欢做A事情;

19. it is better to do sth 做某事更好一些;其中it是形式主语,真正的主语是后面的不定式。

20. in New York there are many people who came from Ireland;这是一个定语从句;总结和复


21. since用法总结;(主句用现在完成时,从句用过去式)

1) 现在完成时+ since+ 过去式句子;

2) 现在完成时+since+过去时间点(如:since three years ago);

3) It is + 时间段+ since+过去式句子/ 过去时间点;


22. Einstein, the famous scientist, was born ______March, 1892.

A in B at C on D to

21. I am waiting for my friend. ______, I will go shopping alone.

A if she comes B if she will come C if she doesn’t come D if she didn’t come

22. -----when will the party be held?

-----______two weeks’ time, ______15th July.

A in; on B in; in C on; on D in; at

23. Samaranch was born ______17 July 1920 and die of heart disease(心脏病) ______21 April 2010.

A on; on B in; on C to; on D in; in

24. ----where is the comic book?

----I brought it to you ______you were in the reading room yesterday.

A when B if C because D before

25. while I ______a Jingjiang Evening Paper in the sitting room, the telephone rang.

A was reading B read C is reading D had read

26. “Simon, I am going to Beijing with my parents tomorrow.” “______”

A have fun B best wishes C never mind D cheer up

27. try to give its meaning when you meet a new word. Don’t ______your dictionary all the time.

A work on B take on C keep on D depend on

28. we went to Hainan Island on May Day and had great fun ______in the sea.

A surf B surfs C surfing D surfed

29. I promised ______ him with his English.

A help B to help C helping

30. Do you know the man ______John?

A name B call C called D names

31. I have something to tell you. Please ______.

A write it down B write them down C write down it D write them down

32. the lights will stay off for one hour for an event ______(call) Earth Hour(地球一小时)。

33. Do you know the brave boy______ saved several classmates in the earthquake?

A who B what C which D whom

34. the men who ______(sit) in the front are Mary’s uncles.

35. she will have a holiday as soon as she ______the work next week.

A finishes B doesn’t finish C will finish

36. ______their father came home, the children stopped playing computer games.

A until B while C as soon as

37. ______he was swimming in the pool, it began to rain.

A while B before C after

38. I ______my homework while my parents ______TV at 9:00 last night.

A did; have watching B was doing; were watching C would do; were watching

39. Don’t get off the bus______ it has stopped.

A until B if C to D for

40. Don’t forget to call me when you ______(get) Shanghai tomorrow.

41. I am waiting my sister. I won’t go to see my uncle until ______.

A she comes B she will come C she doesn’t come

42. Tom will call me as soon as he ______home.

A gets B has got C got D will get

43. Be sure to let tom know the notice as soon as he ______.

A will arrive B was arriving C arrives D arrived

44. ----where was your brother at this time last night?

----he was writing an e-mail ______I was watching TV at home.

A as soon as B after C until D while

45. we won’t start the meeting ______our teacher arrives. A though B until C while

D or

46. “ a new baby came to the earth ______ a sunny winter morning.” “how nice!” A in B on

C of D at

47. he will come here right away ______he hears the news. A so B as soon as C because D though

48. ______he is only 8 years old, he knows more about science than his father.

A but B though C so D because

49. I’m sorry. I started eating before you got here______ I was terribly hungry.

A so B since then C because D so that

50. colors can change our moods and make us ______happy or sad, energetic or sleepy.

A to feel B feeling C felt D feel

51. don’t be afraid of asking for information ______it is needed. A when B after C although D unless

52. Rose likes music ______ is quiet and gentle. A when B that C where D who 对划线部分替换)

A few B lots of C some D many

54. my grandfather was ______old ______he didn’t go to work.

A too; to B so; that C not only; but also D either; or

55. everyone in our class ______.

A enjoys to swim B enjoys swimming C enjoy swimming

56. I would like ______a glass of water. A drink B to drink C drinking D drank

57. my cat was running ______I came back home. A when B so C while D then

58. I haven’t heard from Bill ______he left here. A when B before C since D while

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