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第一部分 听力部分(共20分)



( )1. How did Tom go to work today ?

A. B. C.

( ) 2. What animal does John like best ? A.

B. C.

( ) 3. What does Ann’s father do ? A.

B. C.

( ) 4. Where did the woman go last summer ? A.

B. C.

( ) 5. What are they talking about?







) 6. When will the match start ?

A. At 1:30 . B. At 1:45 . C. At 2:00 .

( ) 7. Who are they going to play with ?

A. With soldiers. B. With friends . C. With classmates .


( ) 8. Why does the girl feel nervous before going to Switzerland ?

A. Because she doesn’t know the language .

B. Because she has never been abroad .

C. Because she doesn’t know the culture there .

( ) 9. What are famous in Switzerland ?

A. Watches . B. Time . C. Culture .

( ) 10. What should the girl do if she goes to a party in Switzerland ?

A. She can’t be late .

B. She should buy a present.

C. She should take some flowers .


( ) 11. A. Friendship Day . B. Thanksgiving Day . C. Christmas Day .

( ) 12. A. In the UK . B. In the US . C. In China .

( ) 13. A. The first Sunday of August . B. The first Sunday of May . C. On Sunday every month .

( ) 14. A. Parents . B. Teachers . C. Friends .

( ) 15. A. In only one way. B. In the same way. C. In many different ways .

第二部分 笔试部分(共80分)

二、单项填空 (本题有10小题,每小题1分,共10分)


( ) 16.The boy with ________ unusual face said that he had ______ useful machine at home.

A. a ; a B. a ; an C. an ; a D. an ; an

( ) 17. They ______ home _______ the night of April 7, 2002.

A. got ; in B. reached ; on C. arrived ; in D.arrived at ; on

( ) 18. She’ll keep healthy if she __________________ enough exercise.

A. will take B. took C. takes D. to take

( ) 19. He wanted to know ________________________ here.

A. how long you have been C. how long had you been

C. whether Mr Green is D. when Mr Green left

( ) 20. ________ there is going to ______ a basketball match this afternoon, _______ I won’t

go to watch it because I’m very busy.

A. Though; be; but B. Though ; be ; / C./ ;have ; but D.Though; have; /

( ) 21. The room is not _________ to hold so many people.

A. too large B.enough big C. big enough D. larger enough

( ) 22. --Would you please_____________ loudly? We can’t hear you.

A. to speak B. speak C. to say D.say

( ) 23. --Why didn’t you come and open the door for me, dear?

--Sorry, Jack. I _____ in the kitchen and didn’t hear you.

A. was cooking B. am cooking C. have cooked D. will cook

( ) 24. His paintings aren’t as ___________ as mine.

A. badly B. better C. good D. well

( ) 25. ----- Would you like a hand to clean the window ?

----- ___________________________

A. Great! B.You are welcome.

C. Wow! It’s amazing! D. It doesn’t matter.

三、完形填空 (本小题有15小题,每小题1分,共15分)

阅读下面短文,掌握大意,然后从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。 Are you interested in the moon? It looks so beautiful in the sky at night. People have looked at the moon and written poems about it for years, but nobody expected to go there 1961 when Yuri Gagarin made the first manned space flight.

Then the Americans decided a man to the moon. Apollo 11 took off on 16 July, 1969. The moon is 238,900 miles Earth and the journey took the astronauts about four to get there. On 21 July, Neil Armstrong on the moon and became the first man to walk on the moon. Armstrong took some on the moon. They show people the moon and walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin. 1969 and 1972, and 12 people have walked on the moon. We've learnt about the moon because of these missions. , we know that there's no life there and has ever lived on the moon. and dangerous place to live. Would you like to live on the moon?

( ) 26. A. many thousand of B. many thousands of

C. many thousands D. many thousand

( ) 27. A. in B. on C. until D. from

( ) 28. A. send B. to send C. sending D. sent

( ) 29. A. far B. away C. far from D. away from

( ) 30. A. hours B. days C. weeks D. years

( ) 31. A. landed B. land C. took off D. take off

( ) 32. A. stones B. rocks C. water D. photos

( ) 33. A. first B. second C. the first D. the second

( ) 34. A. between B. in C. among D. on

( ) 35. A. little B. few C. a few D. a lot

( ) 36. A. For example B. Such as C. Like D. in addition to

( ) 37. A. nothing B. something C. anything D. everything

( ) 38. A. So B. Because C. But D. Since

( ) 39. A. Study B. Life C. Work D. Rest

( ) 40. A. difficult B. easy C. interesting D. good




Thomas Barnardo was born in Ireland in 1845. He was not very successful at school, but he wanted to help people. He moved to London and started to study medicine. London was full of poor children. Barnardo decided to help and opened schools for these children. The schools were popular. Later, he opened homes for the children without parents.

In 40 years he raised £3,250,000. Barnardo made friends with rich and important people, he wrote letters and made speeches(演说). He started a club for Young Helpers with 34,000 members who raised money for the poor children. He also sold photos of children before and after they got help. These pictures made his work famous and showed people the poor children had better lives because of their money.

Barnardo was so busy that he did not become a doctor until 1876. His next idea was to pay people to take care of homeless children and made the children have families. He helped many children go to Canada and Australia to live with their “new” parents (but not everyone thought this was a good idea). When Barnardo died in 1905, he had helped thousands and thousands of people and made their lives happier.

( )41. Which of the following is right?

A. Barnardo was a good student.

B. Barnardo moved to London to help the poor children.

C. Barnardo opened only schools for the poor children.

D. Barnardo thought it was better for the children to be in ordinary(普通) people's houses than to be in his homes.

( ) 42. Barnardo became a doctor when he was ____________.

A. 30 B. 31 C. 32 D. 33

( )43. Barnardo made friends with rich and important people because he ___________.

A. liked rich and important people.

B. could raise more money for the poor children.

C. needed their help himself.

D. wanted to write letters to them and make speeches for them

( )44. Barnardo sold photos of the children because ____________.

A. they could only show something about the children before they got help.

B. they could only show something about the children after they got help.

C. they could show something about the children before and after they got help.

D. they could show something about the helpers.

( )45. What can you learn from Barnardo?

A. We can learn some ways of making money.

B. We should open some schools for the poor children.

C. We should open homes for the poor children.

D. We should be kind and try our best to help others.


( )46. You can have dinner in Karma at _______________.

A. 10:30 B. 13:00 C. 16:00 D. 20:30

( ) 47. ________________ will tell you more information about the basketball match.

A. John Smith B. Tommy Brown C. Paul Burton D.Tonny Wang

( ) 48. ________________ can’t be allowed to go dancing in Layla’s Disco.

A. A 30-year-old worker B. A 40-year-old doctor

C. A 22-year-old manager D. A 15-year-old student

( ) 49. If you want to go to the Layla’s Disco, you can’t go there on _______________.

A. Sunday B. Saturday C. Monday D. Friday

( ) 50. Which of the following food can you have at Karma? _______________.

A. Chicken. B. Tomato. C. Fish. D. Beef.


Germs(细菌) are everywhere. You can’t see them, but they are on your desk, on your computer, and even in the air!

Like people, germs move around the world. They fly with us on planes. When food, clothes, and other things travel around the world, germs travel, too. Some germs are safe, but some are dangerous. Germs cause illnesses like colds and the flu.

Warmer Weather Brings Germs

The world’s weather is changing. Cooler countries are getting warmer, so insects from hot germs cause headaches, fever, and can even kill people.

Under Your Skin

Your skin protects you from germs. It stops some germs, but not all. They can enter your body when you eat, or when you have a cut. Germs are on your hands, too. They enter your body when you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Fighting Germs

Your immune system(免疫系统) protects you, too. When germs get inside your body, your

immune system finds and kills them. Special cells(细胞) move around your body and fight germs. They help you stay healthy. Other cells make antibodies. Antibodies help your body find and stop germs.

What can you do to fight germs? You should wash your hands with soap and water. Soap kills many germs, and water washes them away.

( ) 51. The underlined word “there” refers to ______.

A. cooler countries B. hot countries C. everywhere D. the world

( ) 52 Which of the following is right according to the text?

A. All germs are dangerous. B. There are more germs in cold places.

C. Soap can kill all germs. D. Germs can get into your body.

( ) 53. What do antibodies do?

A. They kill germs and wash them away. B. They find and develop germs.

C. They help protect us from germs. D. They carry dangerous germs.

( ) 54. Which can be the best title for this text?

A. Germs Are Everywhere B. Weather Is Changing

C. Skin Stops Germs D. Germs Are Developed

( ) 55. Where can you see the passage?

A. A magazine B. A novel C. A diary D. A notebook



Now some women are spending a weekend at Mother’s camp. They have (56)__________ (拒绝) their husbands and children to join it .Why would a woman want to take a vacation on her

(57)__________ (单独) ? These working women say they always give all their time to

(58)__________ (收拾) up their houses and looking after their families, so they want to spend some time (59) __________ (休息). At Mother’s Camp they aren’t (60) ___________ (苦恼) about the housework any more. They enjoy warm, sunny weather, lying on the grass, flying kites or boating in a lake. They have a really wonderful vacation at Mother’s Camp.


62. My Chinese teacher always _____________ me to read more books.

63. Please ask the girl to write her _____________ information in the form and hand it in in time.

64. There’s lots of _______________ in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean..

65. The doctors have found out some new treatments for the disease _______________ .


66. 随着社会的发展,人们物质生活水平的提高,汽车作为代步工具已步入千家万户。 在上周的班会上,同学们就使用汽车出行的优缺点进行了讨论。请根据下表,用英语短文的形式,总结讨论结果并发表你自己的观点。




Is it good or bad to travel by car? Last Friday, we had a discussion about it at the class meeting.




1.一How do you usually go to work, Tom?

一On foot, But I went to work by car today.

2.一Do you like the lion, John?

一Yes, but I like the monkey best.

3.一What does your father do, Ann?

一Just guess. He often catches some bad men.

4.--- Last summer I went to Hainan island.

--- Oh, that’s a wonderful place to go.

5.一Here’s a present for you.

一Oh, I’m looking forward to Haibao for a long time.



M: What time does our football match start on Sunday?

W: The game begins at 2:00.

M: Cool! Who are we going to play with?

W: A team of soldiers, surprised?

M: Wow, they must be very strong and have excellent foot skills.

W: Maybe. But soldiers usually give a good game.

M: I’ll try my best.

W: Don’t hurt your feet these days.

M: Don’t worry. See you then.


W: I’m going to Switzerland, but I am a little nervous.

M: Why are you nervous?

W: Because I don’t know the culture there.

M: Take it easy!I’m glad to tell you what you should do. Above all , don’t be late! Being on time is very important there, because they care about time.

W: I know their watches are very famous.

M: I’d like to buy such a famous watch for my father as a Father’s Day present.

W: That’s a nice idea.


Friendship Day celebrations take place on the first Sunday of August every year. It began in US in 1935. Today, many countries celebrate it. On this day people spend time with their friends and express love for them. There’re many different celebration ideas.

Write a nice card for your friends. Buy or make them a small present such as flowers, a cake. Plan a special day with your best friend or friendship group. A picnic is always a fun idea.

Send your friends a Happy Friendship Day greeting online to tell your friends how special

they are.

一、听力答案 1-5 CCAAB 6-10 CACAA 11-15 ABACC

二、单项填空 16-20 CBCDB 21-25 CBACA

三、完型填空 26-30 BCBDB 31-35 ADDAD 36-40 AACBA

四、阅读理解 41-45 DBBCD 46-50 CCDAB 51-55 ADCAA

五、词汇运用 56. refused 57. own 58. tidying 59. off 60. worried

61. yourselves 62. advises 63. personal 64. action 65. successfully


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