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1.popular songs?

A.sing B.singing C.to sing D.sing

2. Please look after your .

A.health,health B.healthy,healthy C.health,healthy D.healthy,health

3. It?s timeour class,now.

A.begin B.to begin C.for beginning D.to beginning

4.“60% of students like reading English books.”means“

A. All B.Most C.Some D.No

5. Mrs Green doesn?t come to the party.She has to A. look at B.look for C.look like D.look after


A. eats B.eat C.to eating D.to eat

7. He doesn?t stop workingly hard-working.

A.so B.because C.although D.but

A.much too,too much B.too much,much too

C.too much,too much D.much too,much too

A.something B.anything C.improving D.everything

my English?

A.to improve B.improve C.improving D.improved

A.every evening at every evening C.every evenings D.today evening

A.in B.at C.for D.about

A.a,the B.the,the C.the,a

out of the window.

A.looks B.sees C.is looking D.is seeing


A.in B.at C.to D.for


Henry is very fat.He can?t walk fast for a long time and he often feels tired. He wantsand runs in the afternoon.Now be is thinner than before.

Henry?s cousin,Susan,is healthier16.A.thin B.to thin C.to get thin D.to get fat

17.A.many B.much C.few D.little

18.A.water B.fruit C.sugar D.vegetables

19.A.be B.make C.give D.bring

20.A.an exercise B.exercises C.some exercise D.some exercises

21.A.swims B.swim C.swimming D.to swim

22.A.as B.of C.to D.than

23.A.himself B.herself C.self D.themselves

24.A.do B.did C.doing D.does

25.A.healthier B.health C.healthy D.healthiest



Maggie was 27 years old and she was a nurse.She was very kind,and all her patients liked her very much.

One day she was out shopping when she saw an old woman waiting to cross a busy street All.

Maggie wanted to cross the street,too,so she went over to help the woman.When Maggie was near her,she suddenly laughed and said,“Mrs Herman.You were my patient in the hospital last year!”

Mrs Herman was very pleased to see her.

“I?ll help you cross the street,Mrs Herman,”Maggie said.

“Oh,thank you very much,Maggie,”Mrs Herman said,and she started to cross the street.

“No,no,Mrs Herman,”Maggie said quickly.“Wait!The light is still red.”

26.What was Maggie?

A.She was young. B.She was a nurse.

C.She worked very hard. D.She was happy all the time.


A.she was twenty-seven years old B.she eorked in a big hospital

C.she could play the piano very well D.she was kind to them

28.Mrs Herman was one of Maggie?sin the past.

A.patients B.classmates C.students D.teachers

when she met her.

A.run away B.tell Mrs Herman to go home

C.do some shopping with the old woman D.help Mrs Herman cross the street


A.was bright B.was red C.was green D.went out


Can you imagine a life without French fries?Potatoes are very popular today.But in the past this was not true.Potatoes grew inSouth America five thousand years ago.But they only becae popular in other places two hundred years ago.

In the 1800s,people started to eat potatoes.In Ireland(爱尔兰),potatoes became the main food.Then in 1845,a disease(疾病)killed all the pltatoes in Ireland.Two million people died of hunger.

Today,each country has its potato dish.Germans eat potato salad,and the United States has the baked potato,and of course Frenchmen invented French fries.Now French fries are popular all over the world.

in the past.

A.popular B.not popular C.true D.not true

A.Nouth America B.South America C.France D.Germany.

33.Who invented French fries?

A.Americans. B.Spanish. C.Frenchmen. D.Germans.


A.French fries B.baked potatoes C.potato salad D.potatoes with salt

35.Which of the statements is true?

A.Potatoes are not popular tody.

B.Potatoes became popular in the world four hundred years ago.

C.In Ireland a disease killed all the potatoes in 1845.

D.The Americans invented French fries.


Tom,Lucy and Kate are students in a middle school.They are busy studying.But in their free time,they often do some activities.




3.What activity does Kate do once a month?

4.Does Lucy surf the Ianternet every day?

5.What activity does Kate do most?



2.——Once a week.

3.I don?t think junk food is good for our for us.


at night,but you can?t sleep,Here are some goodFirst,you should be in a m,That?s important.You should put youryou go to bed,and that?s a traditiond way.You should have a glass of milk.It?s,Don?t be stressed out.Go to bed 一、1-5 B、C、B、B、D 6-10 D、C、A、C、A 11—15 A、B、B、C、D

二、16—20 C、D、C、B、C 21—25 B、D、B、D、B

三、26—30 B、D、A、D、C 31—35 B、B、C、C、C

四、1、once a month 2、一周三次或四次

3、Kate surfs the In ternet onu a month

4、No,she doesn?t 5、Tennis

五、(一)1.Internet 2.often 3.health 4.although 5.good

(二)1.tired 2.ideas 3.quiet 4.feet 5.before

6.good 7.sounds 8.health 9.early 10.vegetables



( )1.You _____ eat ______ food if you want to keep thin.

A.should, little B.must, little C.should, less D.should, more

( )2.The doctor ______ the old man ______.

A.look after, well B.look after, good C.looks after, well D.looks after, good

( )3. ________. I can help you with your Chinese.

A.Look out B.Don't worry C.Be careful D.No hurry

( )4.He has ________ English friends. He knows ______ English.

A.a little, a few B.a little, a little C.a few, a little D.a few, a few

( )5.The little girl looks very much ______ her mother.

A.over B.like C.for D.after

( )6.You don't look very ________. You'd better go to see the doctor.

A.good B.well C.bad D.badly

( )7.There is _________ with my eyes. I can't see clearly.

A.something wrong B.wrong something C.nothing wrong D.wrong nothing

( )8.I watched the football match last night and ________ go to bed ________ 11 o'clock.

A.don't, when B.didn't, as C.don't, until D.didn't, until

( )9.Everyone except Tom and Tim ______ going to the cinema this afternoon.

A.were B.are C.is D.was

( )10.Eating ________ food is good for your _________. You can live _________.

A.health, healthy, healthily B.healthy, health, healthily C.healthy, healthily, health D.healthy, healthy, healthily Ⅱ.句意写词:根据句子意思,在每个句子的空白处填入一个适当的词,使句子意义完整,语法正确。 1.You don't look well. What's the __________? 2.There is something wrong with my stomach. I have a __________. 3.She doesn't feel __________ better today. 4.How are you feeling now? I'm feeling ___________ worse. 5.My sister had a pain ________ her head. She had a ________. 6.I am _________. I want something to eat. 7.Lily wants to know how to learn English better. Please give her some ___________. 8.What's wrong _________ your right arm? 9.It's important to eat a _________diet. 10.Fiona has plenty of ______. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the piano, climbing, singing and dancing. Ⅲ.改写句子:在改写后的句子空白处填入一个适当的词,使句义与原句相符。 1.What's the matter with you? What's _________ ___________? 2.She didn't feel like eating anything. She didn't ________ ___________ __________ anything. 3.I had a pain in my left leg. My left leg __________. 4.If you do that, you'll soon feel much healthier. __________ __________, and you'll soon feel much healthier. 5.Jim always arrives at school early. Jim always ________ school early. 6.I'm not feeling well now. I'm not feeling well ________ _________ __________. 7.What about you? _________ ________ you? 8.We had a good time at the party yesterday. We ________ ________ at the party yesterday. 9.What's the weather like? ________ __________ ________? 10.Finally, they found the lost boy. __________ _________, they found the lost boy. 11.Show me your pictures when you return to school. Show me your pictures when you __________ _________ to school. Ⅳ.补全对话:在对话空白处填入一个适当的话语(话语可能是句子,也可能是一个短语或一个词) 1.使对话完整并正确。 D: _________ (1), young lady? W: I feel very weak. I cannot do any work, doctor. D: Do you _________ (2)? W: No, I don't have a stomachache. D: ________ (3) at night? W: Yes, I sleep very well. D: Do you __________ (4) every morning? W: No, I don't have breakfast because I want to keep _________ (5). D: Oh, I see. There's nothing _________ (6). You need to eat _________ (7) food and have ________ (8) meals a day.

And do some _______ (9) every day. Then you will get ________ (10) soon.


A: Good morning, doctor.

B: Good morning, Jim. ____________ (1) ?

A: I'm feeling cold all the time.

B: Have you taken your temperature?

A: __________ (2), but it seems all right.

B: __________ (3) your mouth and say “Aah”.

A: Aah!

B: Just a cold. Nothing serious. Take this medicine three times a day. _________ (4) stay in bed and have a good rest. Then you'll be better soon.

A: _________ (5), doctor. Goodbye.

B: Goodbye, Jim.



You'd __________ to see the doctor today.


Li Lei _________, so he didn't go to school.


_________ the medicine ___________.


I have a pain ________ my leg. I can't _________.


Do you feel ________________?


You should relax yourself _____________.


If you ___________, you should eat ________________.


My grandmother often __________________.


It's ___________ for __________ to eat __________________.


Everyone should keep __________ of nature.


________________ too much is _____________ your health.


It's necessary ___________ English.


_____________ a day _____________ your health.


①Mrs Brown had a small garden is front of her house. She 1 some vegetables in her garden and 2 them carefully. When the summer came, theoked very nice. One evening Mrs Brown said to her son, “Tomorrow I am going tothe vegetables and eat them.”

But the next morning she 5 that her neighbor's ducks had 6 her vegetables. Mrs Brown 7 and her neighbor was very 8 for that. On Christmas day, the neighbor 9 Mrs Brown a beautiful, fat roast (烤) duck, and said, “Mrs Brown, pleaseyour vegetables now.”

( )1.A.planted B.put

C.took D.carried

( )2.A.watched B.looked after

C.looked at D.kept

( )3.A.house B.garden

C.vegetables D.sun

( )4.A.sell B.cook

C.water D.pick

( )5.A.found B.knew

C.watched D.noticed

( )6.A.dug up B.eaten up

C.taken away D.pulled up

( )7.A.shouted B.smiled

C.was glad D.spoke

( )8.A.sorry B.happy

C.angry D.surprised

( )9.A.borrowed B.brought

C.showed D.lent

( )10.A.cook B.pick

C.enjoy D.save

②Rose and Martin are 1 Canada. They are good friends. They 2 fishing. They 3 dance. Rose likes Chinese very much. Martin likes maths. Theyschool five or six days a week. They play gamesstay 6 home on Saturday and Sunday. They have two Chinese friends. 7 names are Li Lei and Wang Lin. All of them are in

( )1.A.to B.of C.from D.on

( )2.A.like B.can C.are D.would like

( )3.A.goes B.are C.would like D.can

( )4.A.goes to B.coming C.leave D.go to

( )5.A.at B.on C.of D.in

( )6.A.away B.out C.at D.in

( )7.A.His B.Their C.Our D.Theirs

( )8.A.A. / B.an C.the D.a

( )9.A.friend B.friendly C.friends D.make friends

( )10.A.very B.too C.much D.many



Once an old man went to see a doctor. The doctor examined (检查) him and said, “Medicine won't help you. You must have a good rest. Go to bed early, drink a lot and smoke one cigar (雪茄烟) a day. Go to a country place for a month.”

After a month the man came to the doctor again, “How are you?” said the doctor. “I'm glad to see you again. You look much younger.” “Oh! Doctor, I feel quite well now,” said the man, “I had a good rest. I went to bed early, drank a lot of milk and walked a lot. Your advice (建议) one cigar a day almost killed me first. It's no joke (玩笑) to start smoking at my age”.

( )1.The doctor told the man _________.

A.to walk a lot

B.to go to a country place for a month

C.to go to bed early

D.both A, B and C

( )2.Which of the following sentences is true?

A.Perhaps the doctor told the man to visit a beautiful city of the country for a month.

B.The old man won't really ill.

C.During the month, the old man felt terrible because he smoked one cigar a day.

D.The old man was younger than before after a month.

( )3.What the doctor said, “Smoke one cigar a day.” means _______________.

A.one cigar a day is good for one's health

B.the old man shouldn't smoke too much

C.the doctor didn't know the old man couldn't smoke

D.one cigar a day would help the man

( )4.From what the old man said at last, we think ___________.

A.one cigar a day was really helpful to him B.one cigar a day was better than before C.smoke made him better than before D.he didn't understand the doctor's advice ( )5.The writer wants to tell us _____________. A.to do as the doctor tells us B.to see a doctor if you are ill C.to have a rest if you are ill D.an interesting story Ⅰ.1.C 2.C 3.B 4.C 5.B 6.B 7.A 8.D 9.C 10.B Ⅱ.1.matter 2.stomachache 3.any 4.even 5.in, headache 6.hungry 7.advice 8.with 9.balanced 10.energy Ⅲ.1.your trouble 2.want to eat 3.hurts 4.Do that 5.reaches 6.at the moment 7.How about 8.enjoyed ourselves 9.How's the weather 10.At last 11.come back Ⅳ.1.(1)what's the matter (2)have a stomachache (3)Do you sleep well (4)have breakfast (5)thin (6)wrong (7)more (8)three (9)exercise (10)better Ⅴ.1.better go 2.had a headache / had a pain in his head 3.Take / Have, three times a day 4.in, play football 5.any better 6.When you feel nervous 7.Want to keep / stay healthy, more healthy food 8.has a pain in her back 9.important, everyone, balanced diet 10.the balance 11.Eating, bad for 12.to improve your speaking 13.An apple, is good for Ⅵ.①1.A 2.B 3.B 4.D 5.A 6.B 7.A 8.A 9.B 10.C ②1.C 2.A 3.D 4.D 5.B 6.C 7.B 8.C 9.B 10.B Ⅶ.1.D 2.C 3.C 4.D 5.D



( )26. John, What are you doing _________ vacation? I' m going to Dalian.

A. for B. to C. with D. in

( )27. —— The first influenza A/H1N1(甲型 HlN流感) started in Mexico and has spread传播) to many parts of the world now.

—— That _________ very terrible.

A. listens B. sounds C. hears D. sees

( )28.——_________ are you staying in London?

—— For a week.

A. How many B. How long C. How often D. How soon

( )29. ——I have ________ to tell you.

——Really? What's that?

A. interesting anything B. anything interesting

C. interesting something D. something interesting

( )30. Peter often forgets__________ his English book.

A. to bring B. bring C. brought D. bringing

( )31.——Who are you going to Beiing _____?

—— My parents..

A. to B. with C. at D. for

( )32. Jane plans ________ a very different vacation this summer.

A. have B. had C. to have D. having

( )33.My grandparents like living in the______ because it's quiet and clean.

A. city B. countryside C. town D. place

( )34.——Your uncle _________ to see you. He' ll be here soon.

——I' m very happy to hear that.

A. comes B. came C. is coming D. has come

( )35. Mike finished ________ the book just now.

A. reading B. to read C. seeing D. to see

( )36. She looks _______ because she has a _______ vacation.

A. relaxed, relaxed B. relaxing, relaxing

C. relaxed, re1axing D. relaxing, relaxed

( )37.The mother _______ her son to the library to return (归还) the books.

A. let B. made C. saw D. sent

( )38.——I want to _________ in the park tomorrow.

——That's a good idea.

A. go riding bike B. going bike riding C. go bike riding D. going riding bike

( )39. I think Hong Kong is a good place _________ .

A. going to sightsee B. going to C. going sightseeing D. to go sightseeing

( )40.——I' m going to Hawaii with my brother this month.

——___________ .

A. Have a good time B. The same to you

C. Let's go D. Good luck



Three soldiers were on their way home from the war.They arrived at a small village,they were very tired and (41),but they had no food or money. The only thing they did have was a cooking pot(锅).

The soldiers built a small cooking fire,(42) their pot on it,and poured in some water. When a few villagers asked what they

were doing, one of the soldiers answered that he was making stone soup. A few more villagers walking by stopped to (43) what was goingon when they heard about it.

“Any soup needs salt and pepper,”the first soldier said,(44) some children ran to fetch salt and pepper.“Stones can be used to prepare good soup,but tomatoes would (45) it so much better,” the second soldier added. One woman said“, Why,I think I have a tomato or two! ”She ran to get the tomatoes.

“Some cabbage would be a proper choice for a good stone soup! ”said the third soldier. Another woman said,“I think I can probably find some cabbage,”and (46) she ran.

“If only we had a bit of beef and some potatoes,this soup would be fit for a rich man's (47).”The villagers thought it over,then ran to fetch what they had in their homes. A rich man's soup,and all from a few stones! It seemed like (48)!

The soldiers said“, If only we had a little milk,this soup would be fit for a king! ”And so other villagers (49) to get some milk. “The soup is ready,”said the cooks,“and all will (50) it,but first we need to set the tables.”Some of the villagers said,“Such a great soup would be better (51) some bread and cakes,”so they brought the (52) two things and the meal was (53) by all. Never had there been such a (54) meal. Never had the villagers had such delicious soup,and all made from stones! They ate and drank and danced well into the night.

In the morning,the villagers gathered to say goodbye.“Many thanks to you,”they said,“for we shall (55) go hungry now that we have learned how to make soup from stones.”

41.A.hungry B.bored C.sleepy D.sick

42.A.drew B.threw C.left D.placed

43.A.see B.tell C.imagine D.notice

44.A.but B.so C.or D.while

45.A.cook B.do C.invent D.make

46.A.about B.in C.off D.out

47.A.health B.money C.dream D.table

48.A.art B.magic C.interest D.supper

49.A.tried B.returned C.managed D.came

50.A.want B.buy C.use D.taste

51.A.over B.besides C.with D.like

52.A.first B.last C.other D.only

53.A.enjoyed B.given C.needed D.brought

54.A.cheap B.proper C.special D.public

65.A.later B.ever C.sometimes D.never




One night, I was sitting in my room half listcning as my l 5-year-old brothcr T'ommy fought with my l 2-year-old brother Kevin. I didn't pay attention when Kevin rushed up the stairs with the hurt on his face.

About 20 mintutes later, as l was walking upstairs I heard Kevin crying inside thc bathroom. l knocked on the door and asked," Hey, Kevin, do you want to talk?"

No answer.

I tried again, "Why don't you come out of there?"

Again, no answer.

So, looking around, l grabbed a stack of (一摞 ) cards and a pencil and wrote," If you don't want to talk, we can write notes to each other." An hour later, l was stil1 sitting on the floor outside the bathroom with two stacks of cards in front of me. One was blank and one was cards from Kevin on which he had translated all his yucky feelings into words for me. As I read one of Kevin's notes, tears came to my eyes. It said, “ Nohody in this family cares about me.I'm not the youngest, and I'm not the oldest. Tommy thinks I'm silly and Dad wishes he had the other Kevin as a kid because he's better at basketball. And you 're never around to even notice me."

Tears carne to my eyes as l wrote back to him." You know ,Kevln, I reaIly do love you and I'm sorry l don't always show it. I am here for you and you arc loved in this family."

There was no answer for a whiIe, but then I heard a tearing sound coming from inside the bathroom. Kevin, who had run out of words wrote on a torn paper cup, "Thanks."

I wrote back," For what?"It returned to me with" Loving me. "on it.

Since then, l try my best to never only half--notice my family members any more. Kevin and I have a closer relationship now. And sometimes when one of us notices that the other is upset, we'll smile and say, "Write it on a paper cup."

56.Why did Kevin stay inslde the bathroom alone crying?

A. The writer didn't help him beat Tommy.

B. He felt no 1ove from the family members.

C. He hurt himself when rushing up the stairs.

57. Thc underlined word" yucky" most propably means

A. terrible B.Exciting C. amazing

58. What could be the reason that Kevin's Dad doesn't likc him ?

A. Kevin is not as clever as his brother.

B. Kevin is not good at playing basketball.

C.Kevin doesn't like to make friends with others.

B Let?s go camping

What do we do when we go camp? First, we work out a plan. We take food, clothing, a knife, and things for cooking and eating. We take things to keep us away from insects and the sun.

Then we put everything into the car and we drive to the woods. We look for a place for campers (露营者) and we look for a good place for our tent(帐篷). The place should have a lot of moving air. This will keep some insects (虫子) away. High land with water on both sides of it is good. Then we put up our tent. We put everything into the tent, and we are ready for fun. We can swim in the lake, walk in the woods, climb a mountain, row a boat, or go fishing.

In the evening we come back to the tent, we build a big fire because it can keep the insects away. We sit around the fire and talk. We may tell interesting stories or we may sing songs.

At night we lie down on the grass. We can look up at the stars. It is a busy day, so we try to go to sleep early.

Everything is dark. Everything is quiet. We hope we won’t hear music from the radio in the next tent. We hope it won’t rain.

59.Before going to camp we should first ___________.

A.draw up a plan B.take some food

C.take things to keep us warm D.take something for cooking and eating

60.Campers can take part in ________ activities.

A.one or two B.only a few C.many D.two or three

61.In the evening we build a fire because ________.

A.it is cold at night B.it can keep us warm

C.it can keep the insects away D.it is dark and quiet

62.The campers like to ____ at night.

A.hear music from the radio B.go to sleep early

C.have rain D.be busy (ACCB)




The first wild animals tamed(驯服)by humans(人类) were dogs. This took place in Europe about10000years.

The first “dogs”were not like the(A)_____we have now.Maybe they were small wolves(狼)or a type of dog like the Australian ding.

These dogs probely came near humans to get some fod.Some of their puppies(幼犬)were caught by people and grew up with them.These puppies were quite tame as they grew up They thought humans wre parts of their group.

(B) Humans realized(意识到)the dogs were very helpful to them in a number of ways. The dogs helped people hunt(打猎).They could smell and danger before people could helped people keep warm on cold nights. It is fun to have them.

Over a long timepeople were able to keep thedogs for(C)___ purposes(目的).Some were for hunting some for herding(放牧) and some just for pets.These dogs looked quite different from each other.For examplea German(德国)Shepherd looks different from aYorkshire terrier.

Now of coursethere are many different types of dogs.(D) 世界上有400多种犬。Today dogs depend on humans more than any other animals.

63. 在A处和C处分别填入一个适当的词,使句意完整。_______.________.

64. 将B处划线句子译成汉语_____________________.

65. 将D处句子译成英语________________________.


If you look at the sea from a spaceship,you might think that the world is a water world.It′s difficult to see any land at all water covers most of the earth′s surface.

The sea is like a big store with everything we need in it.People can get fish and other sea animals from it.We can also find different minerals(矿物质)in it.In a cubic(立方)mile of water,we can get ninety-four tons of silver(银)and three tons of gold(金)!It is possible to do this,but it is still difficult.It will cost more money to get these things from the sea than from the land. But the sea does bring us a great many things that we can get easily and use. For example,we can use lots of sand taken from the sea to make glass and cement(水泥).We not only get salt and sand from the sea but also get food from the sea.One day we may even have undersea farms.

People have done less to study the sea than to study space.It is time to turn our eyes to the sea.


The earth seems a (66)_____________ world from the spaceship.

The sea is like a big store. People can get sea animals, minerals, sand, food and(67)____

People have done (68)___________ to study space than to study the sea.

In the future,(69)________ farms may appear.

六.翻译( 6小题,每小题2分,满分12分)根据所给汉语和提不翻译下列句子。

70.王先生正在考虑召开一次会议。(think about)




72.最后,他选定了一件白色的衣服。(decide on)


73.你什么时候回来的? (get back)


74.格林先生总是和他的家人一起过周末。(spend time)






A:Hi,Xiao Peng,long time no see.(81)________________________________

B:I have been to my hometown.


B:Yes.But I felt a little sad.


B:I saw many kinds of pollution in my hometown.


B: Sure. First, the water pollution. In the past, the water in the river was clean and there were a lot of fish in it. But now the water was very dirty.

A: Oh, lt's a great pity.

B: Sccond.Ican see white pollution everywhere.

A: I think we should do something useful to protect the environment.

B: The locaI government has done something useful to protect the environment


B: Yes, l 'd love to. I want to see what I can do for it.

A: Ok, Let's join in hand.



26-30.ABBDA 31-35.BCBCA 36-40.CDCDA


41-45. A D A B D 46-50.CDBCD 51.-55.CBACD


56.-58. BAB 59.-62.ACCB


63.ones. different / many

64. 人类意识到狗在很多方面对人类有帮助。

65. There are more than / over 400 kinds / types of dogs in the world.

66. Water

67. salt

68. more

69. undersea


70. Mr.Wang is thinking about having a meeting.

71. He can?t leave until Wednesday.

72. Finally, he decided on a white dress.

73. When did you get back?

74. Mr.Green always spends time with his family.

75. I believe it?s important to sleep eight hours a night.


81. Where have you been?

82. Did you have a good time there?

83. Why did you feel sad?

84. Can you describe it in detail?

85. Would you like join us in it?



1._________ does it _________ you to walk from your home?

A.How far;take B.How long;take

C.How far;spend D.How long;spend

2.You ____________ finish your homework on time.

A.has to B.must C.have to D.had to

3.He usually _________ home very late.

A.reach B.must C.gets D.arrived in

4.----How far is it from here to the Children Park?

-----It?s about _____________.

A.30 minutes walk B.30 minutes?s walk

C.30 Minutes? walk D.30-minutes walk

5.How about going there ____________ our bikes?

A.in B.about C.at D.by

6.What do you think ___________ this kind of new computer game?

A.of B.about C.for D.over

7.____________ is it from here to the bus station?

A.How far B.How long C.How often D.How soon

8._________ fo they get to school,by bike or on foot?

A.How far B.How long C.How often D.How

9.In South Korea,most students get to school __________.

A.take a subway B.take the subway C.by the subway D.by subway

10.I don?t like this hat.Please shou me ________ one.

A.other B.the other C.another D.any other

11.I usually go to school ________ bike,but sometimes I go to school _______ foot.

A.with;on B.on;by C.on;with D.by;on

12.----Must I do it at once?

----No,you ____________.

A.you can?t B.mustn?t C.needn?t D.haven?to

13.Going to the museum by subway must be more fun than ________ a bus.

A.take B.takes C.to take D.taking

14.__________ Fridays,I usually play computer games with Zhang Hua.

A.In B.At C.On D.Before

15.We don?t have much money but we enjoy ____________.

A.ours B.yours C.yourselves D.oursedves


Mark Hill is a traffie police officer in Watford,near London.He works on some of the busiest streets in Britain.“There are traffic police 1 twenty-four hours a day. There are three shifts each day,and each shift is 2 hours.Usually we have to dealwith three or four accidents each shift.”

“We deal with anyone who is hurt in the accident.Yhat?s the 3 thing.Then we have to clear the road and get the traffie 4 again.”

“You must be careful while driving.Most accident happen becanuse people drive too 5 .Especially when the road is wet,it?s more 6 .Sometimes we get accidents 7 drivers don?t obey the rules.For example,I?ve seen a lot of drivers who psaa others 8 the left.It?s not right in Britain.If you want to pass the cars in front,you have to go into the fast lane on the right.”

“I love my job.It makes me flle 9 every day—I never know 10 .I?m going to do from one day to the next.And I meet all kinds of people.I don?t think there?s any other job that can give me that experience.”

1.A.on a trip B.on duty C.on show D.in a car

2.Aeight B.fifteen C.eighteen D.twelve

3.A.first B.last C.second D.only

4.A.stopping B.serving C.moving D.waiting

5.A.fast B.carefully C.slowly D.quickly

6.A.strict B.dangreous C.normal D.nervous

7.Aand B.so C.but D.because

8.A.at B.for C.in D.on

9.Asleepy B.angry C.excited D.sad

10.what B.how C.where D.which



Hong Kong Harbor Cruis By Night

Enjoy your wonderful dinner on the ferry and see the fantasticcity lights.

TIME:7:00 pm 10:00 pm daily

PRICE:With dinner Withour dinner

Adult:HK-$ 300 HK $ 120

Child under 12:HK $ 210 HK $ 84

START/STOP:Kowloon Public Pier (Near Star Ferry Pier)

TICKET OFFICE:Star Company (123 Canton Road)

1. Where does the cruise start?

A.Kowloon Public Pier.

B.Nera Star Company.

C.On the ferry.

2. If Mr. And Mrs. Brown want to have dinner on the ferry,howe much will they pay?

A.HK $ 300. B.HK $ 600. C.HK $ 420.

3. Where can they buy the tickets?

A.A Kowloon Public Pier. B.Near Star Ferry Pier. C.Star Company.

4. What can they see on the ferry?

A.A film B.The city lights C.Playing sports

5. If you are eleven years old and you don?t have dinner during the cruise,how much will you pay?

A.HK $ 300 B.HK $ 120 C.HK $ 84


When you are in England,you must be very careful in the streets because the traffic drives on the left.Befor you cross(穿过) a street,you must look to the right first and then left.

In the morning and in the evening when people go to or come from work,the streets are very busy.Traffic is the most dangerour then.

When you drive a car in England,you have to be careful,too.Always remember the traffic drives on the left.So you must be careful.Have a look,or you will go ghe wrong way.

In many English cities,there are big buses with two floors.You can sit on the second floor.From there,you can see the city very well.It?s very interesting.

( )1. In England the traffic must go _________.

A.on the left B.quickly C.on the right D.in the middle

( )2. When you cross the street,you must look to ________.

A.right B.the front and back C.left D.the right first,then left

( )3.Traffic is the most dangerous in the morning and evening because ______.

A.people are doing some shopping

B.people are waiting for a bus

C.people go to or come from work

D.some people go on ghe wrong way

( )4. It?s very interesting to sit ___________.

A.on a bus

B.on a two-floor bus

C.on the second floor of two-floor buses

D.on the first of two-floor buses

( )5. In China,people drive ___________.

A.on the left B.quickly C.on the right D.in the middle


relaxed,and come colors can make people feel nervous.Now,this kind of knowledge is being used in many places.Dor example,school walls are always painted green because green makes students feel relaxed.It is also good for the students? .Here are some thing they?ve learned from scientific studies.The color red makes people hungry.Many fast food restaurants have red furniture or walls.Soft colors like pink and light bule make people feel relaxed,so they spend mor time eating.Loud music may be nice at first,but it soon makes people want to leave.Hard seats also make customers want to eat first.but it soon makes people want to leave.Hard seats also make customers want to eat quickly and leave.Many restaurants,especially fast food restaurants,use this knowledge to make customers eat faster.


1. How does the color green make the students feel?(Please answer within 15 words.)


2. What do many tast food restaurants do ?(Please answer within 20 words.)








1. It?d three k___________from my home to school.So I usually take the bus to school.

2. IT takes us twenty m___________ to walk to the park.

3. In our school a small n_____________ of students go to school by bus.

4. Li lei takes the _________________(地铁)to school every day.

5. His father often goes to Shanghai by __________________(飞机).


A boy 1_______ Jack lived in a small village.One morning,his mother sent him to his uncle?s house in town.He

2__________________ there.

Before Jack 3_______ in the evening,his uncle gave him a jar(坛子) and said,“4_______ some candy in it,you may put your hand into it and take some out when you want to 5_________ them.”

Jack looked at the jar when he was in the train.It had a long and small neck.He 6________ his hand into the jar and 7____________ five pieces.But he could not get his hand out.He 8_________ his hand this way and that way.It doesn?t 9_____________ Finally he let four pieces go.Then he could 10____________ his hand out of the jar.

一. 1-5BBCCB 6-10AADDC 11-15DCDCD

二.1-5BAACA 6-10BDDCA

三. A.1-5ABCBC B.1-5ADCCC

四 1.The color green make students feel relaxed.

2.Play loud music .Have hard seats.Paint their walls red.



5.Use color to changefeelings.

五.(一).1.kilometers 2.minutes 3.number 4.subway 5.plane

(二) 1.named 2.had a good time 3.left 4.There is 5.eat 6.put 7.took 8.turned 9.work 10.pull



1.-----Mary ,________ you speak Chinese? ----- Yes,only a little.

A.must B.need C. may D.can

2.-----What?s _____date today?------It?s June 26th

A. / B. a C.the D.that

3. ----Can you come to my birthday party?-----What time?

A. I?m sorry B. Sure,I?d love to.C. Yes,Ican. D.No,I can?t.

4. It?s June 24th and _____is June 26th.

A. tomorrow B.today C.the day before yesterday D.the day after tomorrow

5.My brother is busy ______ the room.

A.clean. B. to clean C. cleaning D. cleans

6. We have a history _____Friday afternoon..

A. at B. in C. of D. on

7. -----Can we sit at the table by the window? ------OK! ________.

A. That?s right B. You are right C. This way, please. D. I am sorry.

8.---The cake is delicious,can you pass me ______one? ----Sure,here you are .

A. other B. the other C. another D. others

9. -----What______you ____the day after tomorrow? -----I have an English test.

A. do, do B. does, do C. are, doing D. did, do

10. Thank you for your _____to youe birthday party.

A. invite B. invitation C. inviting D. invites

11. I have to study _____a math test next Monday .

A. for B. to C. at D. with

12. Can you come to the movies ______next Sunday?

A. with we B. for we C. with us D. for us

13. He?s having basketball trianing _____his school team.

A. to B. with C. for DF> on

14.Look! There?s _____football under the teacher?s desk, let?s play _____football ok?

A./ ,/ B.a, / C. a, the D. a; a

15. Bob?s grandpa often goes fishing ______after he is retired.

A. whole the day B. all whole day C. the all day D. the whole day


Perter was an office worker. He worked in an ofice in a small town.One day his boss __1__to him,“ Peter,I want you __2___ to London to an office there,to __3__ Mr. Brown.”

Peter went to London __4___ train.When he got to London,he thought,”The office isn?t far from here,I can go there in foot. I ?ll __5___it easily.??

But after an hour ,he ws still looking for it,he stopped and asked an old woman . she said,” Go along this street ,turn left at the end, and It?s the second building on the right.”Peter went and found __6___. A few days__7___,hewent to London __8___,he didn?t find the office,__9___he asked someone in the street.It was __10___same old woman. She was very surprised and said ,”Are you still looking for that office?”

1.A. told B. said C. asked D. showed

2.A. go B.reach C.to go D. to reach

3.A. see B. look C.watch D look at

4. A.on B. at C. by D.find

5. A. look for B. look at C.look D. find

6. A. it B.one C.the other D.another

7. A.after B.ago C.later D . before

8.A,again B.too C.so D.because

9.A. but B. so C.too D.or

10.A.a B.an C.the D.that



Tom and Mike were good friends. Sometimes they were kind to each other, sometimes they were not. But all of their classmates said they were like brothers.

One day they went out for a walk together. At noon they were very hungry and they went into a restaurant to have lunch. The waiter came up to them and asked,"What can I do for you?"

"Please bring us two apples first.” said Tom.

When the waiter put two apples on the table, Mike took the bigger one at once. Tom got angry,

“You are impolite,Mike. Why don?t you take the smaller one?" Tom said.

“But I am right.”said Mike with a smile,“if I let you take first, which one will you choose?"

“Of course I?11 take the smaller one. "said Tom.

“Yes.”Mike said,“If you take the smaller one,the bigger one will still be mine. Don?t you think so?"

“Oh!"Tom couldn?t answer.

1. Tom and Mike were______

A. always kind to each other

B. sometimes kind to each other

C. dear brothers

D. friends of different school

2. Mike thought only about_______ when they were having lunch.

A. himself B. Tom C. his parents D. his friends

3. The waiter gave them_______

A. two eggs B. two apples C. three oranges D. some milk

4. Tom took the apple.

A. better B. bigger C. smaller D. worse

5. Who took the apple first? ______

A. Mike B. Tom C. Both Tom and Mike D. The waiter


At the Barber's Shop(理发店)Jack went to a barber's shop and had his hair cut, but whenhe came out, he was not happy with the result(结果). When his friend Bob saw him, helaughed and said, "What has happened to your hair,Jack?" Jack said, "I tried a new barber's shop today, because I wasn't quite satisfiedwith my old one, but this one seems evenworse." Bob agreed(同意). "Yes, I think you're right, Jack. Now I'll tell you what to do when you go into a barber's shop next time: look at all the barber's hair,find out whose hair looks worst, and then go straight to him." "Why shall I go to him?" Jack asked. "Butthatwould be foolish!""Oh, no, it wouldn't," answered Bob. "Who cut that man's hair? Just think it. He couldn't cut it himself, could he? Another of the barbers cut it. So you know he can't be the worst barber."

1. When Jack went out of the barber's shop, he was not happy because ____.

A. nobody had cut his hair

B. the barber hadn't cut his hair well

C. the barber had cut his hair carefully

D. he was not satisfied with his old barber

2. "I tried a new barber's shop today." means ____.

A. this barber's shop was a new one

B. this was the only barber's shop in this town

C. Jack often went to this barber's shop

D.Jack had not been to this barber's shop before

3. After Jack had his hair cut, he thought ____.

A. the new barber's shop was the best one

B. the old barber's shop wasn't so good as the new one

C. the new barber's shop was worse than the old one

D. the old barber's shop was the worst one

4. Bob told Jack to find out which barber's hair looked the worst and then go straight to him. Why?

A. Because he was certainly the best barber.

B. Because he was free all the time.

C. Because he was the worst barber.

D. Because he wasn't the worst barber.

5. From the story we know that ____.

A. it's foolish to have one's hair cut at a barber's shop

B. barbers cut each other's hair

C. barbers never have their hair cut

D. a barber always cuts his hair by himself


In America,people often invite friends for a meal ,a party or just coffee,People often say like these,”Would you like to come over for dinner?”“We are having a party on Friday,can you come?”To answer an invitation, they say “Thank you” and accept(接受),or say“Sorry”and give a reason.Sometimes, what people say is like invitations but which are not real invitations.For example, “Please come over for a drink sometime.”“ Let?s get together for lunch soon.” They are not real invitations because they don?t talk about the date or time.They just show that the person is trying to be friendly.People usually answer “Sure,that would be great .”or“ OK,thank you.”So next time you hear what is like an invitation, listen carefully.Is it a real invitation or is the person just being friendly?

1. Do people in America often invite friends to dinner?

2. If you want to invite someone to dinner,what do you say?


3. If you get an invitation,what would you say first?


4.Is it a real invitation if people say“Let?s get together for lunch soon.”


5. Why do people say this if they don?t want to invite their friends to come?




1. He got basketball t______ when he was very young. So he can play basketball very well.

2. Can you come o_____to my house this weekend?

3.Yesterday we went to a ________(音乐会)and had a good time.

4. Let?s look at Tom?s_________(日程表).He is free on Sunday morning.

5. On Wednesday he practices p_______tennis for 2 hours.

(二) 综合填空。(15分)


important person look happening two massage help because rest makesthem for

Do you want to be a pilot when you grow up? A pilot is a p___ (1) who flies an airplane. In a big airplane, there are always t______ (2) pilots and one engineer. When one pilot takes a r_____ (3), the other one will control the airplane. The engineer checks the engines and m_____ (4) sure that they are working well. There are many things to h_____ (5) the pilots fly the airplane. The compass lets t______ (6) know the directions, and the radio lets them talk to the people in the airport. Radio messages are i___ (7). They let the pilots know the weather and what is h___ (8). They also let the people in the airport know what is happening in the airplane. When there are no radio m___ (9) from the airplane, the people in the airport will send search planes to look for it b___ (10) that may mean an accident.



1-5.DCBDC 6-10 DCCCB 11-15 ACBBD


1-5 BCACD 6-10 ACABC


A:1-5 BABCA 6-10 BDCDB


16.Yes they do。

17.Would you like to come over for dinner?

18. We say “Thank you” and accept,or say“Sorry”and give a reason.

19.No. it isn?t.

20.They just show that they are friendly.


(一)1.team 2. over 3. concert 4.canlendar 5. playing

(二) 1.person,2.two.3.rest4.makes 5.help6.them 7.important 8.happening 9.massage 10.because


一. 单项选择。(15分)

1. Your school bag is nicer than _______.

A. hers B.her C. him D it

2. ----Is English _______than history?

----No,English isn?t so ______as history.

A. easier; more difficult B. difficult; more difficult

C.more difficult;easier D. more difficult; difficult

3. The more you read,________you will get.

A. the less B. the most C. the more D. much more

4. Both my parents ______jokes.

A. enjoy tell B. enjoys telling C. enjoy telling D. enjoy to tell

5. His homework is______worse than mine.

A. more B. quite C. even D. too

6. Now Mike studies ______than beofore.

A. more careful B. much careful C. much carefully D. more carefully

7. Tom is ______ than any other boy in his class.

A.tall B. taller C. tallest D.the tallest

8. -----Hey, Jally!Don?t you remember me?

-----Yeah, I remember you very well. We are _____on the swim team last year.

A. neither B. both C. all D.either

9.This blue bike is too expensive,could you shoe me ___one ?

A.cheap B. cheaper C. more cheap D. cheapest

10. She called you for ________.

A. many information B. much informations

C.more information D. .more informations

11.His story makes us ______.

A. laugh B.laugh C.laughing D to laugh

12. They are twins,but they look______.

A. same B. the same C.different D.common

13.I have nothing _____common with Kate.

A. on B. at C. of D. in

14. ----I don?t know which T-hirt was_____. So I took them both.

----Y es, it?s really difficult to choose.

A. better B. well C. best D. good

15. _____it is dark now, _______the workers go on working there.

A.Though; but B. Though; / C. But; though D. / ; though

二. 完形填空。(15分)

All parents love their children.Many parents want their kids to(1)____well-known people when they(2)____.Most of them want their kids to live better than others.Many of them (3)_____their kids will be singers or actors. Actors and singers can(4)______money easily in our country.When they appear in the advertisement,they will get (5)______money which a farmer or a worker can't make all his life.

Some of the parents want their kids to be businessmen(6)_____ doctors. If they work hard, they will have cars and big houses in several(7)_____.Some parents want their kids to work in cities and towns.They don't (8)______them to work in the countryside.People who work in the cities and towns can get money after the (9)______.If you are a famous man, especially an actor, you'll get much but pay a little. A farmer is (10)_____---he gets little but pays much.

(1) A.do B.become C.like D.work

(2) A.grow up B.get up C.stand up D.set up

(3) A.make B.like C.love D.hope

(4) A.lose B.make C.remember D.take

(5) A.many B.a little C.much D.a few

(6) A.or B.and C.but D.else

(7) A.days B.weeks C.years D.moths

(8) A.paly B.need C.enjoy D.want

(9) A.retire B.leave C.die D.move

(10)A.happy B.different C.rich D.lucky



Alice has no job, so she stays at home to cook the meals,. Pedro is her husband. He works in an factory. He is often very tired after a day?s work. Aevery day, he can have dinner when he gets home from his factory.

One day,Pedro came home very late because he was very busy in the factory.He was very hungry when he got home . He was not happy when he found his dinner was not ready. He was very angry with his wife.He shouted at her,” I?m going out to ea in a restaurant.”“ wait for five minutes,”said his wife.“ Why?Do you think that dinner will be ready in five minutes?”asked Pedro.

“Of course not.” she answered.”But I can be ready to go with you in five minutes.”

1. Pedro is ________.

A.a factory worker B. an office worker

C. a teacher in a school D. a doctor in a hospital

2. Alice stays at home becayse ______.

A.she llikes cooking B. she loves her huasband very much

C.she doesn?t have ajob D.shen doesn?t want to work

3. One day,Pedro came home very late becayse _______.

A. he was hungry B. he had a lot of wirk to do

C.he was angry with his wife D. his wife didn?t cook dinner

4. Pedro was ____when he found his dinner was not ready.

A.happy B. glad C. hungry D.not happy

5.Which sentence is true?

A. Alice could have dinner ready in five minutes.

B.Alice wanted to go to the restaurant with her husband.

C .Alice didn?t like the dinner at home.

D. Alice didn?t like her husband.


Mr Perkin's New CarMr Perkin stood at the bus-stop and watched the cars go by. Many of the cars were new Beta 400s, and most of them were yellow. Mr Perkin always wore the same clothes as other men, ate the same food as other people, and did the same things after work, and at the end of the week, Mr Perkin did not like to be different.

The following week, Mr Perkin bought a new, bright yellow Beta 400s. He was satisfied with it, and drove to work in it the very next day. He was even more satisfied with his new car, when he saw all the other Beta 400s, in front, behind, and on both sides of him.

Mr Perkin parked(停车) his car in a big car-park(停车场) near his office,

and walked the rest of the way. But when he came back at five o'clock, there were so many bright yellow Beta 400s in the car-park that he did not know which car was his. He tried his key in some of the cars, but people passing by gave him a look he didn't like. So he stopped. Poor Mr Perkin had to wait nearly two hours until his was the only yellow

Beta 400s in the car-park.

1. Mr Perkin wanted a new yellow Beta 400s because

A. the bus did not come. B. he liked new clothes, food and cars.

C. he liked to do the same as other people. D. he liked to be different from others.

2. He drove to work in his new car

A. the very next day. B. the day he bought it.

C. a week he bought in. D. on the day he first watched the cars passing.

3. He was satisfied with his new car because

A. no one else had a yellow one. B. it was the same as other cars all around him.

C. he was in front of all the other cars. D. other cars were not as bright as his.

4. At five o'clock Mr Perkin

A. walked home B. drove his car out of the car-park.

C. came back to the car-park. D. did not know which was his car-park.

5. People gave him a look because

A. he had a nice new car. B. he could not open the door of his car.

C. he was in the wrong car-park. D. he was trying to open more than one car.

四.任务型阅读。(10分) He was leaving his office when Bill,a nifht watchman,came in.Bill just came off work(下班). After saying “Good morning”to Mr.King,Bill told the owener about hia bad dream.Last night he dreamed Mr.King?s plane crashed after it took off.Mr.King was surprised to hear this.He decided to go by land.

Bill?s dream came true.That morning the plane really crashed just after it had taken off. Later Mr.King returned to his Bill was surprised and asked,”Why?”Mr.King said,” Go home and read the letter,and you will know why.”

Bill went home and opened the letter in a hurry. After he read it,he bicame sad.In the letter there is only one sentence. But it was enough to tell the reason.


1.How did Mr.King feel after he heard Bill?s dream?


2.What do you think the sentence in the letter could be?


任务二: 将文中划线部分翻译成汉语。



任务三: 请给短文拟一个适当的题目



(一) 根据句意合所给单词首字母或汉语提示填空。(10分)

1. John is an _____(健壮的)boy.He is good at running.

2. English is very important. It?s n_______for us to learn it well.

3. Our Chinese teacher is very s_____ ,we are a little afraid of him.

4. I have a good friend, Mary. Our f_______ will last forever.

5. Singing English songs make JiangMei more_______ ( 感兴趣)in learning English.



address want please speak practice really nobody friendly them but usually help

The verb“ chat” means to talk (to someone)in a friendly, infirmal(非正式的)way. Today there are many __1_on the Internet where you can chat.You can chat with people all over the world,in many languages and about many subjects or topics.These places are__2___called “chatroom”.Sometimes you need to register( 注册)to enter a chatroom. This means that you need to provide a username(用户名)and possibly your e-mail __3__.your username doesn?t have to be your __4__name.It can be any name you want.When you have your username, other people in the chatroom will call you by that name and __5__else can use it.

Chating is a good way to __6__your informal English.Messages in a chatroom are usually short sentences. Sometimes __7__are noet even sentences,__8__just a few words that are not really grammatically(语法的)correct.It?s a typical way in which we __9__in a quick conversation with friends. To save time,people often use abbreviations like IDK(I don?t know).So don?t go to a chatroom to practice “perpect”English. Go to a chatroom to practice infirmal English and find __10__.You can even use a chatroom to help improve your typing skills if you want.


一.1-5 ADCCC 6-10 DBBBC 11-15 ACDAB

二.1-5 BADBC 6-10 ACDAB

三.A. 1-5 ACBDB B.6-10 CABCD

四.1. Mr.King was surprised to hear the dream.

2.Can you tell me the real reason of thyour bad dream?

3. 一天早上他很早去办公室准备出差到另一个城市。

4. 金先生告诉比尔像他这样的人应该开除。

5. A strange dream .

五.(一)1.athletic 2. necessary 3. serious 4. friendship 5.interested

(二) 1. places 2. usually 3. address 4. real 5. nobody



( )1.Father is sleeping .Will you ____the radio a little?

A.turn on B.turn off C. turn up D. turn down

( )2.Two teaspoons of milk ____than a cup of coffee.

A.is more B. is less C. are more D. are less

( )3.I?d like some lettuce _____my sandwich and I?d like honey ___my pizza.

A. on; in B.in; on C.on on D.in ;in

( )4.There ?s ____chicken in the cupboard. Go and buy some.

A. little B. a little C.few D. a few

( )5.Ten minutes ____an hour when one is waiting for another man.

A.are B.is C.seems D.is like

( )6.Both fish and meat _____running out.

A. is B.will C.are D.has

( )7.In that hotel,the bread and butter____served for breakfast.

A.are B.is C.has D.have.

( )8.This is — I want .

A. why B. what C. whose D. that

( ) 9.They can?t speak French ___Japanese.

A.as well as B. as well C. either D. neither

( ) 10.--Do you like ___or _____? ---Neither .

A .tomatos; potatos B.tomatos; potatoes

C tomatoes; potaos D. tomatoes; potatoes

( ).11.The boy asked me to give him ____to write on.

A.a paper B. some piece of paper C. some paper D.a piece of paper

( )12.---______does your new bike cost?----About four hundred .

A. How long B .How many C .How much D. How money

( )13.There is little milk in the bottle,____?

A. isn?t it B. isn?t there C .is it D. is there

( ) 14.______interesting news it is !

A. What an B. What C. How an D. How

( )15. Keep quiet !I have _______ to tell you.

A.a new B.a news C.a piece of new D.a piece of news

二.完形填空(10题,计15 分)

Nearly ___1____enjoys chicken ,and the most famous name in chicken is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Mr Sanders, the man who started this business(生意)was not always very rich .At one time ,he owned a small gas station next to a high way (公路).Many truck drivers _2___there to get gas and take a rest .Mr Sanders realized they were often _3___so he began serving sandwiches and coffee. As the sandwiches he made tasted_4.____,and didn?t __5.__too much ,more and more drivers came to eat at his place. Then Mr Sanders began to serve fried chicken. People like it very much , and his new business grew rapidly. Not long after,however,___6____highway was built,and many drivers no longer went to Mr Sander?s restaurant. So he had to __7.___it .Then he traveled around the country ,trying to sell his idea of opening fried chicken restaurants. He

succeeded. By 1967,there __8__almost 5000 Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. And now, wherever you go in the United Stades, you will see _9___.If you like chicken. I?m sure, you _10____eating Kentuckky Fried Chicken.

( )1.A.somebody B.anybody c.nobody D. everybody

( )2.A.passed B.got to C.stopped D.left

( )3. A late B .hungry C.tired D.sick

( )4.A.good B.well C.bad D.fine

( )5.A.need B. pay C.spend D.cost

( ) 6.A.other B .the other C.others D.another

( )7. A. close B. run C. return D. take

( )8.A. has B. have C. had D. were

( )9.A.it B.a C. one D. this

( )10.A.will enjoy B. enjoy C. are enjoying D. enjoyed.



Once eating habits (习惯)are very important for good health and a strong body. There are times when most of us like eating sweets and ice cream better than meat and rice .Sweets and ice cream are not bad for us if we eat them at the end of a meal. If we eat them before a meal ,they may take away our appetite(食欲).It?s important for us to eat our meal at regular (规律的)time each day .When we feel worry or excited, we may not want to eat .A long time ago ,in England, some judges (法官)often decided whether a man telling truth by giving him some dry beead.If the man could not swallow(吞)the bread ,it meant that he wasn?t telling the truth .Though this seems strange and foolish, they thought it was a wonderful way of finding out the truth. A man who is worrying something has difficulty in swallowing anything dry , because he loses his appetite.

( )1. Good eating habits make us _________.

A. strong B. happier C. more beautiful D. more police

( )2 .It is good to eat sweets and ice cream_________.

A.after a meal . B. before a meal

C. when we are hungry D. when we want to eat

( )3 .It is good for us to have a meal ______every day.

A. earlier B. at the same time C. at any time D. at the different time

( )4.The judge in old England thought if a man didn?t tell the truth, he can_________.

A.drink milk or tea B. eat a lot of dry bread

C.badly eat dry bread D. swallow dry bread easily

( )5 .A person who feels _____may not to eat.

A. happy B. shy C. unhappy D.well


Potato chips are Americans? favorite snack (零食).Where do potato chips come from ?In 1853,a native(本土的)American named George Crum made the first potato chips. Crum was a chief(头目) in an expensive restaurant in Saraoga Springs, New York .One day ,a customer (顾客)did not like the French fries.He said they were too thick.So Crum made more ,this time thinner .The customer still didn?t like them .Crum got unhappy .He decided to make the custmoer angry.So he cut the potatoes very thin.The customer loved them .

Other people wanted Crum?s potato chips .Now ,there was a new food on the menu Saratoga chips. Soon Crum

opened his own restaurant and made his special chips.

It took a long time to make potato chips. People peeled the potatoes by hand .Then ,in1920,the automatic(自动的)potato peeler changed everything .Now it was faster and easier to make potato chips. Now potato chips were not a

specialty .They were a popular snack food ,but only in the north.

A salesman named Herman Lay wanted to sell potato chips in the south.He sold potato chips in bags .His business grew.Today ,Americans eat a lot of potato chips every day.

根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F )

( )1..At first the French fries were very thin.

( )2.To make the customer angry,George Crum made the first potato chips.

( )3.Before 1920,it was not easy to make the potato chips.

( )4.George Crum invented a kind of machine which could peel potatoes.

( )5.It was George Crum who brought the potato chips to the south.


Can you name some foods in meat group? Can you tell where they come from ?

You body is made up millions of cells(细胞).Cells are very very small.

your body has to make new cells in order to (为了)grow.It also has to make new cells to take the place of the old cells that have been worn out.

To grow ,the cells need a thing called protein (蛋白质).The protein you need most comes from foods in the meat group.

Fruit and vegetables are plant foods.Foods in this group give your body vitamins(维生素)and miinerals(矿物质).You body needs vitamins and minerals to grow and to stay well.

The third food group is made up of bread.These foods come from grain.Your body gets heat and energy(活力)from these foods.It needs a lot of energy to work and play.

Milk is one of the best foods your body can get.It has protein,vitamins and minerals.Milk is good between meals or with maels.

Some foods are not listed(列入)in the four main groups.This is because you do not have to think about eating these foods.You eat them if you eat foods from the four main foods.


1. 填空:In order to grow,your body _______________________.

2. 翻译句子: To grow ,the cells need a thing called protein .______________________________________.

3. 翻译句子:The protein you need most comes from foods in the meat


4. 选择:Vitamins come mostly from______________

A.protein B.fruit and vegetables C.fat D.new cells

5. 选择:Milk has _________ in it .(A.meals B.body C.minterals D.bread)

五. 词汇(共计25分)


1.The teacher gave us clear i_____________ for every exercise.

2.B__________ the milk for 3 minutes,and then you can drink it.

3.Finally, don't forget to put some r________ on the pizza.

4.Before you make a salad,you should check if you have all the i_______________.

5.He didn't follow the r_________ and the cake came out all wrong.

一. 单选:1-5:DDBAC;6-10:CBBAD;11-15:DCDBD

二. 完形填空:1-5:DCBAD;6-10:DADCA

三. 阅读理解:A:1-5:AABCC


四. 任务型阅读:1.has to make new cells


3 你所需要的大部分蛋白质来自肉类。

4. B. 5.C

五. 词汇:

(一)1.instructions 2.Boil 3.relish 4.ingredients5.recipe


一 、重点词汇拓展sectionA

1. 逗留;徘徊____________ (过去式) ____________

2. 赢;获胜____________ (过去式) ____________

3. 访问者;参观者____________ (动词) ____________

4. 结束;结尾____________ (动词) ____________

5. 驾驶;驱车旅行____________ (过去式) ____________

6. 雨;雨水____________ (过去式) ____________

二 、重点词组识记

1. 闲荡;闲逛____________________ 2. 睡过头;起的晚____________________

3. (因病或节假日)休息;不工作;不上学____________________

4. 去水族馆_____________________ 5. 玩得高兴____________________

6. at the end of ____________________ 7. take photos _____________________

8. win a prize _______________________ 9. sound interesting ____________________

10. watch a dolphin show _____________________



1. He ______ to school yesterday because he was ill.

A. doesn?t B.didn?t come C. didn?t came

2. —Jack ______ the first prize in the piano competition. —How great he was!

A.get B. made C. won

3. How ______ your last weekend?

A.are B.had C.was

4. She ______ a souvenir last week?

A.buy B.buys C. bought

5. —______ your mother go to work? —No, she didn?t. She went shopping.

A.Does B.Is C.Did


1. Did you ______ (have) a good holiday?

2. What ______ you ______ (do) yesterday?

3. —______ (do) you have breakfast this morning? —Yes, I ______ (do).

4. I ______ (get) up late this morning, so I ______ (have) to run to school.

5 They ______ (be) tired but happy after they climbed the hill.


saw a boy walking past him. “Come here, boy!” the man said, “__ is the cake, do you know?” “One yuan for each,” the boy answered.

him to buy two cakes. “One for me and the other for you.” he said to the boy. In a minute, the boy came back. He was eating a cake. He gave the man one yuan and said. “There __cake.”



1. Were there ______ sharks?

A. some B. any C.a lot D. much

2. — Did they take any photos?


A.No,they didn't B.No,they did C.No,they aren't D.No, they weren?t

3. My sister ______ some cakes for us last night.

A.cook B.cooks C.cooked D. cooking

4. I went out and ______ in the river.

A.swim B.to swim C.swam D. swims

5. The music sounds ______, I like it very much.

A. good B. well C. bad D. beautifully

6. Tom ______ late ______ class yesterday morning.

A. was, for B. was, to C. am, for D. am, to

7. Class 4 went to the ______ to see some sharks.

A. cinema B. aquarium C. park D. movie

8. -When did you go to bed last night?

-About 11 o?clock. I ______.

A. slept early B. slept late C. got up early D. get up early 9.

9. I felt a little tired ______ the end of the day.

A. by B. in C. at D. on


1.[2008 武汉] —When ______ your mother ______ you that bule dress, Mary?

—Sorry, I really can?t remember.

A. does;buy B. has;bought C. had;bought D. did;buy

2.[2008 嘉兴] —Jack, where?s my small round mirror?

—Sorry, Betty. I ______ it.

A. break B. broke C. will break D. am breaking

3.[2008 金华] —Did you give me a phone call?

—Yes, I did. But nobody ______ the phone.

A. answer B. answered C. will answer D. had answer

4. [2008 北京] We were in Qingdao last week and ______ great fun there.

A. will have B. have had C. had D. have

5. [2008 涿鹿] —Look at the sing. Reading aloud is not allowed in the reading-room.

—Oh, I am sorry. I ______.

A. don?t notice B. didn?t notice C. wasn?t noticing D. wasn?t notice

快乐阅读 Dear Sir,

We joined your Happy Summer Camp, but we are not happy at all! Where are your comfortable rooms? I'm writing this letter in my tent and it's raining again out there. Water is coming through the tent. Everything is wet.

Is this the river? How can we swim in the river? It is so dirty and the rubbish is here and there. What kind of fish can live in it? What about our excellent food? We eat potatoes almost every meal and they were badly cooked! So we aren't even full enough. Yes, there is a swimming pool, but is it as big as an Olympic size pool? And it is always closed. There are 20 mountain bikes here. But you see most of them don't work. Everything is bad here, and we can't stay here any longer!

Unhappy Lily

1. What does Lily think of the Happy Summer Camp?

A. Interesting B. Good C. Bad

2. Can Lily swim in the river?

A. Yes, of course B. No, she can?t. C. We don?t know.

3. What kind of food does Lily eat for almost every meal?

A. beef B. chicken C. potatoes

4. Is there a swimming pool as big as an Olympic size pool?

A. Yes, there is. B. No, there isn?t. C. We don?t know.

5. Did Lily have a good time in the Happy Summer Camp?

A. Yes, she did. B. No, she didn?t. C. Of course.


一 、重点词汇拓展

1. 幸运地____________ (形容词) ____________

2. 雨伞;伞____________ (复数) ____________

3. 湿的;潮湿的____________ (比较级) ____________

4. 运动员____________ (动词) ____________

5. 雨;雨水____________ (形容词) ____________

二 、重点词组识记

1. 庭院旧货出售 ____________________

2. 将来 ____________________

3. 开车兜风 ____________________

4. 听起来很乏味_____________________

5. 听起来像…… ____________________

6. sound fun ____________________

7. day off _____________________

8. have fun ______________________

9. watch DVDs ____________________

10. in yesterday?s singing competition _____________________


1. —Were you at work on your day off?


A. Yes, I were. B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, I was.

2. —Did they take any photos?


A. No, they didn?t. B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, I was.

3. My mother ______ dumplings for us last night.

A. makes B. maked C. made

4. ______ you buy a souvenir from Japan last Sunday?

A. Do B. Did C. Does

5. Did you ______ supper at home?

A. have B. had C. ate


1. Did you ______ (have) a good holiday?

2. There ______ (be) many cars in the street yesterday.

3. They had great fun ______ (play) the piano last night.

4. They ______ (have) great fun in yesterday?s party.

5. We ______ (take) a bus to the museum last Sunday..


It for four days. Mike couldn?t go out and __

s for him. But he didn?t like them. He __looked outside.

His mother was angry and said:“Look at your hands! How dirty they are! When did you _ “But I didn?t see __ young, mum.” said the boy.

1.[2008 上海] As soon as he ______ the bus, the poor man realized he had left his wallet on it.

A. got on B. got off C. got to D got in

2. [2008 涿鹿] The teacher ______ the papers and the test began.

A. gave in B. gave up C. gave out D. gave away

3. [2008 河北] Nick ______ a new camera. He has taken lots of pictures with it.

A. buys B. is buying C. bought D. will buy

4. [2008 苏州] —Did you wash your clothes?

—No, I was going to wash my clothes but I ______ visitors.

A. have had B. have C. had D. will have

5. [2008 呼和浩特] I ______ myself French from 8 to 9 yesterday morning. I ______ to work.

A. was teaching; didn?t go B. taught; didn?t go

B. was teaching; went D. taught; went


1. Did you ______ (have) a good holiday?

2. There ______ (be) many cars in the street yesterday.

3. They had great fun ______ (play) the piano last night.

4. They ______ (have) great fun in yesterday?s party.

5. We ______ (take) a bus to the museum last Sunday..


It But he didn?t like them. He __looked outside.

His mother was angry and said:“Look at your hands! How dirty they are! When did you _ “But I didn?t see you when y__ young, mum.” said the boy.

1.[2008 上海] As soon as he ______ the bus, the poor man realized he had left his wallet on it.

A. got on B. got off C. got to D got in

2. [2008 涿鹿] The teacher ______ the papers and the test began.

A. gave in B. gave up C. gave out D. gave away

3. [2008 河北] Nick ______ a new camera. He has taken lots of pictures with it.

A. buys B. is buying C. bought D. will buy

4. [2008 苏州] —Did you wash your clothes?

—No, I was going to wash my clothes but I ______ visitors.

A. have had B. have C. had D. will have

5. [2008 呼和浩特] I ______ myself French from 8 to 9 yesterday morning. I ______ to work.

A. was teaching; didn?t go B. taught; didn?t go

C. was teaching; went D. taught; went

Section A【基础巩固】

一 、重点词汇拓展

1 hang; hung 2 win; won 3 visitor; visit 4 ending; end 5 drive; drove 6 rain; rained

二 、重点词组识记

1 hang out; 2 sleep late; 3 day off; 4 go to the aquarium; 5 have a great time

6 在……的最后 7照相;8 获奖;9听起来很有趣 10 看海豚表演

三 、重点句型体验:

1 We went to the aquarium last Sunday.

2 Did you see any sharks?

3 I watched a dolphin show last Sunday.

4 Were there any seals in the zoo?



B C C C C,


have, did, do, Did, did, got, had, were


1 Did, buy 2 Did, go to the zoo 3 had fun 4 sounds interesting 5 hung out, on


1 stopped, 2 looked, 3 saw, 4 buying, 5 one, 6 from, 7 How much, 8 gave, 9 asked, 10was



1 B 解析“疑问句中,some变成any”

2 A 解析“问句用过去时的助动词,答句要用相应的助动词回答。”

3 C 解析“从句中last night判断出用过去时。”

4 C 解析“and为并列连词,前后时态要一致。”

5 A 解析“sound为感官动词,其后接形容词做表语。”

6 A 解析“be late for固定短语,迟到;从yesterday morning可以判断出用过去时。” 7 B 解析“从sharks判断出本题选海洋馆。”

8 B 解析“sleep late睡得晚,从last night可以判断出用过去时。”

9 C 解析“at the end of……在……的最后,其后可以接时间或者地点。”


1 D 解析“描述过去的情况,你妈妈什么时候买的那件蓝色的裙子?”

2 B 解析“描述过去的情况, 我把镜子打破了。”

3 B 解析“描述过去的情况,我给你打电话的时候”没有人接。”

4 C 解析“and连接相同的成分,都是过去时态.”

5 B. 解析“说明过去的情况,省略了状语just now.”



Section B



一 、重点词汇拓展

1 luckily, lucky 2 umbrella, umbrellas 3 wet, wetter 4 player, play 5 rain, rainy

二 、重点词组识记

1 yard sale; 2 in the future; 3 go for a drive; 4 sound boring; 5 sound like;

6 听起来很有趣;7 休息 8 玩得高兴;9 看影碟;10 在昨天的唱歌比赛中

三 、重点句型体验:

1 Where did you go yesterday?

2 How was your day off?

3 I didn?t have fun on my day off

4 I wanted to go for a drive last week.





1 have, 2 were, 3 playing, 4 had, 5 took


1 else, do 2 go for a drive, 3 on your day off, 4 have fun camping, 5 sounds like


1 rained, 2 played, 3 had, 4 bought, 5 stood,

6 stopped, 7 to read, 8 for, 9 see, 10 were



1 B C C C B D

7 D解析“你得到这个电影明星的签名了吗?”

8 C解析“sound为感官动词,其后接形容词做表语。”

9 D解析“整句话前后时态要一致,都应用过去时;be out表示不在家,出去了。” 10 D解析“你把教室打扫完之后,教室变得很干净。”


1 B 解析“那个可怜的男人一下车,就意识到他把钱包落在车上了。”

2 C 解析“and前后连接并列的成分,都用过去时。”

3 C 解析“Nick买了一架新的照相机,他已经用这架照相机照了许多照片了。”

4 C 解析“我正打算洗衣服的时候,来了客人。根据句义判断是用过去时。”

5 A 解析“from 8 to 9是过去进行时的时间状语; 而后一空格则在描述昨天的事情,我没有去工作。”



A: Hello, Bill.

B: Hello, Dick.

A: What did you do over the weekend?

B: I went to the beach.

A: How was your weekend?

B: It was great! What about you?

A: I studied for the coming English test. It wasn?t very good.



1.Sam was ill yesterday, so he _____his homework.

A.didn't B.not did C.didn't do D.didn't did

2.Hawaii is famous _____its beautiful beaches.

A.for B.in C. of D.with

3.Mr Turner taught English in a middle school _____1998.

A.for B.at C.in D.since

4.I was born ____Noverber 25,and my birthdayis comingsoon.

A.for B.at C.in D.on

5.The coat was____expensive that I didn't buy it.

A.very B.so C.much D.too

6.What did your father do when he was in England?

He_____in a car factory.

A.work B.worked C .is working D. will work.

7. Do you think Jim will pass the Chinese exam?

Sure. He ____a lot of time on it .

A. took B. cost C.paid D. spent

8.How do you go to work every day?

I ____on my bike.

A .ride B.drive C. take D.walk

9.When did he come to our city?_______.

A.Two years before B.Two years ago

C.For two years D.After two years

10.He stopped_____when he was ill.

A.to smoke B .smoke C. smoking D.to smoking

11.You are never too____to start doing things.

A.busy B.free C.young D.brave

12.He began to play the piano_____four.

A.at age of B.aged of C.at the age of D.when he is

13.He is ____unusual piano player.

A.a B.an C./ D .of

14.I can hear a girl_____the violin in the next room.

A.play B.playing C.to play D.are playing

15.Did you _____the sports meeting last week?

A.join B.take part in C.joined D.took part in

II.完形填空 。(10分)(可略)

Mike always love ships. When he was 16 , he said,“I 'm going into the army.” But his eyes were not 17 , and he could not get in it .

Then he said,“I'm going to buy a small 18 , and I'm going to go round the world.” But boats 19 very expensive , and Mike did not have 20 money.

But last summer Mike found a swimming club near 21 house. The lessons did not cost very much, and Mike began going to the club at the weekeds and 22 . Now he is a good swimmer. Last week a little boy said to him,“You are a very good swimmer . How did you learn to

swim 23 ?”Mike smiled and he said ,“ Wherever I'm in the water , I say to 24 , ?There are dangerous fish in this area!? Then I'm very 25 , and I try to swim fast .”

III.阅读理解。(20 分)


Bill Clinton took office on January 20,1993 and became the 42nd U.S. president.He was also one of the youngest of all U.S. presidents. Clinton was born in a poor family .Three months before he was born ,his father, William Blats, died. When he was small, his mother remarried Norget Clinton ,so the boy's family name was changed.

In the summer of 1963, Clinton was asked to visit the city of Washington. During his visit, he met President Kennedy in the White House . At that time ,he wanted to become a president. And some years later his dream came true!

( ) 26.Clinton became the 42nd U.S. president _______ .

A. before his father B. on January 20,1993

C. in the summer of 1963 D. when he was twenty

( ) 27.Clinton's father died _______ .

A.after Clinton became the 42nd U.S. president

B. before Clinton was born

C. before World War II

D. when Clinton was young

( )28.Why was the boy's name changed?_______.

A. Because he became a president

B. Because his family was very poor

C. Because his father was dead

D. Because his mother remarried Norget Clinton

( ) 29.In 1963 Clinton came to the city of Washington_______.

A. to take part in an exam B. for his holidays

C. for a visit D. to have a meeting with Kennedy

( ) 30. Which one of the following is NOT right ?______.

A.Everybody can visit the president in the White House

B.All the U.S.presidents work in the White House

C.Clinton wanted to became a president after he saw President Kennedy

D. The White House is in the city of Washington


Mark Twain was a great American writer, and he was also a famous speaker. He liked to tell funny stories to make people laugh. He also liked to play jokes on his friends.

Once Mark Twain was travelling with a friend of his. His frieng lost his money, so he asked Mark Twain to buy a train ticket for him.“But I don't have enough money to buy two tickets,”said Mark Twain.His friend did't know what to do.“You can hide under my seat when the conductor comes to check the tickets,”Mark Twain said to him.

When the conductor came to check the tickets, Mark Twain gave him two tickets, one for himself and one for his friend . He said to the conductor,“ My friend is a strange man . When he travels on a train, he does not like to sit on the seat. He likes to lie on the floor under the seat.”Everyone in the train looked at his friend under the seat and laughed.


( )31.Mark Twain was a great Canadian writer and a famous speaker.

( )32.Twain's friend lost his wallet on a train trip.

( )33.Twain gave the conductor two tickets.

( )34.Twain's friend was strange.He liked to lie under the seat when he was on a train.

( )35.Everyone on the train laughed at Twain.



One day an old man was selling a big elephant .A young man came to the elephant and began to look at it slowly and carefully. The old man went to him and the young man .After the old man sold the elephant ,he gave the young man some meat and said,"Now ,can you tell me how you see the bad ears of the elephant?""I don't find the bad ears."said the young man."Then why did you look at the elephant slowly and carefully ?"asked the old man.The young 36.________________________________________________________


38.What was the matter with the elephant?


39.What did the old man give to the young man ?


40.Why did the young man look at the elephant slowly and carefully?





41、Li Yundi liked playing the piano when he was very young .Now heis the youngest Chinese p_______.

42、They were b______ on the same day .They are twins.

43.Such cold weather is quite u in the south of China in spring.

44、I t____part in the long jump at the sports meeting last month.

45、Liu Xue ,a Chinese g______won a gold medal at the World C____ when she was



get ,picture ,paint ,stand ,happen ,bad ,make ,agree ,feel ,minute ,laugh ,sleep

Peter was a boy about ten. He lived in the village but studied in a school of a town. He

(46)____ up early and went to school by bike after breakfast. One day , on his way home ,he saw a lot of people (47)_____around a young man . The boy stopped to find out what

(48)______there. The young man said ,"I've traveled in several countries and seen a lot of pictures ,but they were all (49)_____than mine.I'm sure it's difficult to find an artist like me!I have to come here to look for the best artist in the world."

Most people thought he was boasting. An old man said ,"Please show one of your

(50)_____to us if it's true!"

The young man brought out a picture and hung it on the wall. All the people thought it was nice except Peter .He found a drawback(缺陷)and showed it to them. It (51)_____the young man angry .He said to the boy ,"Are you good at (52)_____ ,boy? Paint one for us ,will you?" "OK,"Peter (53)______. He painted the paper black and showed it to the young man . The young man watched it for nearly ten (54)______---and then asked ,"What did you paint?" "It's a black pig on the dark night." All the people began (55)______and the young man didn't say a word for a long time.

1-5 CACDB 6-10 BDDBC 11-15 CCBBB 16-20 BACCB

21-25 ACBBA 26-30 BBDCA 31-35 FTTFF

36. 在我卖这头大象之前,你什么也别说。

37 .因为我以前从未见过大象,所以我想知道它是什么样。

38 .It had the bad ears.

39.He gave him some meat.

40. Because he had never seen an elephant before, and he wanted to know what it looked like.

41.pianist 42.born 43.unusual 44.took 45.golfer 46.got 47.standing

48.happened 49.worse 50.pictures

51.made 52.painting 53.agreed 54.minutes 55.to laugh


I. 单项选择。(15分)

( )1、I'm going to take ______lessons every day.

A. act B. action C. acting D. actor

( ) 2、When I grow up ,I'm going to do _____I want to do.

A. that B. what C. which D. when

( ) 3. I'm going to find a ______job for a year or two.

A. part in B. part -timer C. part-time D. part times

( ) 4. Where is he going to ______?

A. moving B. move to C. move D. be moved

( ) 5. I ______ this afteroon.

A. am going to be free B. am to be free

C. was to be free D. am free

( ) 6. How long _______ to stay here?

A.is he going B. would he go C. does he go D. will he go

( ) 7. It ______ rain .You'd better take an umbrella with you.

A. must B. is to be C. is going to D. will

( ) 8. You ______ a cold if you don't put on your coat.

A.will catch B.are catching C.are going to catch D. are to catch

( ) 9. If you go ______ ,take me _______you.

A. somewhere ; with B. anywhere ; with

C. somewhere ; by D. somewhere ; to

( )10.The smell of cooking ________me hungry.

A. let B. get C. have D. makes

( )11.My grandfather is lonely because my grandmother _______.My

grandmother________kind to us.

A. die ;is B. died ;was C. died ;is D. dies; is

( )12.What is he so angry________?

A. on B. in C.about D. at

( )13. We communicate________each other_______letter.

A. by; with B. by; by C. with; with D. with; by

( )14.This dictionary_______me over sixty dollars.

A. cost B. spent C. paid D. bought

( )15.I'm going to travel_______the world.

A. all B. all over C. of D.at


We call the Chinese NewYear16 . There is a name 17 each Chinese year. We may call it the year of the sheep, the year of the monkey or the year of the cock.

Before New Year's Day, people are busy 18 their houses. 19 New Year's Eve, there is a big 20 dinner. After dinner, all the family stay up 21 the New Year. On the first day of the New Year, people 22 their new clothes and go 23 their friends. They say " 24 "and some other greetings to 25

People usually have a very good time during the festival.

( )16. A. Spring Festival B. Mid-autumn Day

C. the Spring Festival D. New Year's Day

( )17. A. to B. for C. of D.on

( )18. A.shopping and clean B.shop and clean

C.shopping or cleaning D.shopping and cleaning

( )19. A.On B. In C. To D. From

( )20. A. friends B. animals C. children's D. family

( )21. A.to welcome B. welcome C. to visit D. see

( )22. A. wear B. put on C. dressed D. putting on

( )23. A. to visit B. visit C. help D. welcome

( )24. A. Good morning B. Hello C. Good lucky D. Good luck

( )25. A. others B.the other C. another D. each other

III. 阅读理解。(20分)


Most American families are smaller than the families in other countries.

Most American families have one or two parents and one or two children each.

Children in the US will leave their parents' home when they grow up. They usually live far from their parents because they want to find good jobs.

They often write to their parents or telephone them.And they often go to visit their parents on holiday.

Parents usually let their children choose their own jobs.

Americans think it important for young people to decide on their lives by themselves.

Children are asked to do some work around their house . And in many families ,

children are paid for some housework so that they learn how to make money for their own use.

( ) 26.The size of most American families is_______ that of other countries.

A. larger than B.smaller than C. as big as D. as small as

( ) 27.When children grow up ,they leave their parents' home to ______.

A. get married B. be free C. find good jobs D.study

( ) 28. They visit their parents _______ .

A.on weekdays B.on weekends C.at any time D.on holiday

( ) 29. Which of the following statements is WRONG?

A.Children have the freedom to choose their own job.

B.Parents don't ask their children to do the housework.

C.Parents think it important for children to make their own decisions.

D.When children grow up,they usually live far away from their home.

( )30.Some parents pay their children for doing housework because_______.

A. children can leam how to make money for themselves

B. their children required them to do so

C. they are rich D. it is required by law


ItwasMother's Day,but the young mother was a little unhappy, because she

was 800 miles away from her parents. In the morning she phoned her mother to wish her a happy Mother's Day,and her mother told her about the beautiful lilaces( 丁香 ) in the garden.

Later that day, when she told her husband about the lilaces, he said ,"I know where we can find all that you want. Get the chilen and come on."So they went, driving down the country roads.

There was a small hill, they saw a lot of beautiful purple lilacs. The young

woman ran home there was a smile on her face.

When they were passing a nursing home , the young woman saw an

old granny sitting in a chair . She had no children with her.

They stopped the car and the young woman walked to the old woman,

put the flowers in her hands, and smiled happily,too.

When the young came backto her car, her children asked her,"

Who is that old granny?""Why did you give our flowers to her?""I don't know her,"

their mother said"But it's Mother's Day, and she has no children. I have all

of you,and I still have my mother.Just think how much those flowers meant to her."

( )31.The young women was a little unhappy on Mother's Day because_____.

A. She didn't have a present

B. She was a long way from her mother

C. She didn't know it was Mother's Day

D.She wanted to see her mother

( ) 32. There were many beautiful purple liacs_____.

A.in her garen B. in the market

C. in the mother's garden D. in the nuring room

( ) 33. The young women had _____.

A.one child B.no child C.more then one child D.a boy and a girl

( )34.The young woman gave the flowers to the old granny because ______.

A.She was her mother B. She didn't like those flowers

C.Her mother asked to do so D.She wanted the old granny to be happy,too

( ) 35. Which of the flowing is NOT true?

A.The young woman was kind.

B. The young was understanding.

C. The young woman was friendly.

D. The young woman was surprised.

IV.任务型阅读。( 10分)

阅读下列短文,根据文章内容,将文中划线句子(36、39小题)翻译成汉语,并回答37、38、40小题。 important cities to see this, rich or poor, young or old, one can see them all there, shouting for side or the ( 37 ) ______.

To a stanger, one of the most surpring things about football in England is the great He can match and his ideas about football are uaually as good as those of men three or four older his age.



38 .将划线部分翻译成英语。_______________


40.Do many people know football in England?( answer the questions )




41. Jim is a computer p_______in a big company.

42. It's hot here, let's move s _____cool.

Mike is from Canada. Now he 46 as a waiter in New York City. Every August he has one week 47 for summer holidy. Last summer, he 48 to take a trip to San Francisco in the United States. He didn't want to go 49 plane. He really wanted to see more scenery of the U.S, so he decided to 50 the train from New York City to San Francisco.

The train 51 the station in New York City at 10:30 pm. on Mondy. Mike 52 to sleep that night, but he 53 , because he was too 54 . He expected to see the scenery the next day. He 55 his trip would be wonderful.

1-5 CBCCA 6-10 ACAAD 11-15 BCDAB 16-20 CBDAD

21-25 AAADD 26-30 ACDBA 31-35 BCCDD

36. 我认为足球是英国人最喜欢的运动。

37. other

38. the youngest boy

39. 他有他们的照片,并知道非常多的比赛结果。

40. Yes , they do.

41.programmer 42. somewhere 43. exhibition 44.grow 45.practice 46. works 47.

off 48. decided 49. by 50. take 51. left 52. tried 53. couldn't 54.excited 55.thought


一. 选择填空(15?)

1. A: Could you please sweep the floor?

B: _______. I have to do my homework.

A. Yes, sure. B. Why not? C. Sorry, you can?t D. Sorry, I can?t

2. A: Could you please buy _______ drinks and snacks?

B: Sorry. I don?t have _______ money.

A. some, any B. any, any C. some, some D. any, some

3. Nancy, thanks for _________ care of my goldfish.

A. take B. takes C. taking D. took

4. We?ll have _____________ to do in English class.

A. something different B. different something

C. anything different D. different anything

5. This shirt is a little ___________ than that one.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. the cheapest D. cheapest

6. A: Could I please ___________________?

B: Sorry, you can?t . Your father has to use it.

A. do chores B. go to the movies C. use the car D. go to school

7. Yao Ming was born _______ September 12,1980.

A. on B. in C. at D. of

8. There ________ any sharks in the aquarium.

A. are B. aren?t C. isn?t D. is

9. “How was the movie?” “It was ________. I don?t like it”.

A. funny B. good C. well D. boring

10. ______ readers said they were going to learn a new language.

A. A little B. Little C. Few D. A few

11. You look tired. You need ________ a good rest.

A. has B. have C. to have D. having

12. Beckham is a popular soccer ___________.

A. singer B. actor C. player D. doctor

13. I ___________ my aunt in Australia this winter vacation.

A. visit B. am going to visit C. visited D. was going to visit

14. Don?t forget _______ the lights when you leave.

A. to turn off B. turning off C. turn off D. turned off

15. I like ________ the car because I can be outside.

A. wash B. washing C. washes D. washed

二. 完型填空(15?)

We got over 1,000 16 , faxes, and e-mails from our readers about their New Year?s resolutions. Thank you! Many readers are going to work 17 in school this year. Lots of readers are going to 18 . Some readers said they were going to eat 19 vegetables. A few readers 20 they were going to learn a new language.

Some 21 said they were going to exercise more to keep fit. Some 22 said they were going to study the subjects their children learn at school. They said they 23 to communicate better with their kids. An old lady said she found a job 24 a foreign language teacher. She is going to 25 a teaching job in China next year.

( ) 16. A. stamps B. fruits C. letters

( ) 17. A. hard B. harder C. hardest

( ) 18. A. play sports B. play games C. play with

( ) 19. A. many B. more C. a little

( ) 20. A. say B. says C. said

( ) 21. A. girls B. boys C. men

( ) 22. A. fathers B. mothers C. parents

( ) 23. A. want B. wanted C. wants

( ) 24. A. like B. as C. for

( ) 25. A. look for B. look at C. find

三. 阅读理解(20?)


Betty is an American school girl. She is very happy because her parents will take her to China for a visit. They are going to fly from New York on June 30 and get to Beijing on July 1. They will stay at Lido Holiday Inn. Their Chinese friends will show them around Beijing. They are going to visit the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall. They will also visit some Chinese homes and try some Chinese food. They will spend a week in Beijing and then go to Xi?an, Guilin and some other places for sightseeing.

The whole trip will take three weeks and she is sure she will have a great time in China. ( )26. Betty is very happy because she will _____with her parents.

A. visit China B. go home C. watch TV

( )27. Their _____ friends will show them around Beijing.

A. Australian B. Chinese C. American

( )28. From the text we can know that they will _______in Beijing.

A. cook Chinese food B. Learn to speak Chinese C. try some Chinese food

( )29. After they visit Beijing , they will go to _______.

A. Xi?an and Guilin B. The Summer Palace C. Shanghai

( )30. How long will the whole trip take?

A. one week B. two weeks C. three weeks


Robert is sixteen now. He?ll finish middle school in two years. His father has a shop and got much money. He hopes his son can go to university and makes him study hard. But the young man likes to play at cards. He has to go out when his parents fall asleep.

One night, when Robert came back, his father happened to see him. The old man was very angry and told his son to live upstairs. Robert has to go up and down quietly. Of course it troubles him. He thought and thought but didn?t find a way.

Last evening Robert listened carefully. And he was sure his parents went to sleep, he went out to play at cards with his friends. He won some money and was happy. And he got back, he took off his shoes and was going upstairs. He heard a noise in his parents? bedroom. He stood

behind the door and saw a man come out. He understood it was a thief (小偷). He stopped him at once. The man was very afraid and brought out all the things he stole (偷) in the room.

“Tell me how you didn?t wake my parents up,” said Robert. “Or I?ll take you to the police station!”

( ) 31. Robert?s father wants Robert ___________________.

A. to catch up with his classmates

B. to be a good helper when he finishes middle school

C. to study in a university

D. to work in his shop

( ) 32. Why does Robert have to go out at night?

A. Because his friends have no time in the daytime.

B. Because he can play at cards when his parents fall asleep.

C. Because he can?t win any money in the daytime.

D. Because his parents let him do so after they go to sleep.

( ) 33. Why do Robert?s parents ask him to live upstairs?

A. Because they are old.

B. Because Robert doesn?t like any noise.

C. Because the room upstairs is better than the one downstairs.

D. Because they can hear if Robert goes out at night.

( ) 34. Robert listened carefully because he wanted to

know __________________

A. if his parents went to sleep B. if he woke his parents up

C. if it was raining hard outside D. if someone came in

( ) 35. Robert wanted _________________________________.

A. to stop playing at cards B. to know how to make more money

C. to learn how he couldn?t wake his parents up

D. the thief to teach him how to steal


Many people go to school for education. They learn languages, history, politics, maths and so on. Others go to learn a skill so that they can make a living. School education is very important and useful. Yet, no one can learn everything from school. A teacher can?t teach his students everything. The teacher?s job is to show students how to learn. The teacher teaches them how to read and how to think. So the students themselves shall learn much more outside school.


36. As a student, we go to school for __________________________.

37. Jim wants to find a job, at first, he?d better go to school ____________________________.

38. If we want to know the development of our country, we must learn ________________ well.

39. In class, the ride(角色) of a teacher is ___________________________.

40. The student who _____________________is the best student.




41. This is your pen. M_____ is black.

42. You can b_____ my bike, but you must give it back this afternoon.

43. Don?t f_____to turn off the light before you go to bed.

44. I h_____to do the laundry because I think it is boring.

45. Could you f_____ the bird twice a day?



Thirty years ago, I walked into your bakery and asked for some loaves(条) of bread to sell. At that time, I was 12 years old. A young lady s 46 me that day. She gave me five loaves and wished me good l 47 .

I took the loaves and went out to sell them. It t 48 me all day, but I sold them all. At the e 49 of the day, I had some money. I was the h 50 boy in the world as I walked home that evening.

The next day, I went to a bicycle shop. I paid a deposit (定金) on a new bicycle. And then I started my next j 51 as a newspaper delivery (递送) boy. Soon I c 52 pay the rest of the money for the bicycle and the bike was mine. I was so proud of m 53 !

Today I still work in the delivery business. I have a lot of trucks to send goods all over the country. I live in a beautiful house, but I don?t ride a bicycle these days. I drive a large and nice car.

I don?t know w 54 that young lady was. But b 55 she gave me the start, I have become a successful man. I?d like to show my thanks to her.


1. D 2. A 3. C 4. A 5. B

6. C 7. A 8. B 9. D 10. D

11. C 12. C 13. B 14. A 15. B


16. C 17. B 18. A 19. B 20. C

21. A 22. C 23. B 24. B 25. A


(A) 26-30 ABCAC (B) 31-35 CBDAC


36. education 37. to learn a skill 38. history

39. to show his students how to learn 40. knows how to teach himself/herself


(一)41、Mine 42. borrow 43. forget 44. hate 45. feed

(二)46 served 47. luck 48. took 49. end 50. happiest51 job 52. could 53. myself 54. who/whom 55 because


I. 词汇知识


1. The hat is big for me. Please show me a__________ one.

2. Mr Smith kept Jack in the classroom after school because he b__________ the window.

3. He lives outside the city. It t__________ him half an hour to go to work by bus.

4. In China, J__________ is the coldest month of the year.

5. P__________ live in China, but people can see them in some foreign zoos.

6. The old man feels __________(更糟). He should go to the doctor.

7. __________(圣诞节) is the most important festival in many countries.

8. You can see all kinds of flowers __________(到处) in spring.

9. We live on the __________(十二) floor. So we have to use a lift.

10. What about a pie? It _________(有……味道) delicious.

II. 单项选择

11. Hong Kong is ____ the south of China, and Macao is _____ the west of Hong Kong.

A. in;to B. to;to C. to;in D. in;in

12. — What?s your ______ name, please?

— Jack Jim Black.

A. first B. middle C. family D. full

13. — Help ______ to some chicken.

— Thanks a lot. But I?m full now.

A. you B. your C. yourself D. yourselves

14. — ______ will you invent to your birthday party?

— Katy, Emma, Robert and Emily.

A. Who B. Whose C. What D. When

15. Which country is the ______ in the world?

A. small B. smaller C. smallest D. the smallest

16. The old man is so strange ______ nobody likes him.

A. what B. when C. if D. that

17. — What did you do ______ your summer holiday?

— I helped my father with some farming and did some reading.

A. with B. during C. of D. about

18. I think you?ll come here ______ this time tomorrow.

A. at B. for C. in D. on

19. — Have you finished Unit 12?

— Not yet. We?ll go on ______ it next Monday.

A. learn B. to learn C. learning D. learned

20. — What shall we do tomorrow evening?

— We?d better ______ a party in the open air.

A. have B. to have C. having D. had

21. Thank you for ______ the message to me.

A. giving B. give C. to giving D. to give

22. There ____ a basketball match and a movie this Sunday evening.

A. are going to be B. is going to be C. are going to have D. will have

23. — I hope to learn to drive a car.

— ______.

A. My brother hopes so. B. So hopes my brother.

C. My brother does so. D. So does my brother.

24. — Happy birthday to you.

— ______.

A. The same to you. B. You?re welcome. C. Thanks a lot. D. I would love to.

25. — My mother isn?t feeling well today.

— ______.

A. Go and see a doctor. B. Don?t worry. C. It doesn?t matter. D. I?m sorry to hear that.

26. --- Could I please _____?

--- Sorry, you can?t. Your father has to use it.

A. do the dishes B. go to the movies C. use the car D. watch TV

27. Who do you _____ was the best actor?

A. think B. think of C. think about D. to think

28. Nancy, thanks for _____ care of my dog.

A. take B. taking C. takes D. took

29. Lin Li is ______ in her class.

A. the younger B. younger C. youngest D. the youngest

30. This shirt is _____ cheaper than that one.

A. little B. a little C. few D. a few

III. 补全对话

Wendy:Hello. 3637982.

David:Hello. Could I speak to Wendy, please?

Wendy:Is that David? (31)______.

David:I didn?t see you at Bruce?s birthday party yesterday. Didn?t he ask you to go to it?

Wendy:(32)______ I forgot it. He told me about it last Wednesday. I bought a present for him. But I thought it was his birthday today. Who went to the party yesterday?

David:Seven children. I thought you were ill.

Wendy:(33)______ I have to say sorry to him tomorrow.

David:(34)______ His family went to China this morning.

Wendy:Really? When will they come back?

David:In a year. His father found work there.

Wendy:Do you know his new address?

David:No. He?ll write to me when he gets there.



IV. 翻译填空


36. 你最喜欢哪一个季节?______ season do you like ______?

37. 我的朋友一年到头都很忙。My friend is busy ______ the year ______.

38. 除了一个旧袋子,他一无所有。He has ______ ______ an old bag.

39. 到元月份,天气变得更冷了。January comes and it ______ ______.

40. 那个老头总是随身带着一把雨伞。

The old man always takes an umbrella ______ ______.

V. 完形填空

Florence Nightingale was a famous English nurse. She was born in a rich family. When she was , she took lessons in music and drawing, and read many great books. She also in many countries with her parents.

As a child she felt that visiting 43 people was both a duty and a pleasure. She enjoyed helping them.

At last she decided that she was going to be a nurse. But her father said, “Nursing isn?t the job for a lady.”

“Then I will make it so,” she smiled. And she went to 45 nursing in Germany and France. When she returned to In the Crimean War in 1854, she went with a group of thirty-eight nurses to the front(前线) Florence used her own 48 and some from her friends to buy clothes, beds,

medicines and food for the men. Her only pay was the smiles of the wounded(受伤的). But they were more than enough for this kind woman.

Florence died at ninety. She tried to serve others through her work as a nurse all her life.

Thanks to her contributions(贡献) to medicine we realize nurses do an and necessary job.

41. A. old B. dead C. young D. weak

42. A. worked B. traveled C. rested D. sang

43. A. healthy B. strange C. poor D. sick

44. A. right B. wrong C. bad D. terrible

45. A. show B. learn C. teach D. remember

46. A. Germany B. France C. America D. England

47. A. hospitals B. cinemas C. museums D. parks

48. A. food B. clothes C. money D. time

49. A. policemen B. soldiers C. children D. drivers

50. A. interesting B. elementary C. easy D. important

VI. 阅读理解

A. 阅读下面的短文,从每题所给的四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。


June came and the hottest month of the year began. A lot of travellers came to the city by the sea. All of the hotels were full except Mr Johnson?s. The prices of all the rooms were the lowest in the city but few people stayed there. The fire(火灾)broke out three times in a year and four travellers died in the accidents. Most workers left there and found jobs in the other hotels. Mr Johnson had to do most work himself.

It was eleven o?clock. Most rooms were still empty. Mr Johnson worked for the whole day and

was very tired. He went to close the gate when a young man came in, with a big bag in his hand. “What can I do for you, sir?” asked Mr Johnson.

“The cheapest room in your hotel.”

“OK,” said Mr Johnson, “but it?s on the top floor.”

“It doesn?t matter. I think you have a lift in your hotel.”

“Of course, sir,” said the manager. “It?ll take you right there. By the way, may I keep your bag for you?”

“No, thanks. There?s nothing expensive in it but a long rope.”

“Oh? What do you bring it with you for?”

“I?m afraid another fire will happen in your hotel. If it does, I?ll throw the rope out of the window so that I?ll be able to escape from(逃脱)it.”

“Yes?” Mr Johnson said in surprise. “So you have to pay for the bill before you go to your room.”

51. Most workers left the hotel because ______.

A. Mr Johnson paid them less B. it was dangerous to work for Mr Johnson

C. some travelers stayed there D. it was too hot there in summer

52. ______, so most rooms were empty.

A. The travelers preferred to stay outside B. The travelers went out for supper

C. A few travelers died in Mr Johnson?s hotel D. Mr Johnson was bad to the travelers

53. The young man went in the hotel to ______.

A. put his bag there B. look for something C. talk to Mr Johnson D. stay for night

54. The young man took a bag with him so that ______.

A. he could easily leave the hotel if it was on fire

B. he could pay nothing for the room

C. he could go to work early the next morning

D. he could hold something

55. Mr Johnson asked the young man to pay because he was afraid ______.

A. the young man could hurt him B. the young man could take something away

C. the young man could leave without paying any money

D. his hotel would be on fire again


James got up at five to seven. His parents and his little twin sisters went traveling in France and he had to look after himself at home. He opened the fridge, but he found only two hamburgers in it. He decided to have breakfast in the restaurant at the other side of the street. He sat at a table and the waiter came up and said, “Can I take your order(点菜), James?”

“But you don?t show your menu to me, Mr Hunt,” said the boy.

“Oh, sorry! I forget it. Here it is.”

James brought out his wallet and found there was only 6.50 dollars in it.

“Well,” said Mr Hunt. “What about a hamburger, a pizza, two eggs and a glass of coke?” “Oh, no,” said the boy. “I?ll buy a picture-book this afternoon. It?s 1.50 dollars.”

“I see,” said the waiter. And then he brought the boy a nice breakfast.

56. There were ______ people in James? family.

A. three B. four C. five D. six

57. Which of the following is NOT right?

A. The waiter knew James. B. The restaurant was near James?home.

C. James went to the restaurant alone.

D. The waiter took a menu to James when he saw him.

58. ______ are the most expensive in the menu?

A. Sandwiches B. Hamburgers C. Pizzas D. Hamburgers and pizzas

59. James hoped to pay ______ dollars for his breakfast.

A. 5.00 B. 1.50 C. 6.50 D. 3.50

60. At last James had ______ for his breakfast.

A. two eggs, a hamburger, a piece of bread and a glass of coffee

B. two eggs, a pizza, a piece of bread and a glass of coffee

C. two eggs, a hamburger, a piece of bread and a glass of coke

D. one egg, a pizza, a sandwich and a glass of coffee

B. 阅读下面的短文,根据其内容,在每个空白处填写一个适当的词(首字母已给出),完成句子。

Three years ago, Mr Johnson retired(退休). He returned to his hometown with his wife. Bad luck! The old woman died five months ago and now he had to live in the small town alone. His son asked him to live with them in the city, but he refused. He hated the noisy life there. He had some new friends and thought he enjoyed himself. So the young man bought a nice vat(缸) with about fifty goldfishes (金鱼) in it. They could never make any noise in the night and his father could have a good sleep.

Mr Johnson liked the goldfishes and took good care of them. He bought some books and did all what?s said in them. He often told his friends about his goldfishes and they went to visit them. He was very happy.

A few days later, the old man looked worried. A cat of his neighbour?s stole(偷) his

goldfishes at night. He tried to catch it, but he couldn?t. He had to sleep near the vat. It made him very tired. So the angry old man went to a shop and said, “Excuse me, sir. Where can I buy a shark(鲨鱼), please?”

“Oh?” the man in the shop said in surprise. “What do you have it for?”

“I want to teach the cat a lesson(教训)!”

61. Mr Johnson returned to his hometown because he liked the q_______ place.

62. The young man thought goldfishes could k________ quiet, so he bought some for his father.

63. Mr Johnson thought his goldfishes pretty, so he often s________ them to his friends.

64. Mr Johnson had to look after the goldfishes at night, so he was very tired in the d_________.

65. Mr Johnson wanted a shark to e_____ the cat.




66. At last Alice agreed to marry to Mr Beckman.

A B C D ( )_____________

67. Would you like anything sweet for breakfast?

A B C D ( )_____________

68. What do you usually feed your dog to?

A B C D ( )_____________

69. Wait a minute. I?ll soon finish to tidy the room.

A B C D ( )_____________

70. He?ll ring up you after he reaches London next Monday.

A B C D ( )_____________

I. 1. another 2. broke 3. takes 4. January 5. Pandas

6. worse 7. Christmas 8. everywhere 9. twelfth 10. tastes

II. 11. A

点拨:in表示某地在某一大地方的范围之内。on 和to都可表示在范围之外,on表示两地接壤、相邻,一般指陆路相邻;to表示某地在另一地方的范围之外,一般指隔海相望。

12. D

点拨:Jack Jim Black是一个人的全名,而不是“名”、“中间名”、“姓氏”。

13. C

点拨:help oneself to意为“请随意吃……”,是固定短语,A、B不能选;从所给的答句来看,根据题中的代词I, 我们知道所指的对象是一个人,因此D也不能选。

14. A


15. C


16. D


17. B

点拨:该句是在表示“在……期间” 而with, of, about都不能用来表示在某一段期间内。

18. A

点拨:at this time表示“在这时;在此刻”。

19. C

点拨:go on后接V+ing形式表示“继续做某事”。

20. A

点拨:had better后接动词原形。

21. A

点拨:介词要和名词、代词或v.的-ing 形式连用。

22. B

点拨:该题考查there be结构。故应选be going to + be或will be的形式,又在这种结构当中应该遵循主语邻近一致原则,应该用单数。

23. D

点拨:表示要做同样的事情或后者和前者一样时,要用倒装句,A、C 不能选;由于前


24. C


25. D


26. C

27. A

28. B

29. D

30. B


IV.36. Which;best

37. all;round

38. nothing but

39. gets colder

40. with him

V.41. C


42. B


43. D


44. A


45. B


46. D

点拨:从前面的Florence Nightingale was a famous English nurse.来看,她是英国人,这说明她回到了“英国”。

47. A


48. C


49. B


50. D

点拨:由于Florence所做出的奉献。使得大家认识到护理工作是很“重要的”。 VI.51. B


52. C


53. D


54. A

点拨:从短文中的If it does, I?ll throw the rope out of the window so that I?ll be able to escape from it就能得知,他带着绳子就是为了“一旦发生火灾,他能用绳子从窗子逃脱”。

55. C


56. C


57. D

点拨:从第一段的内容来看,James独自到街道对面的饭馆里吃早点,离他家不远,他也认识Mr Hunt。

58. D


59. A


60. B

点拨:从短文中的He opened the fridge, but he found only two hamburgers in it可以看出,他不喜欢吃汉堡包,才去饭馆吃早点的,A、C不能选;选项D超过了5元,也不能选。

61. quiet

点拨:从短文中的He hated the noisy life there来看,他喜欢平定的生活,才要回到故乡去。

62. keep


63. showed

点拨:Mr Johnson告诉朋友,就是让他们看他的金鱼。

64. daytime

点拨:Mr Johnson要在夜里保护金鱼,白天就很累。

65. eat

点拨:Mr Johnson自然是想要鲨鱼吃掉那只猫。

VII.66. D


67. C

点拨:改为something。在Would you like …? 句型中,通常用something而不用anything,表示说话人的语气非常客气。希望对方作肯定答复时,要用something。

68. D

点拨:改为on。“用……喂……”要用feed sb./sth. on sth.

69. C

点拨:将to tidy改为tidying。finish要后接v.的-ing形式。

70. A

点拨:改为ring you up。人称代词做ring up等“动词+副词”动词短语的宾语时,人称代



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