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新外研版八年级上M2 My hometown and my country Unit_1课件(1)

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Get up that hill. 爬上那座山。 hill n. 小山

population n. million num. 人口,全体居民 百万 e.g. This country now has a
population of about 110 million. 这个国家现有大约1.1亿人口。

wide adj. 宽的;宽阔的 e.g. This river is very wide.



than prep. 比 e.g. It’s cheaper to travel by train

than by air. 旅游坐火车比飞机便宜。

pretty adv. 相当地;非常;很 I’m pretty sure that he’ll say yes. 我非常确定他会说是。 pretty good 相当好;很好 e.g. For a beginner, you are pretty good. 对一个初学者来说,你是相当不错 了。 www.zzstep.com

get v. 变成;成为 e.g. As you get old, your memory will become worse. 当你变老的时候,你的记忆



The pencil is long.

This ruler is longer than it.

Liu Xiang is tall.

Yao Ming is taller than him.

London is old.

Beijing is older than London.

The apple is small.
This orange is smaller than the apple.

1. Look at the pictures and talk about them. Use the words in the box to help you.

high hill population river wide


Shanghai Place: (1)_______________ 23.5 Population: (2)_______ million
Jin Mao Tower: (3) _______ metres high 420.5 Hong Kong Place: (4)___________

Population: (5)________ million seven Victoria Peak: (6) ______ metres high 552 www.zzstep.com

1. Is Shenzhen on the coast? Yes, it is.

2. Is Shenzhen older than Hong Kong?
No, it isn’t.

1. So it’s a newer city than Hong Kong? 2. It’s getting bigger and busier. 3. That’s larger than the population of many other cities in China. 4. Its streets are much wider and cleaner too. 5. It’s taller than many other buildings in Shenzhen. www.zzstep.com

Now complete the passage about Shenzhen.
Shenzhen is on the coast near Hong Kong. It became important in the (1) _______. Before 1980s village that it was a (2)_______. Today the population of Shenzhen is more than (3) ten _______ million. There are many tall buildings in Shenzhen. A famous one is the (4) Diwang Tower taller ______________. It is (5) _______ than many other buildings in Shenzhen.

3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box. You need to use some of the words more than once.

big busy clean large new small wide 1. About thirty years ago, Shenzhen was a ______ village, but today it is a very small _______ city. big newer 2. Shenzhen is a _______ city than Hong Kong. www.zzstep.com

big busy clean large new small wide bigger 3. Shenzhen is getting _______ and _______. The streets are ________ and busier wider ________. cleaner busy 4. Shenzhen will become as ______ as

Hong Kong. larger 5. The population of Shenzhen is ______ than that of many other cities in China. www.zzstep.com

?Hey! ?How was your weekend?

?Pretty good!


1. How was your weekend? Pretty good! pretty good表示“相当好”。用于对 How’s …?/What do you think of …?作 答 e.g. — How was your traveling? — Pretty good. —你的旅行怎么样? — 非常棒。

2. In fact, it only became important in the 1980s. It’s getting bigger and busier. 1) in fact 表示“事实上”。 e.g. In fact, Taiwan is a part of China. 事实上,台湾是中国的一部分。 结构为“in the + 年 + s‖。
e.g. in the 1930s 在20世纪30年代

2) in the 1980s 表示“在20世纪80年代”。

3) become important 表示“变得重要”。

getting bigger and cleaner

become 和 get 表示“变得”,用法
等于 be。

become,get,go,grow这几个 词作连系动词时,都可以表示 “变成”,但也有些区别: become较正式, get和go较口语化。此 外become和get可由好变坏,也可由坏 变好,而go通常是由好变坏。例如: The situation has become even better/ worse. 情况变得更好/糟了。

They are getting richer and richer/ poorer and poorer. 他们越来越富了/穷了。 The woman had gone mad. 那女人疯了。 grow作“变成”时,有“逐渐变成新的 状 态”的意思。例如: My younger brother is growing tall. www.zzstep.com

3. Some day it will become as busy as Hong Kong, I’m sure. as + 形容词/副词 + as 和……一 样 e.g. He is as tall as his brother. 他和他的哥哥一样高。 not as + 形容词/副词 + as 不像…… e.g. This dictionary is not as useful as you think. 这本字典不如你想象的那样有用。

4. That’s larger than the population of many other cities in China. population 表示“人口”,一般用单数。 e.g. What’s the population? 表示“人口有多少?” What’s the population of America? 美国的人口是多少? China has a large population. 中国的人口庞大。

5. Its streets are much wider and cleaner too. much后面加比较级,用来修饰比较 级,表示“更……‖。 e.g. Tom runs much faster than Mike. 汤姆比迈克跑得更快。



1. — Shenzhen is larger in population than Beijing.

— No, it isn’t. It’s smaller.
2. — Hong Kong is newer than Shenzhen.

— No, it isn’t. It’s older.

3. — Shenzhen is as old as Hong Kong.

— No, it isn’t. It’s newer.
4. — Hong Kong is as busy as Shenzhen.

— No, it isn’t. It’s busier.


Shenzhen a big city

Your home town


6. Work in pairs. Talk about the differences between Shenzhen and your home town. Use big, small, hot, cold, tall or new.

— Is your home town bigger than Shenzhen? — No, it isn’t. It’s smaller than Shenzhen.


In English, sentences stress is very

important. We stress key words, which give the

main information and the main ideas.


1. 比较级定义:表示两者或两类人或事物 之间的比较。
2. 比较级变化规则: ① 一般在词尾加-er。如: small — smaller old — older

②以字母e结尾的形容词直接加 –r。如: large — larger fine — finer ③以重读闭音节结尾的形容词,如末尾只 有一个辅音字母,应双写该字母,再 加-er。如: big — bigger hot — hotter ④以辅音字母加 y 结尾的形容词,把“y‖ 变 “i‖,再加–er。如: busy —busier easy — easier

3. 比较级的结构: (1)同级比较的结构: as + 形容词/副词 + as,表示“和…… 一 样”。 not as + 形容词/副词 + as,表示“不 像……那样”。 (2)比较级结构: 比较级 + than + 比较对象,表示 “比……更……‖。

1. short — _______ 2. thin — ______ shorter thinner 3. early — _______ 4. red — _______ earlier redder 5. fine — _______ 6. fat — _______ fatter finer 7. cool — _______ 8. big — ______ cooler bigger 9. wet — _______ 10. dry — _______ wetter drier

1. _____, this pen is longer than that one.

A. One day
C. Pretty good

B. In fact

2. — Is Hong Kong ____ than Shanghai?
— Yes, it is.

A. new

B. newer

C. newest

3. — Is the dog _____ than that one?

— Yes, it is.
A. big purple one. B. biger C. bigger

4. The yellow coat is as ______ as the A. cheap
C. cheaper

B. heavier

1. I had to call a taxi because the box was ______ than I’d expected. (2012苏州) A. heavy B. B heavier C. the heavier D. the heaviest 2. She sang a song ―I believe I can fly‖ in Yangzhou English Classics Reading Contest. I have never heard a ____ voice than that before. (2012扬州) A. good B. well C. C better D. best





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