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初三下模块10Unit 1

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Module 10 My future life
Unit 1 I’m going to miss my classmates

Scarborough Fair

New words
1.beat n. 强节奏

2.ceiling n. 天花板
3.fetch v. (去)拿来

4.pardon int. 请再说一遍
5.raise v. 举起

school leavers's party

Look at the picture. Answer the questions.
① What’s the special event? ② What is everybody doing? ③ Are you going to have a school leavers’ party?

Listen and answer the questions.
beat ceiling excuse me fetch flag floor hang menu vacation ① What is Betty doing? She’s dancing. ② What does Betty’s mum think will happen? She thinks the ceiling will fall down. ③ What does Betty refuse to eat, and why? A sandwich. Because there’s going to be a menu of international food.

④ How are they going to decorate the ball? They’re going to hang up international flags. ⑤ What will Betty’s mum do at the end of the evening? She’ll fetch Betty. ⑥ What happens after the end of term? She’ll have a vacation.

Look, listen to the conversation and discuss the question. Then, read quickly and check your answer.

Look, listen to the conversation and discuss this question. Then read quickly and check your answer.

What are they talking about in this conversation? School leavers’ party.

Read carefully and make notes. Their feelings a bit sad The wonderful flags from floor to ceiling decorations The music cool, a great beat, noisy Their plans

The menu

Tony: stay in China Betty: finish high school education in China, then go home Daming: become an English teacher hot dogs, ice cream, sandwiches

Their hopes Always stay friends for the future

Read the questions and decide if we know the answers. Do you know … ① what Lingling’s plans are? No, we don’t. ② what people think of the music? Yes, we do. It’s cool, with a good beat, but a bit noisy. ③ what Tony’s plans are? Yes, we do. He hopes to stay in China.

④ what’s on the menu? Yes, we do. Hot dogs, ice cream and sandwiches. ⑤ what they wish for when they raise their glasses? Yes, we do. Their friendship and the future. ⑥ what Betty’s speech is about?

No, we don’t.

Language points
1. It’s got a great beat!

Rock roll has a strong beat. Painting, that my beat forever in my life! Try to follow the beat.

2. Do you intend to stay in China for long?

这里intend to do sth表示“打算做某事”。 如: Finny intends to go to Australia next year if all goes well. 这里for long相当于for a long time, 表示“很 长时间”。如: -- Have you been waiting for long? -- No, not for long, only a few minutes. She went out into the garden but she didn’t stay for long.

3. And we’ll always stay friends. 这里stay的意思是“保持;使……处于某种 状态”。如: The shops stay open until 9 pm. He never stays angry for long.
4. I’m going to miss my classmates. be going to 可以表示打算、意图,也可以表 示

可能性,比如:It’s going to rain.这句话中 的be going to 也是表示可能。 5. Here’s to our friendship, everyone. Here’s to…是祝酒的常用语,意思是 “为……干杯”。

Answer the questions.
① How long does your summer vacation last? ② Where do you hang your coat? ③ What color is your bedroom ceiling? ④ What is / was on the menu at your school today? ⑤ When do you say “Excuse me”? when you want to interrupt someone, ask a question of a stranger or you make a mistake. ⑥ What colors are the American flag? Red, white and blue.

Listen and repeat this passage from the conversation.
Yes, it’s very enjoyable, / but I feel a bit sad. / I don’t know when / we’ll be back in this hall / all together again. I’m going to miss my classmates.

Say this passage aloud. Make sure you pause at the end of each sense group.
Let’s raise our glasses. Here’s to our friendship, everyone… and the future! And now, excuse me. I must make a speech! Now listen and check.

Think about your plans for the future. Talk about your answers to the questions.

What are your plans and hopes for the future? Are you going to have a school leavers’ party? What will you do on vacation? Will you miss your friends and classmates? Next year I’m going to senior high school. It’s in … now, so I hope to see all my friends there …

1.He intends

D abroad next year.

A. studied

B. studies

C. study D. to study 2. B I go , the dog follows me. A. Whenever C. Whatever 3.He A A. made B. Wherever D. Where C. got D. did

a speech on peace yesterday. B. spoke

4. Please make a report after you finish ______ A the book. A. reading C. read B. to read D. reads

A 5. Let’s raise our glasses . Here ’s _____ our friendship. A. to B. for C. in D. at

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