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Unit 1 Can you come to my party? 一. 从A、B、C、D四个选项中选择最佳答案 ( C) 1. — ______ is the party? — Next Wednesday. A. What B. Which C. When D. Where ( C ) 2. Sandy ______ go to see the dentist. He has a serious toothache. A. mustn’t B. can C. has to D. can’t ( C ) 3. — Can you come to my birthday party? — ______. A. No, I don’t B. You are welcome C. Sure, I’d love to D. Quite well

( B) 4. Thank you ______ me to your party. A. ask B. for asking C. to ask D. asking ( A ) 5. — Can you ______ to my house to have a party tonight? — _____, but I have to visit my teacher. A. come over; Sorry B. come on; Sure C. come over; Sure D. come on; Sorry ( D ) 6. My sister has to study ______ her Chinese test ______ Tuesday morning. A. at; on B. on; for C. for; in D. for; on

( B ) 10. — I’m afraid I can’t come. — That’s OK. Maybe ______ day. A. one B. another C. other D. any ( D ) 11. — _______ did you meet in the street yesterday? — An old friend of mine. A. Where B. When C. What D. Whom ( B) 12. The doctor will be ________ in 20 minutes. Can you wait that long? A. busy B. free C. tired D. happy

( A) 13. It was windy, so we ______ stay at home. A. had to B. can C. may D. must ( A ) 14. Tomorrow is Sally’s ______ birthday. A. twelfth B. twelfths C. twelve D. twelfth’s ( C ) 15. — I’m sorry, I’m late. — ______. A. Thank you very much B. Sure C. It doesn’t matter D. Yes

二. 完形填空 Peter is an American boy. He likes16.A. watching football matches, 17.C. but he hasn't enough money to buy tickets. He has to watch the matches 18.B. on TV at home when he has 19.D. quite a little homework. He must go to school from Monday to Friday, so he missed a lot of important football matches. A big football match would be held (举行) in the afternoon the next day. 20.D. Jim wanted to watch it very much. But he couldn't. He would have a physics test in 21.A. the same afternoon.

“Can we have a video, mom?” Jim asked his mother22.B. before he went to school. "Then from our TV set you can record the match for me."
“I'm 23.B. afraid we can't afford (买得起) one,” said his mother. The next morning Jim went home with a smile 24.A. carrying a new video. “But where did you get the money, Jim?” His mother asked in surprise. “That's 25.B. easy mom. I sold our TV set.”


A Most American businesses are open five days a week. American school children go to school five days a week, too. American families usually have a two-day weekend. The weekend is Saturday and Sunday. work Most Americans ________(26)five days a week and they have a two-day_______(27). weekend Over the weekend, people spend their time in may ways. The people of many families spend their time ways in different________(28).

Many families enjoy weekend together. They may go shopping, go for a drive, or visit friends. They may also invite friends over and have a party at home. They may go ou

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