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san marino

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It’s a beautiful country !

The general situation of San Marino
San Marino is a very small country in Italy . Although it seems like a small countryside , it`s indeed a country in the world . San Marino is one of the most ancient countries in the world . There is an old castle in San Marino ,which was built in the Middle century . The country include s eight villages. Each country has it`s own character . And the little country is surrounded by a peace atmosphere.

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The Korean words means “It`s so delicious!”

Cathedral of San Marino is placed to San Marino founder Saint horsepower Connaught the remains of the church, which is located in the capital of San Marino San Marino City Bay near Luzi street. The silent lonely here, elegant environment. Legend has it that in the year 301, a horsepower Connaught Mason, from the islands of the Dalmatia Abbe Island, sailed to Italy's Mount Titano, quarrying, and lived in the cliff walls of the cave. Later many people to turn to him, in order to quarry, a free and peaceful life, and at the top of the hill built the church, gradually formed a " Mason commune ".

San Marino national football team due to its little population ,there is hardly a victory in the history . But football is still the most popular sport in San Marino.

There has a beautiful story

Assumption Day

One day, Gabriel the archangel, down from the sky, tell mother Maria she was going to be into heaven, and given a heaven date branches, to her on the death bed of money. All that the dying people together, grief begged the Madonna don't leave. Mother advised them not to sad, because she will be to the Lord of the throne, will see their sons, the better it will be for all the people to pray, to help and bless them. The charge laid her in the garden of Gethsemane village next to the Jabal at-Tur, because there was buried with his parents and Joseph. In August 15th, mother lay peacefully in the beautiful bed, suddenly a light appeared, Jesus said in the angel with the open side: "come close to me, to enter into eternal life to save! " Mary got up to go to Jesus and said to him, I have to be ready. To leave the world with peace.

As an ancient country , he has long –long history .Now let me take your into this country!

These photos can not make a person totally understand a country . Under the leadership of the tour , you can really enjoy the nice place!

The first time you come to visit the country, you will feel that the country looks like a place which is standing out our world . You can relax yourselves in such a peaceful atmosphere. The most beautiful thing is that you can enjoy your afternoon in the sunshine .

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