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Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister


1.一般在原级后加er 构成比较级,加est构成最高级。 small smaller smallest young younger youngest

2.以不发音的字母e 结尾的形容词,直接加r 或st 构成比较级和最高级。 nice nicer nicest late later latest

3.以辅音字母+y 结尾的形容词,变y为i ,再加er 或est, 构成比较级和最高级。 busy busier busiest heavy heavier heaviest

4.在重读闭音节中,末尾只有一个辅音字母的形容词,要先双写这个辅音字母,再加er或est, 构成比较级和最高级。 hot hotter hottest big bigger biggest

5.以er,ow结尾的双音节词加er 或est: clever slow


good (well) better best bad (badly, ill) worse worst many(much) more most little less least

far father farthest 或 further furthest

7.多音节词前加more或most, 副词最高级前省略the.


1.以ly 结尾的副词,除early 变为 earlier 和 earliest 外, 其余一律在其前加more 和most。

如:carefully – more carefully – most carefully

2.规则变化直接加er 和 est 。 如:fast – faster—fastest


well – better – best far – farther – fastest badly – worse – worst

4.句子中,副词最高级前的the 可省略也可以不省略,但形容词最高级前面的the 绝对不能去掉。

Who runs (the) fastest, Tom, Jim or Mike?

形容词各等级的用法: 1.原级(同级)比较:as…as…; not as(so)…as…

He’s as tall as I(me). She’s not as beautiful as I(me)

比较级: A + be + 比较级 + than + B. 可用much, a little, even, a lot, a bit, far,still用于比较级前说明比较级的程度: He is younger than I (am).他比我年轻。


The weather here is hotter than that in Guangzhou.这里的气候比广州的热.

He is much taller than me. 他比我高得多。

表示"较...低; 不及..."用less+原级形容词+than+比较成分。I am less young than he (is).我不比他年轻。

如果在两者之间表示―最……‖时要在比较级前加the,而且还用of the two, of the pair短语:

the+比较级+ of the two译为―两个中比较……的‖。

John is the clever of the two boys. This watch is the cheaper of the two.这支手表是两个中比较便宜的。


约翰不象迈克那么笨:John is not so stupid as Mike. =John is less stupid than Mike. =John is cleverer than Mike.

最高级:形容词最高级前必须加the, 副词最高级前常省略the,后面多用of……, in……短语表示范围:

He’s the tallest in our class. He is the tallest of the three.


John is the tallest boy in his class.

=John is taller than any other boy in his class.

=John is taller than the other students in his class. =John is taller than all the other students in his class.

=John is taller than anyone else in his class.

China is larger than any country in Africa.中国比非洲的任何一个国家都大。

This watch is more expensive than any other watch in the shop.在这个店里,这只表比其他任何一个别的表都贵。 比较级+and+比较级译为―越来越……‖

The earth is getting warmer and warmer.地球变得越来越暖和。 China is more and more beautiful.中国变得越来越美丽 注意:多音节形容词用此句型时,要用more and more +形容词原级;而不能用more beautiful and more beautiful.

more and more….表示―越来……越……‖: More and more students realized the importance of a foreign language.


(错)He is more cleverer than his brother. (对)He is more clever than his brother. (对)He is clever than his brother.

两者比较时,必须是同类的, 否则要用that, those, one等替带结构来进行比较。


2) 3) A TV set made in Shanghai is better than one made in any other city.

too…to与 so…that sb.can’t…的句型转换:前者为简单句,主语只有一个,而后者为复合句,主语有两个,试比较: The man was too angry to be able to speak. =The man was so angry that he wasn’t able to speak.

The milk was too hot to drink. =The milk was so hot that we can’t drink it.

too…to…与 not enough to句型的转换: He is too young to get married.=He is not old enough to get married.

The book is too difficult for me to read.= The book is not easy enough for me to read.

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