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Section A(1a-2c)

Words preview
临时照顾 (小孩) babysit 宿营;露宿 camp 计划;规划;方案plan


? What do people usually do on weekends?

Vacation activities
go to…



What do people usually do on weekends?

go fishing

go bike riding

go hiking

go camping

go sightseeing

What is he doing tomorrow? He is going fishing tomorrow.

be + doing 表示计划近期要做的事

doing for vacation? A: What __ is he ______ B: He is ______________with his friends. spending time

What is he/she doing for vacation?
He/She is ……

going camping

1a Look at the picture. Make a list and add

a few more.

camping 2. _______________ 1. _________ relaxing at home 3. _______________________ visiting your grandmother spending time with friends 4. ________________________ babysitting 6. playing basketball 5. ____________ ________________

Number the pictures [1-3].


3 2

Listen again and answer.
? What’s Jane doing for vacation?

She’s visiting her grandmother.
? 2. What’s Sharon doing for vacation?

She’s spending time with her friends.
? 3. What’s Michael doing for vacation?

He’s relaxing at home.



What are the people in the picture doing for vacation? Make conversations.

A: What’s she doing for vacation? B: She’s babysitting her sister.

A: What is … doing for vacation? B: He / She…


relaxing at home


visiting grandmother

spending time with friends

2a Fill in the chart under “What”.
Hector Susan Molly

visiting cousins
going to sports camp going to the beach

2b Listen again. When are they going on
vacation? Fill in the chart under “When”.
Hector Susan

visiting cousins going to sports camp


on Friday on the 11th


going to the beach

this weekend

Talk about their vacation plans.

Listen and fill in the blanks.
doing ? What ___they ______for vacation? are is visiting his cousins in Hector ___________________ is leaving Canada. He ___ _______ on Friday. sports camp. She’s Susan is going to___________ going ___________. on the 11th with is going to ? Molly __________the beach _____her family for vacation. are leaving this weekend. ? They___________

What are you and your classmates doing for your next vacation?
? ? ? ? ? ? A: What are you doing for vacation, Li Chen? B: I’m going camping. A: That sounds nice. Who are you going with? B: I’m going with my parents.

1.What are you doing for vacation? I’m visiting my grandmother. 2. What’s she doing for vacation? She’s going camping. 3.When are they going? They’re going next week.



1. When ____ ______(leave) are youleaving tomorrow? Is she ______(have) 2. ___ a birthday party having next month? is 3. What _____ your father usually ____(do) after supper? doing

babysitting (babysit) his 5. _____ Is he _____________ sister now? are they _______(look) looking 6. Look! W

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