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沪教牛津版4A Module4 Unit2 课件

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Oxford English 4A

Ten green frogs , On a little log . One jumps into the pond. Glug! Glug! Nine green frogs … Eight green frogs … Seven green frogs … Six green frogs … Five … Four … Three … Two … One …

They are small. They are green. They have big mouths. They have strong legs. They can jump and swim. They live in the pond. What are they?

_o g l __


Don’t be sad. Let’s play with the frogs. They are lovely. I don’t like frogs. And I am hungry.

What do you like?

I like sandwiches.

Haha! You’re a frog now. Frogs don’t like sandwiches.

What do frogs like?

They like dragonflies.

dragon_ _ y fl_


fly dragonfly
butterfly firefly

What do frogs like? They like dragonflies _________. They are…

Frogs like butterflies, too. He eats a butterfly.

Frogs like butterflies. But that’s not a butterfly. They are ugly.
What are they?

m o th _


In a big , big pond , There is a big ,big log. On a big , big log , There is a big ,big frog. In a big ,big frog’s mouth , There is a big ,big moth.

What do frogs like? They like moths _____. They look like butterflies. But they are ugly.

Oh! Frogs like them, too. They are small. They are pests(害虫). They like blood(血).

Oh! That isn’t a dragonfly or a moth. What’s that?

mosquito mosquitos mosquitoes

What do frogs like? They like mosquitoes __________. They are small. They are pests. They like blood.

Yes, they do.

Oh! Frogs like _______, _______ and _______. They are all insects. Do frogs like insects?

An insect: a head, a body, wings six legs

What do frogs like? They like … They are… They … …

Frogs like insects. They can eat many pests every summer.

Frogs are good for people. I can’t catch them. I feel sorry.

That’s OK! Play with the frogs now. You will be friends.

I am sorry. I should not catch frogs. Can you be my friend? Can you play with me?

Yes, you are our friend. Let’s play together.

Go home now, little prince. Can you go with me?
Sorry, we can’t. We have our family and friends here. We have our work here. Don’t go, my friend. Stay with us.


I don’t want to go, fairy. I want to be a frog now. Frogs are so good. They like … They … They … …

1.Copy the new words. 2.Say something about frogs and insects.

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