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Unit 2

一、 单项选择

( A. swim B. to swim C. swimming D. swam

( so many nice toys for his daughter.

A. buying B. making C. to buy D. to make

( in the river.

A. swam B. swimming C. to swim D. swim

( my homework every day.

A. doing B. to do C. did D. does

( ?

A. drink B. drinking C. to drink D. drunk

( )6.It’s easythe problem.

A. for him solve B. for him to solve C. of him solving D. of him to solve

( A. The B. What C. It D. How

( you next Sunday.

A. see B. to see C. sees D. seeing

( )9.Uncle Ted was very rich. But now hA. live B. live on C. live in D. live with

( )10.—Could you please pass me the book?—A. Yes, I could. B. No, I couldn’t.

C. Sure, here you are. D. No, that’s no problem.

( )11.—What are you doing, Uncle Wang?

—I’m sorting out old books and I’ll to kids in West China.

A. give them up B. give them away C. give them off D. give them in

( A. it B. this C. that D./

( It’s bad for your health.

A. get up B. put up C. give up D. look up

( ,otherwise I couldn’t finish my work.

A. kind B. kindly C. kindness D. kinds

( A. in play B. in playing C. at play D. at playing

( )16. He works _____ in the city but he doesn’t feel_______.

A. alone; alone B. alone; lonely C. lonely; alone D. lonely; lonely

( )17. —I’m sorry, I ___ my exercise book at home.

—Don’t forget ___ it to school tomorrow, please.

A. forget; to take B. left; to bring C. forget; to bring D. left; to take

( )18. It’s dangerous for you _______the tall tree.

A. climb B. to climb C. climbing D. climbed

( )19. — How do you feel when you watch the national flag go up?

—It makes me _____very proud.(骄傲)

A. felt B. to feel C. feeling D. feel

( )20. If you keep _______ English, you can learn English well.

A. practicing speak B. practicing speaking

C. practicing to speak D. to practice spoken


One day, Peter had a fight with one of his classmates. Then he went to his grandfather and .“He is really bad,”the boy said,“him.”

The grandfather said,“me tell you a story. When I was a boy, I too, sometimes hated others for what they did.”

As the grandfather went on. “There are always two tigers inside my heart. One and kind. He gets on everything around him. bad and unfriendly. Even the smallest thing will make him angry. He fights with everyone all the time, and for no reason. He can’he always hates others. It is difficult to live with these two tigers inside my heart. They both try to control(控制)me.”

Peter looked into his grandfather’sand asked,“tiger always controls you, Grandfather?”

The old man said slowly and seriously,“The one that I feed. I always feed the good and kind tiger, so I never hate others and seldom(很少)get angry now.”

( )1.A.happily B. friendly C. hardly D. angrily

( )2.A.love B .hate C. know D. enjoy

( )3.A.Make B. Help C. Let D. Ask

( )4.A.saw B. felt C. talked D. listened

( )5.A.good B. bad C. lazy D. quiet

( )6.A.at B. on C. with D. about

( )7.A.other B. others C. another D. the other ( )8.A.because B. though C. before D. but

( )9.A.eyes B. ears C. nose D. mouth

( )10..A.Who B. Which C. Where D. When


Have you ever tried shopping online? What about talking with strangers through the Internet? Of (1)____________, yes.(2)_____________ the development of society, the Internet is playing a more and more important part in our daily life; more and more people, especially teenagers show great (3)___________ in the Internet. If we teenagers are crazy about (4)___________ games or chatting online, it will definitely have (5)____________ influence on our study and health.

Things is getting even (6)_____________; it may make us (7) ___________ tired of everything except surfing the net. We should (8)___________ more time reading good books, novels or news reports on the Internet. In (9)___________ word, the Internet makes our life convenient and colorful, (10)___________ we should still learn the way to make full use of it properly.

1. ________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. ____________ 5.__________

6. ________ 7. _________ 8. _________ 9. ____________ 10._____________

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