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1.—Do you like summer or winter? --____. I really like the snow.

A. Yes, I do B. No, I don’t C. Summer D. Winter

2. My friend Frank sings well, and his is ____ good at playing the guitar.

A. not B. also C. yet D. too

3. Ann often helps me _____ math after school.

A. for B. with C. on D. by

4.—How far is your cousin’s home from here? --It’s about two______ ride.

A. hour’s B. hours C. hours’ D. hour

5.He never takes _______ , so we ask him to do morning ______.

A. exercising, exercising B. exercise; exercise C. exercises; exercise D. exercise; exercises ’t need at all.(选择划线部分同义选项)

A. Sometime B. Sometimes C. Some time D. Some times

7.--Can I come this afternoon or tomorrow morning? --____ is OK. I’m free today and tomorrow.

A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. None

8.—How do you like the two pairs of trousers?

--They don’t fit me well. They are_____ too long____ to short.

A. not only; but also B. both; and C. neither; nor D. either; or

9.David visited lots of _____ in the world.

A. places of interesting B. places of interest C. place of interests D. place of interesting

10. –I think drinking milk every morning is good ____ our health. – Yes. I agree____ you.

A. to; to B. with; to C. at; with D. for; with

11.—Dinner is ready. Help yourself! –Wow! It_____ delicious. You are really good at cooking.

A. looks B. sounds C. tastes D. feels

12.--_____ do you go to school every day? --By bus.

A. How B. Why C. Where D. When

13. _____ is really hard_____ them to climb such a high mountain.

A. This; to B. It; to C. This; for D. It; for

14. There_____ a dictionary and two pens on the desk.

A. am B. is C. are D. was

15. She is a ____ girl with two big eyes.

A. six-years-old B. six-year-old C. six years old D. six year old

16.If we Chinese work hard together, China Dream will _______.

A. come out B. come true C. achieve

17._____ get off the bus before it stops.

A. Don’t B. Doesn’t C. Didn’t

18._____April 20th, 2013, a terrible earthquake(地震) happened in Ya’an city, Sichuan.

A. In B. On C. At

19.—Show me your homework, Dave? –Sorry, Mrs. Brown. I’ve ___ it at home.

A. missed B. forgotten C. lost D. left

20.—Always look around____ you cross the street, David. –OK. I know, Mom.

A. until B. before C. unless

21.Eagle Father was so ____ with his son that he kept the four-year-old son running in the snow 1


without clothes.

A. pleased B. sorry C. careful D. strict

22.—Would you mind speaking more slowly? I can hardly____ you. – Of course not.

A. read B. follow C. miss D. match

23.—Maybe you should call him up. –But I don’t want to talk with him ____ the phone.

A. on B. at C. in D. with

24.—Alice, would you mind not playing the guitar? I _____ on the phone. –Oh, sorry, Mom.

A. talked B. talk C. was talking D. am talking

25.I still have ____ orange juice in the fridge.

A. any B. some C. few D. a few

26.—What are you going to do when you grow up?

--A singer, but my parents wish me ____ a teacher.

A. am B. to be C. will be D. be

27.—Hello! Can I speak to Lily? --_______.

A. I’m Lily B. This is Lily speaking C. Yes, please

28. –Haven’t seen you for ages, Mike.______? –Pretty good. Everything goes well.

A. What are you doing B. How are you C. How’s it going D. What’s wrong

29.—I’ll go to France for a holiday next month. –Great! ______!

A. Good luck B. Best wishes C. Glad to see you again D. Have a good time

30.—Could you help me put up the maps on the wall? --_____.

A. No problem B. I hope so C. That’s all right D. That’s a good idea

31.She is from England, ____ she?

A. isn’t B. won’t C. hasn’t

32.The old man is a good swimmer, and even now he often swims ____ Tuojiang River after supper. A. over B. through C. to D. across

33.—Why are you standing, Alice?

--I can’t see the blackboard clearly. Two tall boys are sitting ____ me.

A. behind B. next to C. between D. in front of

34.—That mountain in Guilin_____ an elephant. So it does. It’s amazing!

A. looks up B. looks like C. looks for D. looks after

35.Laptops are smaller and lighter so that they can be carried very ______.

A. clearly B. regularly C. easily D. carefully

36.—Could we see each other at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning? __ Sorry, let’s make it ____ time.

A. other’s B. the other C. another D. other

37.—What kind of porridge would you like, Alice? –I would like____.

A. egg porridge B. eggs porridge C. fish porridges D. fishes porridge

38.—What would you like to kind, girls? --_____, please.

A. Two glass of water B. Two glass of waters C. Two cups of tea D. Two cups of teas

39.—Who’s that man _____ sunglasses? --He’s Jack Ding. I’ve just got an autograph from him.

A. on B. for C. of D. with

40. In our school library there________ a number of books on science, and in these years the number of them _____ growing large and larger.

A. are; is B. is; are C. have; are D. has; is

41.—Mum, I’m hungry. Is there _____ to eat? --Yes, you can have some bread on the table. 2


A. something B. nothing C. anything

42.The math problem is so , I really don’t know ________.

A. how to do it B. how to do C. what to do it

43.Everyone was ______ when they heard the _____ news.

A. exciting; exciting B. excited; exciting C. exciting; excited

44.You look worried! Is _____ all right?

A. everything B. something C. anything D. nothing

45. The _____ often eat grass on the hill.

A. chicken B. horse C. cow D. sheep

46. --_____ wonderful Yang Liping’s dance is !

A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

47.—What does your new English teacher look like? --She is a pretty lady _____ long hair.

A. has B. for C. with D. of

48.Don’t_____ so often. It’s bad for your health.

A. get up B. stay up C. look up D. come up

49.When I walked past the park, I saw some old people _____ Chinese Taiji.

A. do B. did C. doing D. are doing

50. –What did you say just now? --I asked you _______.

A. who is she B. who she is C. who was she D. who she was

51._____ great picture! Who painted it?

A. How B. What C. How a D. What a


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