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人教版九年级 Unit 9 when was it invented

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人教版九年级 Unit 9 when was it invented ?教学设计(课时一)

Language goals 语言目标

1. Words & expressions生词和短语

invent, scoop, adjustable, operate, mistake, thin, sprinkle, sweet, salty, crispy, sour, discover, annoying, special, ancient, legend, boil, fire, nearby, remain, notice, produce, pleasant, throw, thousand, century, taste, smell, create, divide, shoot

2. Key sentences重点句子 (P71)

Who invented them?

They were invented in 1863.

Ability goals能力目标

Enable the students to understand and use the new words of this unit. Emotion & attitude goals 情感和态度目标

Enable the students to be aware of different inventions around them. Strategy goals 策略目标

Enable the students to use what they know to explain new words. Teaching important points教学重点

Understand and use the new words and phrases.

Teaching procedures and ways 教学过程与方式



(1) Key Vocabulary: invent

(2) Target Language: When was the telephone invented?

I think it was invented in 1876.


(1) Teach the students to use the new words.

(2) Train the students to talk about the history of inventions.

(3) Train the students' listening and speaking skills.


Many important inventions have changed the world a lot. Do you know the inventors of them? And when were they invented?


Teaching Key Points

1.Key Vocabulary: invent

2.Target Language: Talk about the history of inventions.

Teaching Difficult Points

1.Train the students to talk about the history of inventions.

2.Train the students to understand the target language in spoken conversation. 教学过程:

Section A (1a ~ 1c)

Teaching aims:

1.学会使用含有被动语态的不同句型结构“When was it invented?” 和“Who was it invented by?”来谈论各种发明物的历史。

2. 能用被动语态正确表达发明物的历史。如:It was invented in 1876. It was invented by Bell.

3. 通过了解一些中外发明者的事迹,培养勤奋学习、立志为社会多做贡献的精神。

Teaching important points:

1. When was / were ? invented? It was / They were invented in ? Who was / were ? invented by? It was / They were invented by ?

2. topic: Inventions.

Teaching aids: multi-media, a recorder

Step I: Greetings

T: Good morning, class! Ss: Good morning, Mr. Luo.

T: Who is on duty today? Ss: Yes, I am. ?

Step II: Lead-in

T: Good morning, boys and girls. Today we will a new unit about inventions. You can see inventions all around us, from TV to car, from food to clothing. We should say nobody can live without them. Don’t you think so? Can you imagine one day without inventions?

Ss: That’s impossible.

T: Yes, we live in a world of inventions. These inventions make our life easier and more comfortable. In this unit, we will learn some inventions and their history.

First, say the ancient China was very great in the world. It was famous for the four great inventions. Do you know the famous inventions in the ancient China? Guess Ss to talk about it. 火药(gun powder),指南针( compass ),造纸术( paper making ),印刷术( printing )。

Show four great inventions’ pictures to Ss.

Second, do you know Edison? Do you know what Edison was invented in his life? Get Ss to talk about Edison’s inventions.

Step III: Listening

Do you know the modern inventions in the world? They have changed our life more. Get Ss to guess what they are. Show some modern inventions’ pictures to Ss.

Get Ss to listen to the tape, and number from one to five (Which kind of invention is in front, which kind of invention is in after).

Get Ss to listen to the tape again. Listen and match the inventions with the dates.

Step IV: Practice the conversations.

Practice 1: Get Ss to practice this conversation. And ask some students to practice in class.

--- When was the phone invented? --- I think it was invented in 1876. Practice 2: Show another modern invention to Ss. For example, bike, camera ? Ask some students to practice the conversation in class.

A: When was the phone invented? B: It was invented in 1876. A: Who was it invented by? B: It was invented by Bell. Step V: Some pictures about Chinese Spaceflight

Show some pictures to students. Let Ss guess who they were invented by. Raises student's national sense of pride.

Step VI: Exercises

There are some exercises about the lesson. Review the important points in class.

Step VII: Homework

Review new words and finish the exercises in Page99-100(课时作业第一课时

The names of the five inventions:

Computer, car, calculator, telephone, TV set

2.Target language:

A: When was the telephone invented?

B: I think it was invented in 1876.

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