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What does she do every day?

She 主

waters the flowers every day. 谓 宾

The flowers are watered by her every day.

后面能接宾语的动词才有被动语 态



be + P.P.

[1]. Now English ____ by more and more people all over the word. A. speaks B. is spoken C. was spoken
一般现在时的被动语态: am / is / are + PP



一般现在时 结构: am / is / are + done 1.We like Miss Lin Very much. is liked Miss Lin ____ _______ by us very much. 2.Many young people love Jay Chou’ songs. Jay Chou’s songs ____ ______ by are loved many young people.

[2]. The lost boy ____ at the street corner last night. A. was found B. is found C. was looked for
一般过去时的被动语态: was / were + PP

把下列句子改为被动语态: 时态:

一般过去时 (二) 结构: was/were + done
1.The man repaired the car yesterday. The car ____ _________ by the man was repaired yesterday. 2.Mr Song encouraged us to study hard last week. We were ____________ to study ____ encouraged hard by Miss Peng last week.

[3]. Many houses ____ in the future. A. will build B. will be built C. are built
一般将来时的被动语态: will + be + PP be going to + be + PP


时态: 一般将来时 结构:will /be going to + be +done

1.The city will build the new airport next year. built The new airport _____ ____ _______ will be next year. 2.Huidong Middle School is going to send two students to Hongkong to study. are ____ to be ____ Two students____going ____ ____ sent to Hongkong to study.


[4]. Three bridges ____ since last year. A. have built B. were built C. have been built
现在完成时的被动语态: have / has + been + PP


时态: 现在完成时 结构:Have/has + been +done

1.Li Ming has already watered some lowers. havebeen watered Some flowers ____ ____ ________by Li Ming already. 2.They have sold out the light green dress The light green dress ________ has been _________ ___________ out. sold

[5]. Flowers ____ every day. A. has been watered B. should be watered C. should water

含有情态动词的被动语态: 情态动词 + be + PP

结构: 情态动词 + be + done 1.You mustn’t clean the room today. The room______ __ ______ by you today. mustn’t be cleaned

2.We should finish our homework on time Our homework_____ ___ ______ should be finished by us on time.
Part 3

练习: 用be动词的正确形式填空.

is 1. A knife _________ used to cut apples. has been 2. The air _________ polluted already.
will be 3.The rooms ________cleaned later. are 4. The students _______ asked to have breakfast. were 5.They_______ encouraged to study hard in the past. was 6.Not only he but also I _____ punished last night.

Summary 以下时态的被动语态构成
一般现在时: am/is /are + don

一般过去时: was/were + done



+ be + done


现在完成时: has / have + been + done

Task 4

一般现在/过去时 现在/过去进行时 一般将来时 过去将来时 现在完成时 过去完成时
情态动词 不定式的被动语态

be +p.p(动词的过去分词)

be +being +p.p
will +be +p.p would +be+p.p have /has+been +p.p had +been +p.p 情态动词+be + p.p to + be + p.p



[6]. ① Good medicine ___ bitter to the mouth. A. tastes B. is tasted C. taste

② This pen ___ well. A. is sold B. sell C. sells 感官动词, 和sell等动词用主动 语态表被动.

思考3: 选择
1.The pen ___well. B A . is written B . writes 2.The music ___ nice. A A . sounds B . is sounded

有些动词的主动形式表示被动含义 注意问题3: .
1.read,sell, last, wash, write等带状语 (well, easily)时。如:Her book sells well. 2.感官动词feel, look, smell, sound, taste等 与形容词连用时。 如:The cake tastes delicious.

[7]. Many people ___ during the earthquake in May, 2008. A. were died B. dead C. died

happen, last, die等动词不使用 被动.

思考2: 判断下列句子的正误
1.It will happen in 50 years. ( √ ) 2.It will be happened in 50 years. (



注意问题2: 不及物动词没有被动语态,如: happen, take place , begin , become dissappear, come out.

[8]. The man ____ clean the toilet because he ___ rubbish when the police walked past the park. A. was made; was seen to throw B. was made to; was seen throwing C. made; saw

主动: see / hear sb. do sth 被动: be seen / heard to do sth 主动: see / hear sb. doing sth. 被动: be seen / heard doing sth.

主动: make sb.do sth. 被动: be made to do sth.

思考4: 把主动语态变为被动语态
? I saw him fall off the tree. ? He was seen ____ fall off the tree. ____ ____ to
注意问题4: 一些动词如(如: make, see, hear, watch 等),后接宾语补足语为不带 “to”不定式时,变被动语态时要加上 “to”。

有些动词在主动结构中,后面接不带to的不定式,但 如果改为被动,则需把省略的to加上 ,这类动词有 hear、see 、watch 、make 、let 、have(一听二看 三让) The boss made my grandfather work 10 hours a day . My grandfather was made to work for 10 hours a day.

[9]. Children should ___. A. take good care of B. be taken good care C. be taken good care of 固定短语的被动不要丢掉后面的 介词或副词

[10]. Your desk ___. A. needs repair B. needs repairing C. needs to repair need, allow 可以用-ing形式表示 被动 need to be done = need doing be allowed to do = allow doing

1. ( D ) If the work __ ,you can go and play games. A. finished B. has finished C. will be finished D. is finished

2. ( B ) It was raining heavily outside, the children were made __ in the classroom.

A. stay B. to s

tay C. staying D. stayed

4. ( B ) To make our city more beautiful, rubbish __ into the river.

A. needn’t be thrown B. mustn’t be thrown C. can’t throw D. may not throw

5. ( A ) I like my bike. It __ very well. A. rides B. is riding C. is ridden D. has ridden

6. ( D ) —I won’t come to the party unless Tom __ , too. —You mean if Tom comes ,you’ll come.
A. will invite C. invited B. invites D. is invited

7. ( A ) Everyone who heard Mr. Green’s story __ it.

A.laughed at B. was laughed C. laughed D. was laughed at

8. ( D) The children must __ .

A. look after B. be taken good care C. look the same D. be taken good care of

9. ( B ) The woman still doesn’t know what __ in her hometown.

A. happens B. happened C. will happen D. was happened

10. ( B ) — I saw you come to school on foot this morning.

—Yes. My bike ___. A. is mending B. is being mended C. is mended D. is being mending


C 1.Both Zhanghua and Wudong __ to the party yesterday.
A. had invited B. was invited C. were invited D. invited 2.Another new library C __next month in my hometown. A. built B. will build C. will be built D. is built

A 3. We __ not to play computer games.
A. are told B. have told C. told D. was told

C 4.So far, the moon __ by man already.
A. is visited B. will be visited C. has been visited D. was visited

B 5. Our TV set _____ yesterday. A. is repaired B. was repaired C. has been repaired D. repaired D 6. A wonderful English talk _____ by Mr Liu tomorrow. A. has been given B. is given C. is being given D. will be given B 7.Mr Brown ____ take the medicine twice a day. A. told to B. was told to C. told D. was told B

C 8.Mary ____ do morning exercises on the playground. A. saw to B. was saw to C. was seen to D. was seen A 9. A man ____ cry for help last night. A. was heard to B. was heard C. was hear to D. heard to B 10.The boys ____ copy the new words ten times before they went home. A. were made B. were made to C. was made D. was made to

最近你和父母针对“青少年该不该在周末与 朋友外出”进行了讨论。请根据下列表格中 的信息提示, 以“Should teenagers go out with friends on weekends?”为题,写一篇英语短文。开头已 给出,不计入总词数。 要求: 1. 所写内容需包括表格中提供的父母的想法 2. 至少给出你的三个想法。 3. 80词左右

Recently I’ve had a discussion with my parents about if teenagers should go out with friends on weekends. My parents think that teenagers should stay at home on weekends. They should go over (复习)their lessons. And they could have enough time to have a good sleep. They also think teenagers should help parents (to) do some housework on weekends. In my opinion, we teenagers should be allowed to go out with friends for fun(为了玩) on weekends, so we can relax more. And we can also share(分享) ideas with each other(互相). What’s more,(而且) we can also take some exercise toget

her to keep fit.

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