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Words & expressions
1. design : 设计,构思 eg. Who designed the Sydney Opera House (悉尼歌剧院)? (n.) design 设计 designer 设计者
2. Volleyball n. 排球, table tennis = pingpang 乒乓球 tennis 网球 注: play +运动项目

? ---Good luck! 祝你好运! ? ---Good luck !祝你好运!\ The same to you ! ? ask sb. (not) to do sth.让某人(不)做某事 ? Write it \ them down 写下、 记下 ? Without 没有 + 名词、 动名词 ? Eg. I can’t get it without your help (名词) ? He went to school without having breakfast.(动名词)

? How far 多远 (对距离提问) ? as +形容词\副词(原级)as one can (possible)尽可 能…… ? Eg. You should write as carefully as you can (possible)你 应该尽可能认真的写 ? Please write to me as soon as possible (you can ) 请尽 快给我写信 ? as far as possible 尽可能远地 ? as fast as possible 尽可能快的(速度) ? as much as possible 尽可能多地 ? as often as possible尽可能经常地

Words & expressions
4. Try two more times : 再试两次 还可以说 another two times eg. Could you allow me to try two more times/another two times?
注意 two与 more 和 another 的位置关系

Words & expressions
5. We show the groups where to start and where to stop. where to start 和 where to stop 是带
疑问词的不定式,补充说明宾语 groups,做宾语补足语。 这种用法只出现在某些动词之后,如tell, show, teach.

eg. He will teach us how to use the computer.

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