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一 根据首字母和句意写单词。

1. The tea garden __________ (生产)black and green tea in the past

2. Shakespeare c __________(创造) many famous characters.

3. Which of Edison’s __________(发明) do you think is the greatest?

4. My new shirt is made of __________ (棉花)cloth.

5. __________(木头) can be made into paper.

6. The news __________(传播) quickly all over the country.

7. We can get k________ from not only books but also computers and other printings.

8. Now c________ clothes are more popular. They are good for our health.

9. Most students don’t write in i________. They like to use ballpoint pens.

10. It is clearer and nicer to take photos with a d________ camera than an ordinary one.

11. How many ________ (block) does she live away from here?

12. — Could you do me a f__________ to carry the box to the office? — It’s my pleasure. 13. The next issue of our school newspaper will be p__________ on September 1st.

14. It was an o__________ day. Nothing special happened.

15. George __________ (代替)David as captain of the team while David was away. 16. An a__________ of getting there early is that you can get a good seat.

17 If you leave your headlights on you'll soon run down the _________.

18 He gave us a brief _________ (介绍) about his company.

19 My k_________ of Japanese is rather poor. 二 第四模块短语复习

1 数码相机 2 从现在起 3 被用来做… 4 对…负责 5 被…代替 6 一对,一双 7 向某人借某物 8 由…制成 9 浏览 10 在去…的路上 11 一次,每次 12 用手工 13 某一天 14 结果是… 15 与…相比较 16另外 17 据说 18 在那个时候 19 而不是 20 装满 21 从…下载 22 在那个时代 23 远离… 24 很久 25 请求帮助 26 把某物借给某人 27 在屏幕上

28 在…开始时 29 在某种程度上 30 保证做某事

31 清楚吗? 32 给你 33把某物忘在某地

三 单项选择专项训练一

in the classroom. A stay B to stay C staying D stayed

3. Kate _______ the letter before her mother came into her bedroom.

A. has written B. was written C. had written D. is writing

A. needn’t be thrown B. mustn’t be thrown C. can’t throw D. may not throw

6. —I won’t come to the party unless Tom—You mean if Tom comes, you’ll come.

A. will invite B. invites C. invited D. is invited

7. Everyone who heard Mr. Green’s story8. The woman still doesn’t know whatA. happens B. happened C. will happen D. was happened


9. — I saw you came to school on foot this morning. —A. is mending B. is being mended C. is mended D. is being mending

10 My mother told me that my homework must ________ on time. A finish B be finish C be finished D finished 11 Do you remember the trees which ________ by us last spring?

A were planting B are planted C planted D were planted

again and again. A. should be readed B. should be read C. must read D. may read


A. allows, to smoke B. is allowed, smoking C. isn’t allowed, smoking D. isn’t, to smoke

15 Stamps ______ by people for sending letters. A. use B. using C. used D. are used.

16 Must old people _____ to politely? A. speak B. spoken C. be spoke D. be spoken

17 Bike mustn’t _____ everywhere. A. be up B. be put C. put C. putting

18 The old man and the children _____in our country.

A. must take good care B. must be take good care of C. must take good care of D must be taken good care of 19 All trees must _____well when it is dry. A. be water B. watering C. water D. be watered

20 Yesterday a visitor______ something about hometown. A. asked B. will be asked C. was asked D. has been asked. 21 A big bus station ________ in my home town now. A. has been built B. is being built C. has built D. is building 22 He's a basketball fan and he wants to see Yao Ming _______ one day. A. he B. him C. his D. himself

23 Li Ming is a new student in our class. He ______ here for only a month. A. has come B. has been C. came D. was 24These papers _______ yet. A. have not written B. have not been written C. has not written D. has not been written 25 Usually before exams, students ________ two minutes to write down their names.

A. are given B. were given C. gave D. give

26 I remember she came _______ a fine spring afternoon. A. on B. in C. at D. to

27 How many English words ________ you ________ by the end of last term?

A. have … learned B. had … learned C. were … learning D. would … learn

28 Go and find out ______ there will be a train for Shanghai today. A. that B. whether C. When D. where

29 Our P.E. teacher _____ us try very hard in the running practice of 800 meters. A. asked B. made C. let D. told

30. To make our city more beautiful, rubbish ______ into the river.

A. needn’t be thrown B. mustn’t be thrown C. can’t throw D. may not throw

四 根据汉语提示完成句子,每空一词。

1 我想逛街,不想看电视。I want to go shopping ______________________.

2 如果是在线杂志,纸张就不需要了。If the magazine is online, ___________________.

3 我想我们应该去散步,而不是呆在家里。I think we should go for a walk _______ _______ stay at home. 4 早期的书是手工制作的。The early books were produced _______ _______.

5 你经常上网浏览吗?Do you often _______ _______ the Internet?

6 陶陶梦想有朝一日能成为著名的画家。 Taotao dreams of becoming a famous artist _______ _______. 7 从现在开始我帮你照顾你的宠物。________ ________ ________ I will help you look after your pet. 8 你知道这些纸是丝制的吗?Do you know _________________________ silk?

9 与其他人相比,我们幸运多了。_______ ________ __________, we are much more lucky.

10每次你可以从图书馆借两本书。You can borrow two books from the library _______ _______ _______. 11大明今天早上起晚了,结果误了校车。

Daming got up late this morning. _______ _______ _______, he missed the school bus.

12他们都买了双程票,以便能节约一些钱。 They all bought round-trip tickets _______ _______ they could save some money.


The farm grows different kinds of crops, _______ _______ wheat, rice and cotton.


14Is the online magazine _______ _______ _______ (和……一样) a normal magazine?

15 Please _______ _______ (关) all the lights when you leave the classroom.

16 _______ _______ _______ (从现在起), we teenagers should help out more at home.

17 The battery in the camera hasn’t been charged for about ______ _______ ______ (两个) weeks.

18 Don’t worry. I will _______ _______ (照顾) your dog while you are away.

19 他们每天花一小时进行体育锻炼。They _______ an hour on taking _________ every day.

20格林先生四年前离家一直未归。Mr. Green left home four years ago and has been away _______ _____. 21她年纪太小还不会穿衣。She is too __________ to get _______.

22他虽然只有七岁,但英语说得非常好。________ he is only seven, he ______ very good English.

23恶劣的天气妨碍了我们举行运动会。The terrible weather ________ us from ________ the sports meeting.

五 单项选择专项训练二

1. —I won’t come to the party unless Tom ______, too.—You mean if Tom comes, you’ll come.

A. will invite B. invites C. invited D. is invited

2. The same information ______ read or ______on the website.

A. can be; listened to B. can be; listened C. can; listen D. can; listen to

3. Young trees should _____ every day. A. water B. watered C. be watering D. be watered

4. The broken bike ____ here by Old Wang. A. can mend B. can mended C. can be mend D. can be mended

5. An online magazine means paper won’t _____ any longer. A. need B. be needed C. be using D. use

6. The Great Wall _____ from the moon. A. is able to see B. is seen C. can be seen D. must see

7. If possible, texts _____ an MP3 and you can enjoy reading on the screen.

A. can be put into B. may put in C. could be made of D. might make

8. Many people think that many things _______ by computers in the near future.

A. can replace B. can replaced C. can be replaced D. can be replacing

9. Paper is made ________wood. A. of B. by C. from D. up of

10. --- Can you ____ this novel ____ me? --- You’d better ____ it ____ the library.

A. lend, from; borrow, to B. borrow, to; lend, from C. lend, to; borrow, from D. borrow, from; lend, to

11. I can’t hear clearly. Could you _________ the radio a bit? A. turn on B. turn up C. turn off D. turn down

12. Many foreigners prefer things that are made in China ______. A with hand B in hands C by hands D by hand

13. She likes swimming rather than ____ football. A. plays B. playing C. played D. play

14. — May I borrow your digital camera, Dad? — Oh, your mum has _____ it _____ your cousin.

A. borrowed; from B. lent; to C. given; by D. got; from

15. Mum bought me a dress _______ the visit to Hainan Island. A. in B. for C. at D. on

16. An online magazine makes us ______ more paper. A. to save B. to use C. save D. use

17Please _____ your homework _____ before you hand it in. A. look; for B. look; after C. look; out D. look; through

18. As teenagers, we should study hard _____surf the Internet all day.

A. rather than B. instead of C. not just D. more than

19. You will realize what I have done for you _____. A. any day B. everyday C. one day D. a day

20. My cousin told me that he could eat three big apples _____. A. at time B. at a time C. some time D. some times

21. Now things made by machine are cheaper than those made _____. A. at hand B. in hand C. by hand D. with hand

22. The same information ______ read or ______on the website.

A. can be; listened to B. can be; listened C. can; listen D. can; listen to

23. New Standard ______ 100 issues until now.

A. is published B. will be published C. has been published D. has published

24. Great changes _____ in my hometown since 1980.

A. have been taken place B. took place C. have taken place D. were taken place

25. He was made ______ the floor after class yesterday. A. to clean B. clean C. cleaning D. cleans


六 根据句意, 用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。

1 There are many outside class activities in our school and I'm in the __________ (dance) group.

2 The teacher is _________ (please) with what we have done in class.

3 He worked hard and ___________ (success) in his business at last.

4 Tom ran so _________ (quick) that I couldn't catch up with him.

5 You're so _________ (luck). This is the last ticket for Guiyang.

6 The work __________ (finish) tomorrow morning.7 The book must __________ (give) back on time. 8 I think the telephone __________ (invent) in 1876.9 Tea may ____________ (invent) by accident.

10 The ruler __________ (use) since I began my school life.

11 A lot of tall buildings________ (build) in the last few years.

12 It’s better ____________ (do) more exercise.13 Would Tom like _________ (play) with a yo-yo?

15 The flowers __________ (water) by Daming already. 16. Stars can’t __________ (see) in the daytime.

17. The small river _______ (dry) up since last year. 18. How many ________ (block) does she live away from here?

19. My father __________ (teach) computer science in a university.

20. The hard task can’t __________ (finish) in two months. 21. Knives __________ (use) for cutting things.

22. Lingling __________ (ask) Betty to attend her birthday party yesterday.

23. Can the magazine __________ (take) out of the library? 24. Bell ________ (invent) the telephone in 1876.

25. She is very ________ (create), and she writes and paints very well.

26. He is known by most of us, so he needs no ______ (introduce).

27. This new kind of calculator(计算器) needs two ________ (battery). 28. So far, many man-made satellites __________ (send) up into space.

七 将下列句子变为被动语态,每空一词。

1. We can finish the work in two days. The work _______ _______ _______ in two days.

2. They produce silk in Suzhou. Silk ______ _______ in Suzhou. 3. The children will sing an English song. An English song ______ ______ ______ by the children.

4. You needn't do it now. It _____ ______ ______ by you now.

5. Lucy sent me a New Year Card last week. A New Year Card _____ _____ _____ her by me last week. 6. People use metal for making machines. Metal _____ _____ for making machines.

7. He made me do that for him. I ______ ______ ______ that for him.

8. I have given this book to the library. This book ______ _______ _______ to the library.

9. Did they build a bridge here a year ago? _______ a bridge _______ here by them a year ago?

10. We’ll put on an English play in our school. An English play ______ ______ _______ on in our school. 11. More and more farmers buy colour TV sets. Colour TV sets _____ _____ _____ more and more farmers. 12. My brother often mends his watch. His watch ______ ___________ by my brother. 13.We must water the flowers every day. The flowers must ______ _______ (by us) every day.

14. They use knives for cutting things. Knives ______ _______ for cutting things.

15. He made the farmers work for a long time. The farmers _______ _______ ______ ______ for a long time. 16 I will take care of your son. Your son will _______ _______ ________ ________ by me. 17 My hometown has changed in the last two years.

Great changes _______ _______ in my hometown in the last two years.

18 You should hand in the homework at once. The homework should _______ _______ in at once.

19 My mother has given Tony a present for Christmas.

Tony _______ _______ _______ a present for Christmas by my mother.

20 We haven’t been told what to do next. We haven’t been told what _______ _______ _______ next. 4

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