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Unit2 It must belong to Carla.


( )1.—Whose book is this?—It must belong_____.

A.Diana B.Diana’s C.to Diana D.to Diana’s

( )2.He was the only kid_____the picnic.

A.in B.at C.on D.of

( )3.The soccer ball could be John’s or Tony’s.They____play soccer,don’t they?

A.all B.both C.either D.neither

( )4.The French book must be Li Ying’s.She is the only one who’s studying_____.

A.English B.Chinese C.French D.Japanese

( )5.The red bicycle_____be Hu’s.She has a blue one.

A.must B.might C.could D.can’t

( )6.I’m looking for my bike.If you have any idea_____it might be,please call me.

A.where B.what C.when D.how

( )7.Miss Li is really anxious_____her.

A.because B.because at C.because of D.because to

( )8.Here are some_____.The owner can’t be a boy.

A.shoes B.clothes C.pens D.earrings

( )9.The T-shirt is too small____him.

A.for B.to C.at D.of

( )10.It must be teenagers_____ fun.

A.have B.having C.had D.to have

( )11.They looked into the box,but they couldn’t find____.

A.anything B.something C.nothing D.everything

( )12.It says a tiger escaped____the zoo two days ago.

A.from B.to C.at D.of

( )13.There must be somebody____ here for help.

A.come B.comes C.came D.coming

( )14.That man may be a thief. Be careful ____ him.

A.from B.to C.at D.of

( )15.—Is he running____exercise? —No,I think he is running____catch a bus. A.to;to B.for;for C.for;to D.to;for

( )16. You can't wake a person who is pretending ________.

A.being asleep B. be asleep C. falling asleep D. to be asleep

( ) 17. Today it is ____hot, but we still have _____ work to do.

A. much, many B. much too, too much C. too much, much too D.much too, too many

( ) 18. What do you think “anxious” _____?

A. mean B. means C. meaning D. meant


( ) 19. Have you done _____ to improve your English?

A. something useful B. anything usefulC. nothing useful D. useful anything

( ) 20. Don’t make a _______ in the reading-room.

A. noise B. sound C. voice D. noisy

( )21. ---___you swim? ----Yes, but I’m not a good swimmer.

A. Can B. May C. Need D. Must

( )22 If the traffic light is red, you______ cross the road. It’s very dangerous.

A. don’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. wouldn’t

( )25. ---Mr Wang, must I come again on Sunday morning to clean the windows?

----No, you_____. I have asked others to do it.

A.don’t have to B. mustn’t C. can’t D. shouldn’t

( 2)3 ----May I park my car here, Sir? ---______. You may park it over there.

A.Yes, you may B. Yes, you can C. No, you needn’t D. No, you mustn’t

( )24 ----Could I borrow your dictionary? ---Of course you_______.

A. can B. must C. should D. will

( 25 ------Are you going to Beijing by plane?

-----It’s fast, but expensive. So I am not sure. I _______ take a train.

A. should B. may C. must D. will

( )26.Thomas, please be quiet. The others ________ hear very well.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. shouldn’t D. needn’t

( )27.He said he would ____ get a passport soon. A. can B. may C. be able to D. was

( )28.---Do I have to come back tomorrow? ----Yes, you_______.

A. can B. may C. must D. should

( )29.He_________ here at once.

A. doesn’t need to come B. doesn’t need come C. needn’t to come D. needs not to come

( )30 ---Mom, _____ I play computer games?

-----Yes, you can. But you have to finish your homework first.

A. must B. may C. will D. need

( )31.The man at the gate_______ be our headmaster. He is always standing there every morning. -----No, it____ be him. He is holding a meeting in the office now.

A.must; can’t B. must; mustn’t C. can’t; can’t D. can’t; mustn’t

( 32. Whose bike is this? ---It ______ belong to Adam. Look! Her bag is on it.

A.must B. may C. will D. can

( 3)3. ----Listen! Is that Kangkang playing the violin?

-----No. It___ be Kangkang. He has gone to Changsha. A. can’t B. needn’t C. mustn’t

( )34. ---Excuse me, where are we going to have our class meeting?

-----I’m not sure. Ask our monitor, please. He_______ know.

A. can B. may C. need D. shall


( )35. ---Look at the boy running on the ground . Is it Davis?

-----It______ be him. I saw him go to the teacher’s office just now.

A. must B. can’t C. could D. might

( )36. ---The man _____ be hiking for exercise.

---No, he____ be. Look at the newspapers. He’s probably sending them.

A. must B. may C. will D. need


1. look, how strange ! A man can _____(run) after an alien.

2.Hurry up, or we ________( not catch ) the bus.

3.XiMing is afraid of ____ (stay) at home alone.

4You look _______( worry)。What’s the matter?

5. There must be someone ____(visit) the homes in our neighborhood.

6. You can’t wake up a person who is ______ (pretend) to be asleep.

7. We don’t believe him because he’s _____(honest)

8 I don’t like staying with these children. They are quite__ ( noise)

9. He pretended______(be)ill yesterday.

10. Be_____ (care) of the dog that doesn’t bark.

11. Reading is ____( help) to all of us but Tom is interested in_______( play) computer games.


In our country every school has a library. I’m sure you have read many interesting books. You borrow libraries, or .

a “book”, the “book” any mistake before it is printed(印刷). In the factory, many people are busy working on it. They print it on good paper, get the pieces tog We all like reading. Let’s take good care of books.

( )1. A. some times B. some time C. sometimes D. sometime

( )2. A. the others B. another C. the other D. other

( )3. A. for B. to C. as D. like

( )4. A. much B. many C. many more D. much more

( )5. A. oneself B. himself C. yourself D. themselves

( )6. A. how B. what C. when D. where

( )7. A. reads B. writes C. reading D. writing

( )8. A. careful B. carefully C. quick D. quickly

( )9. A. must be B. must have C. must not be D. must not have

( )10. A. time B. times C. mistakes D. books


III. 阅读理解(30分)

Once there was a king who had two servants(仆人). They worked very well and honestly(诚实地). So the king made them captains(上尉)in his army. The day after they had become captains, the king saw them and said, “What is the reason for your becoming captains, do you think?”

The first captain answered, “It is because I’m a lucky man.” But the second said, “It is because you are kind and generous(慷慨地).

The king said he liked both the captains’ answers. “To show you that I am pleased with you, I’m going to give each of you a present.” He said, “Both presents have the same value(价值), both are from my gardens.” He then gave the first captain a coconut(椰子), and the second some bananas –but when he was giving the bananas to the second captain, he secretly took a very valuable(有价值的) ring(戒指) off his finger and pushed it into one of the bananas.

While the two captains were walking home, the second captain told the first one that his wife didn’t like bananas, and asked him if he was willing to (愿意) give him the coconut and take the bananas.

The first captain knew that his own wife didn’t like bananas, either, but as he was an unselfish(不自私的)man, he said that he would do as the second captain wanted because he was his friend.

That evening, the first captain began to eat the bananas and found the ring in them. At once, he hurried to the king with it. When the king saw it and heard what had happened, he sent for the second captain and said to him, “I wanted to give you the ring because you said that I was kind and generous, but it seems that your friend really is a lucky man, as he said!”

( ) 1. The king made the two servants captains because ________.

A. he liked them B. they worked very well and honestly

C. they were young and strong D. he needed more captains

( ) 2. The king gave both of them presents from his gardens_______.

A. to thank them B. to show that he was pleased with them

C. because he liked the fruits in his garden D. because he had too many of them

( ) 3. The king hid(藏) the present from the first servant by _______.

A. putting the ring in the second servant’s pocket

B. putting the ring on the second servant’s finger

C. putting the ring in the bananas D. putting the ring in the coconut

( ) 4. The second servant didn’t want to take the bananas home because_____.

A. he preferred coconut B. the bananas were not good

C. his wife didn’t like bananas D. the bananas were hard to carry

( ) 5. The ring was found ____.

A. when the first captain dropped the bananas

B. while the first captain was eating the bananas

C. by the first captains wife

D. because it fell off itself from the bananas


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