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单元测试Unit 2 How do you study for a test?

一. 词组翻译(15分)

1.犯错,出错 ______________ 2. 结束 _____________ 3. 根本不 _____________

4. 以后,随后 ____________ 5. 害怕去做 ______________ 6. 嘲笑 _______________

7. 做笔记 _______________ 8. 查阅 _____________ 9. 编造 ______________

10. 处理 ______________ 11. 生?? 的气 __________ 12. (指时间)过去,消逝 ________________ 13. 尽力做?? _____________ 14. 突然中止,中断 ____________ 15. 没关系 ________________


( )1.---- How do you study ______ a test?---- I study ______ working with a group. A: for by B: by in C: for from ( )2.Have you ever ______ with a group?

A: study B: studying C: studied ( )3.My sister said she studied by ________ English-language videos.

A: watch B: watching C: watched ( )4.What about _______ the textbook?

A: reading B: read C: to read ( )5.It improves my _______ skills

A: spoken B: speak C: speaking ( )6.I have trouble ________ the new words.

A: memorize B: memorizing C: to memorize ( )7.I don’t know how ________ commas.

A: use B: to used C: used ( )8.Miss Li regards all his students _______ his children.

A: as B: for C: to ( )9.If you don’t know how to spell new words, look them _____ in a dictionary. A: up B: for C: after ( )10.The small boys decided ________ to each other.

A: not talk B: not talking C: not to


( )11--- His English mark is very high.

--- Oh, really? How does Lin Tao learn _______ a test?

A. with B. to C. for D. from

( )12--- How do you learn English?

---We learn new words ______ reading papers and magazines.

A. by B. through C. from D. with

( ) 1 3. It’s best ______ English like this.

A. learning B. to learn C. learns D. learned

( )14---Do you really understand the answer?


--- No, I don’t _______ understand the answer.

A. quite B. very C. so D. too

( ) 1 5. --- How do you learn English?

--- ______.

A. I learn English for the people

B. I learn English by working with some students

C. I don’t like English

D. I also like English

( )16. He didn’t know the matter. I didn’t know it, ______.

A. too B. also C. either D. neither

( )17. The difficult problems make him _____.

A. studying hard B. study hard

C. to study hard D. studies hard

( )18. Do you have a partner to speak English ________?

A. for B. to C. on D. with

( )19. Isn’t she _____you today?

A. with B. for C. of D. on

( )20. She said that he got ______ A in this test.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )21. Usually we get _____about something and end up _____in Chinese.

A. exciting; speaking B. exciting; speak C. excited; speaking D. excited; speak

( )22. -____you ever ____with a group? -Yes, I have.

A. Have; study B. Have; studied C. Do; study D. study

( )23. He finds watching movies ______because the people speak too quickly.

A. frustrating B. frustrated C. frustrate D. frustration ( )24. _____is bad for your eyes.

A. Watch TV too much B. Watching TV too much

C. Watch too much TV D. Watching too much TV

( )25. - It’s beginning to rain. - ______, we won’t be able to finish the ball game.

A. If it stops B. Should it stop C. Unless it stops D. If it didn’t stop

( )26.How did the police _____ that accident?

A. deal in B. deal with C. do with D. deal on

( )27. Some students think that studying grammar is not helpful____.

A. at all B. all C. very D. not at all.

( )28. Tom was so careless that he often _____ in the exam.

A. make mistake B.made mistakes C. by mistake D. mistakes


( )29. What did you ____ at the meeting?

A. say B. speak C. talk D. tell

( )30. Jack has studied Chinese in this school ____ the year of 2000. A. since B. in C. on D. by

( )31. –How many times ____ you ____ to Beijing this year? - Three times.

A. have, been B. had, been C. have, been D. had, gone ( )32. – Where is Kate? - She ____ London.

A. go B. went C. have gone to D. has gone to

( )33. –Shopping with me? - Sorry, I have a lot of clothes _____. A. to wash B. washed C. wash D. to be washed

( )34. Science is _____ difficult for some students _____ understand. A. too, to B. so, that C. much, to D. very, that ( )35. The radio is too _____. Please turn it down. A. loud B. louder C. loudly D. aloud ( )36. Have you ____ spoken to a foreigner?

A. always B. already C. ever D. yet

( )37. - ____ do you study English? - By making flashcards. A. Why B. How C. What D. When ( )38. Why _____ an English language club?

A. don’t join B. not joins C. not join D. not joining ( )39. This coat is too short. Could you show me _____ longer one?

A. other B. the other C. another D. others ( )40. A man _____ much money on his food in his life.

A. spends B. costs C. pays. D.takes

三阅读 10分


( )1. What activity does the Community Center have on Tuesday?

A: Chess Club Meeting B: Bing go C: Movie

( )2. When is the sewing class?

A: on Monday B: On Friday C: On Wednesday

( )3. What time does the movie start on January 9?

A: 9 pm B: 8 pm C. 10-11 pm

( )4. If you want to go to Shopping Trip, when can you go?

A: On Jan 11 B: On Tuesday 7-9 pm C. On Jan 27

( )5. What is happening on Jan 20?

A: Dance Class B: Dinner and Dancing C: Shopping Trip


1.He thinks_________(学习英语语法) is too boring.

2.The best way to learn new words is by_________(读英语杂志).

3.You’d better_________(大声朗读) to practise pronunciation.

4.He said he couldn’t_________(记忆单词).

5.They gave us many_________(详细的建议).

6._________(看英语电影) is also a good way to learn English.

7.Amy often_________(做笔记) in class.

8.The students want to write_________(完整的句子).

9.They_________(害怕) to speak English out of class.

10.Students in school might feel they have _________(好多工作要做)


1. I hear this dictionary is very ________( help ) for us students.

2. The _______( good ) way to learn English is to use it.

3. We should practice ______( speak ) English aloud every morning.

4. What about _____( go ) there on Sunday?

5. She spoke too ______( quick ),I couldn’t hear you clearly.


以“How do I study English?”为题写一篇小短文。可以写你学习英语的困难以及学习方



How do I study English?


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