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八年级上册unit2 How often do you exercise Section A 1

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Did you enjoy your last weekend? Was it interesting? What did you do on the last weekend?

Work in pairs and ask your partners what they usually do on weekends.

do homework


play football

go to the movies

watch TV




1a Look at the picture. Make a
list of the weekend activities.
1. help with _________ housework _________
2. watch TV __________

exercise 3. _________
4. read a book __________

5. go shopping __________

I often play soccer.

What do you do on weekends?

What does Alice do on weekends?

She often helps with housework.

?always意为 “总是”, 表示动作的重复或状态的 延续。 ?usually意为 “通常”, 表示很少有例外。 ?often意为 “经常”, 表示动作的重复, 但不如 usually那么频繁, 中间有间断。 ?sometimes意为 “有时”, 表示动作偶尔发生。 ? hardly意为 “几乎不”, 常和ever连用表示强调。 ?never意为 “从未”。


≥ 80%

≥ 60%

≥ 20%

< 5%



hardly ever


提示:频率副词在句中的位置是:实义 动词之前, be动词或助动词之后。

e.g. It’s always interesting to watch other people show their talents. Why do people usually make resolutions? When we watch movies about the future, we sometimes see robots. They hardly ever watch TV.

Listen and write the letters 1b from the picture above on the lines below.
1. always _____________ exercise, read 2. usually ________________ watch TV 3. often ____________________ help with housework 4. sometimes ______________ go shopping watch TV 5. hardly ever _____________ go shopping 6. never ______________

Practice the conversation in the 1c picture above. Then make your own conversations about what you do on weekends. I usually

What do you do on weekends?

watch TV.

Do you go shopping?

No, I never go shopping.

What does she do on weekends?

She …

Does she go to cinema?

No, …

What does he do on weekends?

He …

Does he use the Internet?

Yes, …

What do they do on weekends?

They often…

100% ≥ 80%

≥ 20%

I always plays the guitar on weekends. I usually plays the guitar on weekends. I sometimes plays the guitar on weekends.

≥ 80%

≥ 60%

≥ 20%

I usually does my homework on weekends. I often do my homework on weekends. I sometimes do my homework on weekends.

≥ 20%

< 5%


I sometimes exercise on weekends. I hardly ever exercise on weekends. I never exercise on weekends.

How often? twice a day 一天两次


Listen. Cheng Tao is talking about how often he does these activities. Number the activities [1-5] in the order you hear them.

3 ____ a. go to the movies 1 ____ b. watch TV 5 ____ c. shop 4 ____ d. exercise

2 ____ e. read

2b Listen again. Match the activities in 2a
with how often Cheng Tao does them.

Activities a. go to the movies b. watch TV c. shop

How often every d

once a week twice a week
three times a week

d. exercise e. read

once a month twice a month


How often do you do these activities? Fill in the chart and then make conversations.

Activities watch TV

How often
every day twice a week four times a week once a month

use the Internet
read English books go to the movies


every day

How often do you watch TV? What’s your favorite program?

I watch TV every day.
Animal world.

How often do you watch it?

Twice a week.

How often do you use the Internet?

I use the Internet …

What’s your favorite website?

How often do you read English books?
What’s your favorite book?

I read English books…


How often do you read it?

How often do you…?

I ...

What’s your…?


Read the conversation and match the activity with the 2c right time. Wednesday dance lesson and Friday
piano lesson play tennis Tuesday


Hi, Claire, …

Hmm, ...

1. hardly 只用作副词,其意思是“几乎 不”,表示否定概念。 e.g. He can hardly speak English. 他不太会说英语。 hardly ever 几乎从不 e.g. Peter is hardly ever late. 彼得几乎从不迟到。

hard 也用副词,意为“努力地、刻苦 地”,“猛烈地” 。 e.g. He works hard only before exams. 他只在考试前努力学习。

2. once , twice, three times 等次数的表达 法。 次数 1) 这三个词都表示______,once是 一次 两次 ______,twice是_______,除了一次, 两次,其他的次数都表达成 ________________。 数字 + times three times 如:三次是____________ ,五次是 ____________。 five times

2) 这些表次数的词后与一段时间连用, 表示动作多长时间发生几次,即动作 频率 的________. 3) 翻译: once two weeks 两周一次 ________________ once a year 一年两次 ________________ 一个月两次 ________________ twice a month

go to the movie 1. 去看电影 ___________________ 2. 运动 ____________________ exercise 3. 看电视 ____________________ watch TV read English books 4. 读英语书 ___________________ 5. 上网 ___________________ use the Internet 6. 购物 ____________________ shop How often 7. 多久一次 ____________________ 每天 8. every day ____________________

一周一次 9. once a week ______________ 一周两次 10. twice a week ______________ 11.three times a week ______________ 一周三次 12. three or four times a week 一周三到四次 ______________ 一个月一次 13. once a month _______________ 一个月两次 14. twice a month _______________

翻译: 1. 周末你通常做什么事情?我通常踢足球。 What do you usually do on weekend? I usually play soccer. 2. 周末他们做什么事情?他们经常去看 电影。 What do they do on weekend? They often go to the movies.

记住好好锻 炼身体哟!

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