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鲁教版初二it's a naice day

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It’s cold in the picture,___________? isn’t it Yes,it is.

It is an apple, isn’t it ? Yes, it is.


They are apples, aren’t they ? Yes, they are.

They play football, don’t they ? Yes, they do.

do they They don’t like swimming,_________? Yes,they do.

Jay sings many songs, doesn’t he ? Yes, he does.

wasn’t she Lily was ill in bed, _________? Yes, she was.

was she She wasn’t at home, _______? No, she wasn’t.

The students were in the classroom,weren’t they ________? Yes, they were.

were they They weren’t in the park last Sunday, _______?

No, they weren’t.

didn’t it It rained heavily yesterday, _______? Yes, it did.

didn’t he Li lei fell down, _______? Yes, he did.

didn’t he Liu Xiang ran the fastest in the game, _______? Yes, he did.

wasn’t there There was a heavy snow last year, _________? Yes, there was.

语法: 反意疑问句

在一个陈述句之后附上一个简短的疑 问句,对陈述句提出相反的疑问,这种疑 问句叫反意疑问句。 如:

1. SARS is scary, isn’t it? 2. We speak Chinese, don’t we?

结构一: 前肯,+ 后否

eg. SARS is scary, isn’t it?
结构二: 前否,+ 后肯

eg. SARS isn’t scary, is it?

结构一: 前肯,+ 后否

Be 动词:
aren’t you 1. You are an actor, ________ _____ ? 2. He is a good boy, ________ ______ ? isn’t he 3. It was fine yesterday, _______ ___ ? wasn’t it 4. You were studying when I called weren’t you you last night, __________ _____ ? 5. She is going to visit me, _____ ____? isn’t she 6. I am Chinese, ______ ______? aren’t I

doesn’t it 1. It often rains here, ________ ___ ? 2. He likes soccer, _________ ____ ? doesn’t he 3. You have a headache, _______ you? don’t ___ 4. I called you yesterday, _______ __? didn’t I

1. You will go to America, ______ ___ ? won’t you 2. We have ever been to Shanghai, _________ ______ ? haven’t we

1. 陈述部分是I am 或 I’m 时,疑问部分用 aren’t I
2.陈述部分有no , never, few, little时,疑问部分用肯定 3.陈述部分主语是there, this, that , these, those 疑 问部分用there , it ,they 4.陈述部分主语是everyone, everybody, someone, somebody, anybody, no one, nobody等时,疑问部 分用they, he;陈述部分是everything, something, nothing, anything时,疑问部分用 it 5.祈使句的反意疑问句用will you, 或 shall we 6.宾语从句中,以主句为准,但如果主语是第一人称且谓 语动词是think, believe等时,以从句为准


1. His mother is a doctor, ______ ____ ? isn’t she 2. The dogs are fighting, _______ _____? aren’t they 3. There is a boy in our classroom, _______ _______ ? isn’t there 4. There were many cars in the street, _________ ________ ? weren’t there 5. There will be robots in our families, ________ ______ ? won’t there

6. S

it down please, _______________ ? will / won’t you 7. Please call me, _________________? will / won’t you 8. Let’s go home, ________________ ? shall / shan’t we

9. Let us go home, ________________ ? will / won’t you
10. Let me see, __________________ ? will / won’t you

结构二: 前否,+ 后肯

1. You aren’t an actor, ______ ____ ? are you 2. He isn’t a good boy, ______ _____ ? is he 3. It wasn’t fine yesterday, ____ ____ ? was it 4. It doesn’t rain here, ______ ____ ? does it 5. His sister doesn’t have a headache, ________ _____ ? does she 6. You didn’t call me yesterday, did you _______ _____?

7. You won’t go to U.S.A., ______ ____? will you

8. There isn’t a boy in our classroom,
______ _______ ? is there 9. There weren’t many cars in the street, _______ _______ ? were there will you 10. Don’t smoke, _______ _____ ? shall we 11. Don’t let’s do it, _______ _____ ?

isn’t it 1. June is the sixth month of the year, _______? 2. Wednesday is the third day of the week, isn’t it _______? isn’t he 3. Jim Green is from American, __________? 4. Your mother likes seafood, _____________? doesn’t she 5. Your father goes to work by bus, __________? doesn’t he 6. David and Joy are brother and sister, aren’t they ____________? 7. You sit in the middle of your class, __________? don’t Green teaches English in Shanghai, 8. Jeff you ____________? doesn’t he

Make a list of places where you would talk to people you don't know.

at a concert waiting in line to buy a ticket at a cinema

waiting for a bus

How do you start your conversation?
Discuss: It’s a nice day ,isn’t it?

The train is always late,isn’t it? It’s really crowede,isn’t it?
This is a great party,isn’t it?

Pairwork : suppose you are in the line ,make different small talks with your partner.
A: It’s a nice day, isn’t it? B: Yes, it is. A: The bus is late, isn’t it? B: Yes, it is.

at the bus stop

This line is moving slowly, isn’t it? Do you think it’s going to rain? (…have been waiting for twenty minutes already, forgot to bring umbrella…)

1b Listening



A: It looks like rain, doesn't it? B: Yes, it does. And I forget my umbrella. The train is always late, isn't it?

You love violin music, don't you?

It looks like rain, doesn't it? look like 似乎;看上去像…… e.g. It looks like snow. She looks like her mother.

Task II
You are at a bus stop. Make your own small talk.

A: It’s really cold today, isn’t it? B: Yes, it is. I hope the bus comes soon. A: I do, too, but it’s always late on Sunday. B: Oh, I didn’t know that. I usually take the bus on weekdays. A: Well, do you take the bus to school? B: Yes, I do.

Discuss in fours : When we begin a small talk , we are asked to begin a successful one. Some sentences we can use, but some sentences we can’t use. Please tell us some unsuccessful small talk topics.
How old are you?(Especially for women.) Your dress doesn’

t look nice,don’t you think so?

Your cell phone is too cheap ,isn’t is?
How much is your skirt?

2a To have successful small talk, both people need to ask questions. Listen to the three conversations. Are they examples of successful or unsuccessful small talk? Write “S”(for successful) or “U”(for unsuccessful) in the blanks.
U Conversation 1 U Conversation 2 S Conversation 3

2b Listening
Listen to conversation 3 again.
Put the sentences and questions below in order.

a. I hope so. I want to go A. (Opening swimming. Question) f b. Yes. It rains every B. (Answer) b Saturday! (Question)e c. At Franklin Lake. A. (Answer) a d. Oh? Where do you swim? B. (Question) d e. Do you think it’ll stop by A. (Answer) c noon? (Question)g f. It always rains on the weekend, doesn’t it? g. Do you ever go there?

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

Pairwork :Make a successful small talk.
You may use these expressions:

It’s really exciting, isn’t it ? You love basketball, don’t you? You like Yao Ming, don’t you?

Imagine you are at a bus stop. Make your own small talk. You can use the expressions in the box below. It’s really cold today, isn’t it? The No. 15 bus stops here, doesn’t it?

A: It’s really cold today, isn’t it? B: Yes, it is. I hope the bus comes soon.

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