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冀教版九年级 状语从句习题 (原创)

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1. You have to leave now ______ you can catch the early bus.

A. so that B. as soon as C. because D. if

2. You should go over your test paper _____ you hand it in.

A. before B. though C. because D. as soon as

3. Scientists say it may be a few years ______ it is possible to test the new medicine on patients.

A. because B. after C. before D. since

4. We will have no water to drink ______ we don’t protect the earth.

A. until B. before C. though D. if

5. --- Could we play football in your playground, Sir?

--- No, _______ you have the principal’s note.

A. if B. unless C. because D. since

6. I won’t be able to understand what you say, ______ you speak too quickly.

A. if B. though C. because D. until

7. --- Is everybody here today?

--- No, Tom is at home ______ he has got a bad cold.

A. because B. if C. until D. unless

8. In summer, food goes bad easily _____ it is put in the refrigerator.

A. until B. if C. unless D. though

9. _______ it’s difficult to make her dream come true, she never gives up.

A. Though B. Until C. Unless D. If

10. --- I hear Jack will come to China next week.

--- Really? ________ he comes, my younger sister will be very happy.

A. If B. Until C. Unless D. Before

11. Mary spends a lot of money on clothes ________ her family is not rich.

A. because B. though C. if D. so

12. Usually, we don’t know how important something is ______ we lost it.

A. or B. until C. as soon as D. if

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