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Unit2 LiuXiang was trained for gold.

Let’s enjoy a video and answer the question: How did Liu Xiang feel?

Let's say something about Liu Xiang.


Sun Haiping

the men's110 hurdles
Olympic Games

gold medal

represent China

Let's read fast.

1.Liu Xiang_____________________________ . A. was helped by his sports school to become a gold medal winner A.The past life of Liu Xiang. B. will be encouraged to be a star not a sporting hero C. has trained for many years, and will continue to win medals

A.The past life of Liu Xiang. B.The future life of according to 2. How many parts are there in the passageLiu Xiang. the time? Three parts.present life of Liu Xiang. C.The
3. What’s the main idea of each part?





Let's read carefully.

1. As a symbol, What does Liu Xiang represent?

He is a symbol of China’s international sporting success. 2. Now that he’s well-known , what will he be asked

to do?
He will be asked to appear in advertisements and films and even to record music. Of course, he will also train regularly.

Para3-4 ( T or F )
4.Liu Xiang is successful during a night. Liu not an overnight success.

5. He went to the Junior Sports School of Putuo District of Shanghai when he was in Junior School. in Grade Four 6. Liu was encouraged at first to train as a high jumper. 7. Liu Xiang’s parents changed his training coach programme. 2004 8. In 2002, he won the first Olympic gold medal .

Para3-4 ( Activity4 )
1. Why isn’t Liu Xiang an overnight success? He has trained hard for many years. 2. What was Liu Xiang advised to do in 1998? He was advised to practise hurdling.

3. What was the special programme set up in 2001?

It was set up to help young sportsman and sportswomen.

Para5-5 ( Activity4 )

5. What will he be encouraged to do in the future? He will go for more medals for China because he was trained for gold.

Let's retell.
Time Event

Very young 1998 2001

Be born __________ in Shanghai training Started _____________. At first,train as high jumper a ___________________ his coach Sun Hurdling skill, was noticed Haiping __________ by___________
Training programme was changed _____________

2002 ________ Won gold medals in Switzerland and Korea
________ Won an Olympic gold medal in Athens 2004 Future plans Appear in ________, advertisements and films record ________ music




young 2001




Let's retell again and fill in the blanks.
Liu Xiang was b___ in Shanghai on 13th orn July,1983.In Grade Four, he went to the junior ncouraged Sports School and was e__________ to train as a urdling high jumper. Then, in 1998, his skill at h______ was noticed by his c_____ Sun Haiping. In 2001, oach

Liu's training programme c_______ and he won his hanged
first international 110m hurdles e_____ in vent Switzerland and Korea in 2001. In 2004, Liu won edal the first Olympic gold m_______.

For Liu Xiang, life as a sporting hero has

just begun. First of all, he will be chosen to r_______ China at Olympic Games. And epresent now t____ he's well-known all over the hat world, Liu will also be asked to appear in a___________ and films, and even to dvertisements r_____ music. Liu Xiang will go for more ecord medals for China because he was trained for gold!

课外阅读 extending 见学案

Let's discuss.

What can you learn from Liu Xiang?

Believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible.

Never give up! Never lose heart!

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