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人教版7年级下第11单元Section A2

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Section A

Period Two

Words and expressions

Read the words and expressions loudly.

Words review
yesterday flower worry luckily sun adv. 昨天 n. 花 v.&n. 担心;担忧 adv. 幸运地;好运地 n. 太阳

To learn to complete Jim’s letter and Bill’s reply using The past simple tense To learn the simple past of regular and irregular verbs

What did you do last weekend?

watched TV

visited a friend

cleaned the room played computer games

played basketball

stayed at home

Pair work
Did you …?
Yes, I did. / No, I didn’t.

go to the beach

visit your aunt

go fishing

surf the Internet

go skateboarding

play soccer

3a Complete Jim’s letter and Bill’s reply.

Dear Bill, How was (is) your school trip yesterday? ___ ____ (Do) you ___ (go) to the zoo? _____ go Did (Do) you take any photos? ____ (Do) Did Did you ____(see) any interesting animals? I see _____ (go) to the zoo last year and it went ____ (is) a lot of fun. was Jim

Dear Jim, My school trip ____ (is) great! We ____ was had (have) so much fun! We ____ (go) to went Green Park. We ________(climb) the climbed mountains there and ____ (see) a lot of saw flowers. We ___ (eat) our lunch under ate

some trees and played(play) some games _____

after that. But at about two o’clock, it got ____ (get) very cloudy and we worried _______ (worry) it would rain. Luckily, it _______ did not (do not), and the sun _____ (come) out came again! Bill


3b Make up a story. Each student adds

a sentence.

Group work: Make a survey! What did you do on your last school trip? Did you …?
Name Zheng Tao Zhang Li Activities went to Guangzhou, went shopping went to West Lake, went boating

Liu Ying

went to her aunt’s house, had pizza
went to the beach, went swimming

Report: In my group, Zheng Tao went to Guangzhou. He went shopping. Zhang Li … Liu Ying … And I… We …


sunny and nice

where who activities


the aquarium my teacher and classmates see some seals and sharks hang out with my classmates take photos buy souvenirs meet Yao Ming and get his autograph take the bus back to school tired but happy

课时重点回顾 Regular verbs: play-played, visit-visited, climb-climbed, study-studied, worry-worried, stop-stopped Irregular verbs: do-did, is-was, are-were, have-had, eat-ate, buy-bought, get-got, come-came, see-saw, go-went

注: 另附word文档。 点击此处链接

根据句意,用括号内所给动词的适当形 式填空。 1. They ______(come) to China two came months ago. 2. Where ______(be) she last week? was were 3. The twins ______(be) at school this morning. 4. ______ he ______ (tell) you a story last Did tell Sunday?

5. We didn’t watch(not watch) TV last night. __________ help 6. Let me ______ (help) you. 7. Listen! Sue ___________ (sing) an is singing English song. am going to help 8. I ______________ (help) my mother do housework tomorrow. 9. Tom always ______ (get) up at six gets o’clock in

the morning. 10. __________ (not close) the door. Don’t close

Translate and write them down.
1. 最后他们坐校车返回学校。

Finally, they took the school bus back to school. 2. 那天结束时,自然老师很高兴,因为 学生们在旅游之后把汽车打扫了一遍。
At the end of the day, the science teacher was very happy because the students cleaned the bus after the trip.

3. 你在动物园看到有趣的动物了吗? Did you see any interesting animals in the zoo? 4. 我们上周去公园了。 We went to the park last week. 5. 我们在一些树下吃了午饭,之后还 玩了一些游戏。 We ate our lunch under some trees and played some games after that.

Make a survey and then write about what your friends did in their school trip.

To preview the new words and expressions To preview Jane’s and Tony’s last school trip

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