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1.be more interested in 对…更感兴趣. 2. on the swim team 游泳队的队员. 3. be terrified of =be afraid of害怕. 4. gym class 体操课. 5. worry about. 担心. 6. all the time 一直, 总是 7. chat with sb 与…闲聊 8. hardly ever 几乎从不

9. walk to school = go to school on foot

take the bus to school = go to school by bus 10. as well as 不仅…而且 11. get into trouble 遇到麻烦

12. make a decision 做出决定

13. to one’s surprise 使某人吃惊的是 14. take pride in 为…感到骄傲 15. pay attention to 留心, 注意

16. consist of 由…组成/构成. be made up of 由…组成/构成.

17. instead of 代替, 而不是 18. in the end 最后, 终于 19. play the piano 弹钢琴

20. in the last/past + 一段时间

during the last/past + 一段时间 与现在完成时连用.

21. die (v.) dead (adj.) death (n.) dying (垂死的)

22. play the piano 弹钢琴

23.①be/ become interested in sth.对…感兴趣 ②be interested in doing sth. 对做…感兴趣 ③show great interest in 在……方面产生极


④a place of interest 一处名胜 some places of interest ⑦ an interesting book / man

24.on表(电灯、电视、机械)在运转/打开,其反义词off. with the light on 灯开着 25.支付不起…

can’t /couldn’t afford to do sth. can’t / couldn’t afford sth.

to one’s surprise 令某人惊讶 如: 26. take pride in sth. 以…而自豪

27. pay attention to sth. 对…注意,留心 28. give up doing sth. 放弃做某事


1. be allowed to do sth 被允许干… allow sb to do sth 允许某人干… allow doing sth 允许干…

2. sixteen-year-olds = sixteen-year-old boys and girls 16岁的孩子

3. part-time jobs 兼职工作 4. a driver’s license 驾照

5. on weekends 在周末 6. at that age 在那个年龄段

7. on school nights 在上学期间的每个晚上 8. stay up 熬夜

9. clean up (相当与及物动词) 清扫 10. fail (in) a test 考试不及格

11. take the test 参加考试 12. the other day 前几天

13. all my classmates 我所有的同学 14. concentrate on 全神贯注于

15. be good for 对…有益 16. in groups 成群的,按组的

17. get noisy 吵闹(系表结构) 18. learn from 向某人学习 19. at present 目前,现在

20. have an opportunity to do sth 有做…的机会

21.English-English dictionary 英英词典 22. at least 至少 23.eight hours’ sleep a night 每晚8小时的睡眠

24. an old people’s home 敬老院 25. take time to do sth 花费时间干… 26. primary schools 小学 27. have…off 放假,休息

28. reply to 回答,答复 29. get in the way of 妨碍

30. a professional athlete 职业运动员 31. achieve one’s dreams 实现梦想 32. agree with 同意… 33. in the end 最后,终于

34. be serious about 对…热忠/极感兴趣 35. spend…on + n. spend …(in) + v-ing 在…上花费时间/金钱

36. care about 关心,担心,在乎

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