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Lesson 9 Be a Champion!

2006年7月11日,刘翔以 12秒88的成绩获得瑞士洛 桑田径超级大奖赛金牌, 并打破由英国名将科林· 杰 克逊创造的12秒91的世界 纪录。

Read the text and answer these questions. ? 一、What idea did Brian have to break a world record?

? 二、What did Brian have for lunch?
? 三、What did Danny's mother give him for lunch?

Exercises One : fill in the blanks with the key words from this lesson.
records 1 Do you know one of the world ________?

2 How can we do so much work in three days?
Don’t worry, We can take turns ________. 3 Danny is the world’s _________dinosaur. funniest

4 Can you run two hundred metres in 19 _________ ? seconds

5 Their class could play basketball without ___________. stopping

Exercises Two : Choose the best answer.
1 My sister and I take turns at _____the house. C
A clean B to clean

C cleaning

D All the above

2 I was doing my homework _____ he came in.

A while

B when

C at

D on

C 3 _____he knows where Mary will go.

A May be B May

C Perhaps

D Must

A 4 He doesn’t tell me when he _____,I’ll call you as soon as he ______. A will come comes B will come will come C comes , willl come D comes will come D 5 I hope to visit Paris ________. A some day C the other day B one day D A and B

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