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Lesson 13: Who’s the Champ?

Warming up

The longest hair

The biggest ear

The biggest nose

Think about it
? How does it feel to win something? ? Tell about a time when you won or achieved something important? ? What records does Danny think he can break?

New words
? list n. ? anybody 列表;清单 pron. 任何人

Listening Task: true or False


has short hair. ?Danny has the longest tail in his class. ?The student list many records.

Read the text and answer these question?

一、Where does the dialogue happen? 二、Does anybody have any other idea? 三、What record does Jenny think of?

? ?

The fastest runner! 最快的运动员! fastest是fast的最高级。 关于形容词的比较级、最高级的构成,有下列口诀帮你记忆:
比较级要变化, 一般词尾加-er. 最高级要牢记, 词尾要加-est。 一般情况直接加, 下列几条是特例。 词尾有e省去e, nice-nicer-nicest就是例。 如遇“辅音字母+y”词, 变y为I 在加-er, -est, easy-easier-easiest是一例。 一辅重读闭音节, 末尾字母先双写, 再把-er, -est后边接。 举个例子就明了, big-bigger-biggest 你知道。 不规则,要牢记, good-better-best。 多音节,不一样, 词前加more是比较, 词前加most是最高级。


In class, think of some records. Who runs the fastest? Who is the tallest? etc.

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