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八年级年级上册 Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister.同步听力训练课件 人教新目标版

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一、听小对话,选择正确的图画。 1. Where is the woman?

2. Which player does the woman like best?

3. What are they doing?

4. What sport do the man and his friend both like?

5. Which man is the woman’s father?

二、听小对话,选择正确的答案。 1. How is Tina different from Tara? A. Tina is taller. B. Tina’s hair is longer. C. Tina’s hair is curlier. 2. What is the weather like today? A. Hotter than yesterday. B. Cooler than yesterday C. As hot as yesterday

3. What does the man want? A. A longer ruler. B. A nicer ruler. C. A shorter ruler. 4. Why does the woman like her best friend? A. Her friend likes laughing. B. Her friend can make her laugh. C. Her friend enjoys reading. 5. What does the man think of the two speakers? A. Mr Smith can teach us as well as Miss Black. B. Miss Black is more popular that Mr Smith. C. Mr Smith is more serious than Miss Black.


Dialogue 1
1. What does the man think of the two books?
A. They are both old books. B. The story is shorter than the last one.

C. The last book is more interesting than this one.
2. Why doesn’t the man want to read the new book now? A. He wants to have a rest.

B. He doesn’t like the new book.
C. He doesn’t have enough time.

Dialogue 2
Note: coach教练 3. What are they talking about? A. A baseball match. B. A football match. C. A basketball match. 4. Why does the woman think Bull will be the winner? A. Because Bull has a better coach. B. Because Rocket doesn’t have good players. C. Because Bull has more good players than Rocket. 5. Which team is better now? A. Rocket. B. Bull. C. We don’t know.


1. How old is Ben? A. 15. B. 14. C. 13. 2. What is Ben’s brother like? A. Thin and serious. B. Strong and tall. C. Thin and calm. 3. Who is more outgoing? A. Ben. B. Ben’s brother. C. Ben’s parents. 4. What do the brothers have in common? A. They both like pop music. B. They are both friendly. C. They are both funny. 5. Which is RIGHT? A. Ben’s brother is heavier than Ben. B. Ben is wilder. C. Ben’s hobby is reading.

五、Paul周末到江苏去看望堂妹Jenny, 发现两年没见面后双方都有了明显 变化。听他们的聊天并做好记录。

1. They both have _______. Paul 2. They are both ________. & Jenny 3. They both students.

1. Paul is _______________ than Jenny. 2. Pau is _______________than Jenny. 3. When they were young children, Jenny was ___________ and more outgoing than Paul. 4. Now, Jenny is quieter and ________ than Paul.

六、当晚Paul和Jenny 及Jenny的朋友Charles 在一起聊起自己若干年 后会是怎样时,大家都

计。听他们的描述做记 录并选出适合的图片。

七、学校决定去位于邻市的博物馆参观,对于怎么走,校长想听听同学们的 意见。Charles, Paul和Jenny三个人

各抒己见。仔细听,替校长记录同学们喜 欢的交通方式并记录理由。(在恰当的栏目内打“√”) Good points and bad points.

By boat

By bus

By bike



More _______, _______ but ______ ______ ______ but takes more time and it’s ______. _______ _______ but _______ _______.



八、在博物馆里Charles见到了很多反映城市新旧面貌的图片,城市的巨变让 他感触颇多。听Charles的独白,在下图中挑出能正确反映城市变化的图片。 (在图片下打“√”)

1. W: Excuse me, sir. Could you drive a little faster? I’m in a hurry. M: No, problem, madam. 2. M: Which player do you like better, Yao Ming or O’Neal?

W: Yao Ming, though O’Neal is
more athletic.

3. M: Picture time! W: Hey, wait. Do I look smart now? 4. W: Does your friend, Tony, like to do the same thing as you? M: Yeah, we both like to play volleyball.

5. M: Helen, what is your father like?

W: He is a tall, serious man.

1. M: Here come the twins.
W: Well, I really can’t tell who is Tina, if her hair isn’t curlier than Tara.

2. W: What hot weather!
M: So it is. It’s hotter than yesterday. But the weather report said it would be cooler in two days.

3. M: Give me a shorter ruler, please. W: Here you are. 4. M: What do you like about your best friend? W: She enjoys telling jokes, and always makes me laugh. 5. W: How is your new English teacher, Mr Smith? M: He is funnier and more popular than Miss Black, though they are both good at teaching.

Dialogue 1 M: Hello, Betty, here is your book. Thank you very much.

W: It’s a nice book, isn’t it?
M: Quite right. Although the story is shorter, it’s more interesting than the last one. W: Now I’ve got a new book. Do you want to read? M: Well, I am getting busier. I have more schoolwork to do

this week.
W: Then, come and get it when you are free.

Dialogue 2 W: Which team do you think will be the winner tonight, Bull or Rocket? M: Hard to say. Both of them are good teams. W: But I think Bull has more good players than Rocket. M: That’s right. But Rocket is better at teamwork. Look, Rocket got more scores! W: Wait and see. I hope Bull will smile at last.

M: Hello, everyone. I’m Ben. This is a photo of my brother. He is 17. He’s 3 years older. We are different, in some ways we are opposite. He is thin and calm. Although I am

shorter, I’m heavier. I’m more outgoing and wilder than he
is. We have different hobbies. He enjoys doing some

reading at home when free, but I always go out and play
football. However, we still have something in common. We go to the same school and we are friendly to others. That’s all, thanks.

W: Oh, Paul, you are so tall now, you are taller than me. M: Yeah, but two years ago it was opposite. Though I’m taller, I’m thinner than you are. W: That’s right. When we were young children, I was wilder and more outgoing than you. M: But now you are quieter and calmer tha

n I am. W: I agree. Things are always changing. Although I’m quiet, I have many friends. M: Me, too. Friends can make me happier. W: By the way, how is your schoolwork? M: Quite good. W: Great, we are both good at schoolwork. We still have something in common, don’t we? M: Ha, ha. And don’t forget another thing. We are both students.

Paul: Years later I am more athletic and heavier. I don’t like to be thin. My hair is a little shorter. Because I’m tall enough. I don’t want to be taller. My eyes aren’t big enough. They are bigger years later. I’m an office worker. Jenny: Good. As for me, I want to be more beautiful. My face is a bit long. I like it to be round. My hair is curlier. I hope my mouth is not so big. I’m a singer. Charles: Wow, a good-looking young woman, Paul. What will I be years later? Let me see. Well, I’m fat and shorter than Paul now. So I want to be taller and a little bit lighter. My hair isn’t long enough. It should be longer years later. My head is big, but years later it is smaller. I want to be an art teacher.

Paul: How are we going to the museum? Do you have any ideas, Jenny? Jenny: I’d like to go there by boat. It’s more comfortable and it takes about half an hour. It’s faster. What about you, Paul? Paul: I don’t like it. Because going by boat makes me feel sick. Also it is more expensive. Why not go there by bus? It’s cheaper. Jenny: But it takes more time. There are always many people on the bus, it’s hotter on the bus than in the boat. Charles, which do you like better, by boat or by bus? Charles: Well, let’s go there by bike. Though it’s less comfortable, it’s more interesting. Paul & Jenny: What! Over my dead body!

M: I’m so surprised to see so many old pictures. The city at that time was quite different from now. In the past, the building were lower and older. There were more trees but fewer cars and the air was cleaner. Now the streets are wider than before. We can see more cars on the streets. Also the buildings are nicer and much taller. Nowadays, people are

happier because the life is getting better. But I feel sorry for
the rivers in the city. People cut down many trees and build more factories nearby. The water in the rivers is very dirty. People can’t swim in it any more.

1. They both have many Paul friends. & 2. They are both good at Jenny schoolwork. 3. They both students.

1. Paul is taller than Jenny. 2. Pau is thinner than Jenny. 3. When they were young children, Jenny was wilder and more outgoing than Paul. 4. Now, Jenny is quieter and calmer than Paul.

By boat

By bus

By bike


Good points and bad points.


More comfortable, faster but more expensive. √ Cheaper but takes more time and it’s hotter. √



Less comfortable but more interesting.

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