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Unit 4

What would you do?

-Pretend this is you. What would you do?

-I would call the police.

Maybe you have only a little money now.

One million Yuan / dollars If the money were yours.

What would you do if you had a lot of money?

I would ... if I had ...

I’d give it to the charity.

I’d buy snacks.

I’d put it in the bank.

I’d travel around the world

I’d buy a big house

I’d help the sick people.


give it to medical research

If I had a lot of money, I would give it to medical research.

Grammar focus:

语法重点: 虚拟语气

? 句中的 if 引导条件句,这个条件往往不可 能实现或者实现可能性极小的,我们称之 为“虚拟条件”。
通过动词形式的变化来表示说话人对发生的动作或存在的 状态所持的态度或看法的动词形式称为语气,虚拟语气表 示说话人所说的话不是事实,而是一种祝愿,建议或是与 事实相反的的假设等。 (从句)If +主语+动词过去式(be动词用were), (主句) 主语+would /could/might+ 动词原形

Group work ? If you were a teacher/head teacher ,what would you do ?

1b. Listen and Number





1c. Pair work
A: what would you do if you had a million dollars? B: I’d buy a beautiful car. What about you? A: I’d travel around the world.

2a. Listen and Circle
1. He’s late for the party. 2. He doesn’t know what to wear. 3. He doesn’t know if he should bring a present. 4. He can’t find his shoes. 5. He might not know anyone at the party.

2b. Listen and check

? 1. If I were you, I’d wear a shirt and tie. 领带 ? 2. You shouldn’t worry about what other
people are wearing. 3. If I were you, I’d be a little late. ? 4. If I were you, I’d take a small present. ? 5. If you don’t know anyone, you can talk to Tom. 6. But if you’re still nervous, you don’t have to go.

Language Points in 2b: If I were you, I’d ...
如果我是你,我会...... 这里,“’d”是“would”的缩略形式,在虚拟 条件句中,be 动词没有人称变化,一律用were。


Student A, talk about your worries. Student B, give advice.

Larry’s worries
1. I don’t know what to wear. 2. I don’t have a present. What if everyone else brings a present?

3. What if I don’t know anyone?
What if…? = What will happen if … ? 如果…… 会怎么样?

( B)1. If I ____ a bee, I ___ work much harder. A. am; would B. were; would C. am; will D. was; would
( A)2. If I ___ a car, I ___ take you to the airport.

A . had, would C. have, will

B. had, will D. have, would

( A )3. There are _____ volunteers in the earthquake. A. millions of B. five millions C. five millions of D. five million of

( B )5. His parents _______ his poor health. A. worried about B. worry about C. worry D. are worry about

( B )6. ______ you join us for lunch? A. What about B. What if C. Why D. Why not

Please remember:
Money is important, but

money isn’t everything. If we had a lot of money, we should do something good for people.

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