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初二M2 Unit3

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Module 2 Experiences
Unit 3 Language in use

如果你想说“我已经看过某部电影, 所以不想看了”、“某人曾经作过什 么事情”等等,该如何表达呢?首先 请看下面的句子:

(1) I have seen the film. I don’t want to see it again. (2) Have you ever looked at a travel brochure? (3) I have never visited the USA.

以上句子的谓语动词有一个共同的特点就 是“have/has+动词的过去分词”, 用于表 示 在以前的某个时间曾经做过的、发生的事 情,这种行为对目前有某种影响,如(1); 还可以表示到目前为止曾经经历或没经历 的事情,如(2)(3)。我们把这种时态称为

现在完成时 Present perfect 定义:表示过去发生或已经完成的某一 动作对现在造成的影响或结果。 构成:1.肯定句 现在完成时的肯定句式是 “have(has)+过去分词”。 注意:该句式中的have或has是助动 词,has用于第三人称单数,其它人称 一律用have。

2. 否定句:现在完成时的否定句式是 “haven’t(hasn’t)+过去分词”。 3. 疑问句:现在完成时的一般疑问句式 是把助动词have或has提到主语之前。 回答用Yes, …have(has). /No, …haven’t(hasn’t). 连用时间状语:already, yet, ever, never, just, before, several times 等。

动词过去分词的变化形式大部分与动词 过去式形式相同,但是不规则动词的变 化形式没有规律,需要记忆,比如:
see-saw-seen; be-was, were-been eat-ate-eaten; break-broke-broken go-went-gone; take-took-taken send-sent-sent; find-found-found make-made-made; have-had-had

1. I’ve already had dinner. yet I ________ _____ dinner ______. haven’t had 2. He has just finished his homework. hasn’t finished yet He ______ ________ his homework ____. 3. Mum’s cooked the dinner. hasn’t cooked Mum _______ _______ the dinner.

Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions. be climb eat see take photos visit


the Great Wall

roast duck

Have you ever visited Beijing?

Stone animals the Palace Museum

Beijing Opera

Have you ever… ?
Things to do in China yes no

1. go to Beijing
2. see Beijing Opera 3. take photos of stone animals 4. climb the Great Wall 5. eat roast duck

√ √ √

6. visit the Palace Museum

√ √

Complete the postcard. Write sentences with the words and expressions in the box. (Activity 1) be climb eat see take photos visit

Dear David, I am having a wonderful time in China. I’ve done so many things! I’ve _____________________________ _________________________________. There’s only one thing I haven’t done yet: I ________________________________. Bye for now, Rob

Write a questionnaire about your experiences. had a western meal? lived in another country? written a poem or a story? traveled by plane? played the piano? tried seafood? cooked dinner for your parents?

Have you ever

Yes, I have./ N

o, I haven’t.

Write the words and expressions in the correct column. (Activity 5) airport cabin steward captain cinema concert festival film land music passenger song take off trip Air travel airport captain cabin steward passenger land take off trip Entertainment cinema concert film festival music song

Listen and check the correct answers. (Activity 6)

China Winnie Diana Bob

Places visited
Europe USA

√ √

Listen again and answer the questions. (Activity 7) 1. How many times has Winnie been to the United States? Three times. 2. Name one South American country she hasn’t been to. Argentina/Brazil. 3. Where would Diana like to go one day? The USA.

4. Which part of China has she travelled around? South China. 5. How did she travel there? By train. 6. Has Bob ever visited China? No, he hasn’t.

Work in groups. Ask and answer the questions. (Activity 8) A: Have you ever been to London? B: Yes, I have. C: Has B ever been to London? A: Yes, he / she has. 1. has been to London 2. hasn’t ever tried skiing 3. has written an email in English 4. hasn’t ever had an English pen friend 5. hasn’t taken a plane 6. has been to another city by train

Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box. (Activity 9) all over China around the world more than take off 1. When will the plane _______ from take off Beijing Capital Airport? 2. Mr. Li has visited more than 20 cities _________ in China. 3. His new song is popular all over China now. ____________ 4. I’ve always wanted to travel around the world _______________.

Around the world.
Disneyland The first Disneyland opened in July 1955 in the USA. Since then over 400 million people have visited Disneyland theme parks. Disneyland Hong Kong is the third international theme park after Tokyo and Paris. About 10 million people visit it each year.

1.see—saw---seen 看见,明白,看望

see+ do/doing
2.take photos of ….

3.have a wonderful time=have a good /great time
=enjoy oneself
4. turn (n.) 顺序, 轮流 1. It‘s one’s turn to do sth. 轮到某人做某事 2. take one's turn to do sth. = do sth. in turn =do sth. by turns轮流做某事 turn (vi.) 转动,转向,翻转 turn right / left = turn to the right / left

turn down 关小 / 拒绝 turn off 关 turn in 上交 turn up 开大

重点: 1.so many+可数名词复数; so much+不可数名词 2. so与 such so修饰adj./adv. so big; so quickly so+adj.+a/an +可单 so beautiful a girl such 修饰名词 such a /an +adj.+可单 such an interesting film such +adj.+不可数名词(或复数) such delicious milk/ apples 3.Bye for now 再见 4.have a meeting开会;have a bath洗澡 have a look(at); have a cold,have sb. do sth. 5.would like to do sth.=want to do sth.

1.since then: 从那时起

since:1)介词+时间点 since 1990,since two years ago

for: 介词 for+一段时间;连词:引导原因状语从句
2.Disneyland Hong Kong is the third i

nternational theme park after Tokyo and Paris. 主+ be +the +序数词+可数名词单数+after。。。 主语是仅次于。。。的第几个。。。( after是介词) Mu Danjiang is the fourth city after Daqing,Haerbin and Qiqihaer.

I. 根据句意及汉语提示完成单词。 1. Don’t ______ (爬) that tall tree. You may fall down and hurt yourself. 2. Look at the ______ (石制的) bridge. It’s so hard. 3. He has ever lived in ______ (另一个) country. 4. The train hasn’t stopped ______ (还). 5. Have you ______ (曾经) been to the Summer Palace in China? It was once the emperor’s (皇帝的) home.

II. 根据汉语写出英语短语。 1. 北京烤鸭 2. 长城 3. 做饭 4. 乘飞机旅行 5. 照相 6. 弹钢琴 III. 根据句意,用括号内所给动词的现在完成时形式 填空。 1. —______ you ever ______ (be) to Hangzhou? —No, but I will go there next year. 2. I ______ (watch) this TV play. It’s wonderful. 3. He ______ (write) many beautiful songs by the end of last year. 4. I’m hungry now. I ______ (not eat) my lunch. 5. —______ you ______ (read) English Coaching Paper this week? —Yes, I have.

IV. 动词填空。 根据短文内容及首字母提示,写出单词,补全短文。 I have t______ (1) many photos in Beijing. I have v______ (2) the Great Wall and have m______ (3) many foreigners. We have t____ (4) in English. It w______ (5) very interesting. Then I w______ (6) to the Palace Museum. There I s______ (7) Beijing Opera. I had never s______ (8) Beijing Opera before. It’s really great. But I couldn’t understand some words they said. At about twelve o’clock that day, I f______ (9) hungry, so I had dinner in a restaurant. I a______ (10) a roast duck. It was very delicious.

一、根据句意填写单词。 1. Have you ever entered a competition __________? 2. I’ve always wanted to travel around _____________ the world. 3. I also learn English at an evening school. ___ 4. I have never ____ such a beautiful place. seen taking 5. Hurry! The plane is ______ off. 6. Has she visited China before ______?

二、用所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. They _________ (be) to Shanghai twice. have been 2. ____ your uncle ______ (visit) Beijing Has visited before? 3. -Where is your father? has gone -He ________ (go) to Jinan. He _________ (come) back in a month. will come playing 4. I enjoy ________ (play) soccer. 5. I ______________ (not cook) before. haven’t cooked

1. ___ your coat. It’s very hot outside. A. Take off B. Put on 2. -The film Harry Potter is really interesting. -Yeah. I ___ it twice. A. see B. have seen

3. They traveled ___ Mount Tai ___ plane on Saturday. A. to, by B. to, in 4. Jenny wants to get ___ job. She’s tired of working here. A. one B. another 5. Ann ___ her homework and now she is playing. A. has finished B. finishes

6. -Have you ever been ___ Shanghai? -No, we haven’t been ___ there. A. to; / B. to; to 7. Mr Smith is

a good driver. He has had three years’ ___ in driving. A. experience B. experiences 8. He has ever been to Hong Kong ___ times. A. much B. many

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